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The Famous Braxton Hicks Contractions

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!!!!!Chapter 26!!!!!

A couple of weeks have passed and Hilary and her twin sister Hannah were preparing to go see their mom, which they haven't seen since they were sixteen. Hilary walked into her bedroom which was where Joel was. Joel was sitting on the edge of the bed in his boxers messing with the remote to their plasma TV. Hilary smiled walking up to Joel cupping his face with her hands and planting a kiss on his lips.

A grin went across his face, “hey babe. I see you’re in a good mood.”

“Uh huh!” she said taking a seat in his lap, “baby what are you doing?” she asked

Joel put one of his arms around her waist, “the remote is being gay” he said tossing it to the side and wrapped his other arm around her waist

“Aww I'm sorry baby!” she said wrapping her arms around his neck hugging him

Joel smiled kissing her on the lips, “well I guess we can go to bed” he said as he placed his hand on her lower back as Hilary stood up walking over to her side of the bed crawling in bed

Joel smiled watching her as he went on his side of the bed crawling in bed as well and under the covers. Hilary got under the blankets and layed on her side facing Joel. Joel smiled, “good night baby”

Hilary smiled running her hand through his hair, “good night baby. I love you”

“I love you too” Joel said smiling and planting a kiss on her lips. He leaned over turning the light off.

Hilary sighed laying her head on his chest. Joel wrapped his arms around her and they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The Next Morning

Joel walked into the bedroom still wearing his boxers and a white wifebeater and had a cup of coffee in his hands. He shut the door behind him walking up to the bed where Hilary was asleep. He set the cup down on the nightstand sitting on the edge of the bed by Hilary. He looked at the clock which read 6:00am. He looked over at Hilary putting his hand on her arm shaking her a little, “Hilary?” he said softly. Hilary didn't move an inch, “Hilary baby wake up” he said rubbing her arm

Hilary stirred in her sleep opening her eyes but ended up closing them. She groaned rubbing her face. Joel smiled watching her, “Hilary baby are you going to get up?”

Hilary yawned rolling over on her other side looking at Joel, “Joel I don't wanna get up” she said softly closing her eyes once again

“Hilary you told me to wake you up at 6 and its now 6:10 in the morning.” he said smiling down at her

Hilary pulled the blanket over her shoulder, “Joel I don't feel good today. I hate when I get sick like this. It freaking sucks! God I cant wait until I have this baby so I don't have to deal with it anymore” she said getting upset

“Hilary baby I'm sorry. Do you want me to let you sleep in longer?” he asked running his hand along her cheek

Hilary pushed some of her hair out of her face, “yes please. I don't even remember why I wanted you to wake me up” she said giggling

“Baby you are so strange” Joel said smiling

Hilary smiled, “I know but you still love me” she said smiling

“I know” he said smiling and kissing her on the lips, “I’ll be downstairs if you need me baby. Good night” he said kissing her again and walked out of the room closing the door behind him. Hilary soon fell back to sleep.

Couple Hours Later

Hilary came walking out wearing a black short sundress that was a halter-top. She had her blond hair pulled back into a cute messy ponytail. She also had black stilettos on her feet and her make up done. She walked into the kitchen were Joel was seated taking a look at his clothing line designs. She walked up to him kissing him on the lips, “hey baby”

Joel smiled looking up from his papers at her, “hey babe. Are you feeling better?” he asked

“Yes I am! I don't feel sick anymore” she said smiling as she looked at the papers Joel was looking at, “so what are you looking at?” she asked

Joel sighed looking back at the papers, “its some designs for our clothing line. I like a lot of these. Especially the baby line”

“Aww cuteness a baby line! It looks amazing!” she said looking at the designs

Joel smiled pulling her into a hug, “thanks babe” he said pulling away looking at what she was wearing, “So where are you headed off to?” he asked

“I'm going out to lunch with Hannah before she leaves LA to go home and pack to leave and go to Washington D.C to see our mom” she said grabbing her Louis Vuitton handbag. This time her handbag was black with the different colored logos on it instead of her pink cherry blossom handbag she always carried around with her.

Joel grabbed all the papers putting them in a pile, “well babe you have fun with your sister. I'm going to go meet up Benji so we can decide on the designs. Then we have to go meet up with josh and see what he says”

“Alright bye babe” she said kissing him on the lips

Joel smiled, “bye babe I'll see you when you get home”

Hilary nodded as she walked off. She waved before exiting out of the kitchen. She got to her car getting in and taking off to Mr. Chow restaurant that she was meeting her sister at.

At The Restaurant

Hilary arrived at the restaurant parking next to Hannah's BMW car. She got out grabbing her handbag and locking the doors. She started walking up to the restaurant as paparazzi came running towards her. Hilary hurried up to the door walking in before the paparazzi got to her. She walked in finding her sister waiting for her. She walked up taking a seat, “hey Hannah!”

Her twin sister looked up at her smiling, “hey sis! How are you?”

“I'm great” she said taking a seat, “this morning I felt like shit but I feel way much better now”

“That’s awesome” Hannah said smiling as they looked at the menu

The waitress came over taking their orders and walked off. Hannah looked up at her sister, “so are you excited about going and seeing mom?”
Hilary hesitated, “yes and no. It’ll be interesting I can tell you that”

Hannah nodded in agreement, “yeah I totally agree” she said smiling

Hilary giggled as the waitress brought them their food. They started eating their food eventually getting done. The girls ordered dessert and soon the waitress brought it out to them.

Hilary finished before Hannah got done. She sat there and felt pain in her lower abdomen. She put her hands on her stomach rubbing it, “owie!” she said looking at Hannah

“Oh my gosh Hilary are you okay? What’s wrong?” Hannah asked looking at her in concern

Hilary shifted in her seat, “I think I'm experiencing false labor. You know that Braxton Hicks contractions...”

Hannah set her fork down, “oh my gosh do we have to bring you to the hospital?” she asked

“Hannah no I'm fine its okay. I just need to walk around or whatever until it goes away.” Hilary said still shifting around in her seat to see if the contractions go away

Hannah looked at her in concern, “are you sure its false labor Hilary?”

“Yes Hannah I know for a fact its false labor.” she said looking at her sister, “Dr. Greene told me I would be experiencing this soon. It'll go away in a couple minutes”

Hannah looked at her hesitating on what to do. She watched Hilary as her expression went from being in pain to being happy

“Yes it went away. Now lets get up and walk around to make sure it went totally away” Hilary said standing up

Hannah nodded getting up and following Hilary out of the restaurant after they paid for their food. The girls walked up to their cars. Hannah looked at Hilary, “are you sure you'll be okay?” she asked

“Hannah oh my gosh I'll be fine. I'm going to go home and rest.” Hilary said opening her driver’s side door.

Hannah pulled her into a hug, “alright. But call me if it gets worse okay”

“I will” Hilary said hugging her back and pulling away getting into her car as Hannah did the same. Both girls started their cars and left going in opposite directions.

Hannah took out her cell phone dialing Joel's cell phone number. She put it up to her ear as it rang waiting for him to answer. After the first couple rings Joel picked up, “hello?”

“Hey Joel. It’s Hannah. Where are you?” she asked as he continued driving down the road

“I'm at a meeting with Benji and josh.” Joel replied

Hannah stopped at a stop sign, “Joel you need to get home as soon as you can and keep an eye on Hilary.”

Concern filled Joel's voice, “why what happened?”

Hilary started driving, “we were at lunch you know and Hilary was experiencing some false labor. But I just want you to keep and eye on her in case it turns into actual labor. I know she’s only 8 months but there is a chance she can have the baby early.”

“Oh shit” Joel said, “don’t worry Hannah I'll go home right now”

Hannah smiled to herself, “alright Joel. Let me no if it gets worse okay? I'll talk to you later. Bye” she said hanging up

Joel hung up his phone looking at Benji and Josh, “hey guys I got to get home and keep an eye on Hilary.” he said walking up to the table grabbing his keys.

Both of his brothers looked up at him in concern, “why what’s wrong?” Benji asked looking at Joel.

“Hannah said Hilary is experiencing false labor. I just have to make sure it doesn't turn into actual labor.” Joel said grabbing his sunglasses.

Josh nodded watching Joel, “alright man go do what you have to do. We'll let you know on what we pick and everything. Let us know what happens alright?”

Joel nodded, “I will. Thanks. I'll see you guys later” he said waving as he walked out of the door and into his Escalade taking off towards his and Hilary's LA mansion
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