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Hilary & Joel's Fight Plus Daddy's Surprise Phone Call

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!!!!!Chapter 25!!!!!

Joel walked out of the bathroom wearing just his boxers and a white wifebeater. He looked at the bed seeing Hilary sitting in bed. She had her black-rimmed glasses on reading a book. She was also wearing white pajama pants with penguins all of them and a white wifebeater as well. He smiled walking up to the bed and sitting down next to Hilary getting under the blankets. Hilary looked over at him setting her book down, “Joel can if talk to you about something?” she asked

Joel looked up at her, “yes babe?” he asked laying on his side propping his head up with her hand

“You know awhile ago when we had the conversation that I wanted to work and do what I want? And not have to have you or my father support me?” she said looking at him
“Uh huh I remember you saying something about that” he said watching her

Hilary looked down at her hands messing with them, “Well I know what I want to do” she said looking up at him

Joel smiled taking her hand, “and what would that be?” he asked

“Well I was thinking that after I have the baby and lose the baby weight that I could persuade my dream and umm” she stopped looking at him, “Joel I want to model like my sister”

Joel sighed and sat up looking at her, “like what kind of modeling?” he asked

“I want to do clothing lines for celebrities” she said looking at him, “and I want to do umm lingerie modeling too” she took a deep breath waiting for him to answer

Joel looked at her, “clothing line yes, lingerie no”

“Why? Why can’t I do lingerie modeling? “She asked throwing her hands out in frustration

Joel leaned on the headboard, “Hilary, I don't want you showing off your body to everyone and we have a daughter now. I don't think she wants to see her mom modeling in lingerie.” he said sternly

“Joel you can’t tell me what I can and cant do! You have millions of girls getting all over you and you don't see me telling you that you cant sing anymore!” she yelled at him

Joel shook his head, “Hilary my situation and your situation is different”

Hilary glared at him, “how the fuck is it different? Huh?” she yelled

“Hilary I'm not showing my body off to the world. I only sing that’s it.” Joel said defending himself

Hilary shook with anger causing her to tear up, “Joel I'm not stopping you from doing your dream! Why are you doing it to me?”

“Hilary I'm not completely stopping you. I said you could model just not lingerie” he said throwing his hands out

Hilary grabbed her book throwing it on the nightstand next to her causing it to slide off and hit the floor and looked at him, “Joel you're being so unfair! I hate you!” she yelled as tears fell from her eyes as she got up

“Hilary!” Joel said getting up

“Fuck you Joel!” she yelled shooting him a glare, “just leave me alone!” she said as tears still fell and walked out of their room slamming the door behind her

“Hilary!” Joel yelled rubbing his face as he got up to go after her.

He opened the door looking up and down the hall for any trace of Hilary but saw none. He walked downstairs looking around for her but she was nowhere down there. He went back upstairs looking in all the rooms trying to find her. He opened the door seeing Hilary laying in the day bed that was in the nursery room crying as she hugged one of the baby's stuffed animals with her back to him.

Joel sighed walking in sitting down on the edge of the bed, “Hilary?” he said softly as he touched her arm

Hilary threw her arm back knocking Joel hand off her, “don’t touch me!” she said choking back tears

“Hilary please. I'm sorry let’s just discuss this later on” he said placing his hand in his lap

Hilary shook her head still clinging onto the stuffed animal, “Joel just leave me alone! Go away!” she screamed still crying

Joel shook his head, “Hilary I'm not leave”

“Joel leave me alone!” she said choking back more tears
Joel got up walking over to the pink rocking chair sitting in it. He wasn't going to leave Hilary alone. Joel sat there watching her as she soon feel asleep. Joel soon fell asleep after her

The Next Morning

Joel woke up with his neck hurting him like crazy from falling asleep in the chair. He rubbed his neck looking over at the bed seeing Hilary gone. He sighed getting up still rubbing his neck. He walked out of the nursery and into his and Hilary's bedroom to see if she was in there, which she wasn't. He walked out of the room and headed downstairs, “Hilary?” he called

Hilary walked out of the kitchen wearing white maternity pants with a pink short summer dress that had flowers all over it that was spaghetti strapped and a white shirt underneath it. She also had her blonde hair curled and make up done perfect. She also had white stilettos on her feet. She walked up to him with her arms crossed looking up at him, “what?” she asked softly not taking her eyes away from him

“I just wanted to see where you were” he said still rubbing his neck

She turned around and started heading towards the kitchen, “I’m waiting for my sister to come so I can go to my prenatal checkup” she said as she entered the kitchen.

Joel followed behind her and walked up to the coffee pot taking a coffee cup out and pouring coffee into it. He took a seat at the kitchen table, “Hilary I'm sorry about last night”

“Just forget about it” she said grabbing a bottle of water out of the fridge

Joel sighed looking at her, “Hilary come here please” he said looking at her

Hilary turned around and walked towards him stopping a few inches in front of him, “What?” she asked getting annoyed. She obviously didn't want to talk to him.

Joel took her hands, “Hilary I'm really sorry” he said looking into her eyes

Just then the doorbell rang, “Joel I said forget about it' she said pulling her hands away, “I got to go I'll see you when I get back” she said grabbing her pink Louis Vuitton cherry blossom handbag and walked out of the kitchen. Joel sighed rubbing his face as he watched her leave.

At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Hilary sat in the room waiting for her doctor to come back in to give her the results. Hilary sat on the bed looking at her hands messing with them because she was bored.

About five minutes later the doctor walked in, “alright Hilary I have all of your results” she said smiling

Hilary looked up smiling, “I hope it’s good and not bad”

Dr. Greene walked in and took a seat by Hilary, “well as far as I see everything here looks great. The only thing that I suggest you doing is continue eating healthy and take your prenatal vitamins and supplements.” she said looking up from her clipboard, “also starting in the next month or two you will be coming in every week until you have your baby. We'll have to keep a close eye on the baby to make sure she’s not born breech. Also you need to rest as much as possible. We don't want the baby to get stressed.” she said looking back down at her clipboard, “do you have any questions?” she asked looking back up at Hilary.

“Can I still fly on a plane?” Hilary asked

Dr. Greene shook her head yes, “yes you can still fly until you reach 9 months. Once you reach 9 months we recommend you don't for various reasons. But yes until then you may fly on a plane.”

“And my baby is healthy and has no problems right?” Hilary asked smiling

“Yes you have one healthy baby. You don't have to worry about any defects or anything. She’s very healthy.” Dr. Greene said smiling

Hilary sat up, “thanks so much Dr. Greene. I'll see you in the next couple weeks” she said smiling

Dr. Greene stood up, “no problem Hilary. If you have any questions at all feel free to call.”

“I will. Thanks so much” she said picking up her handbag and walking out of the room

In The Waiting Room

Hilary walked into the waiting room seeing her twin sister Hannah flipping through People Magazine. She walked up smiling, “okay Hannah we can go now”

Hannah looked up at her sister smiling, “alright lets go!” she said standing up grabbing her handbag and walking out of the hospital with Hilary. The girls got into Hannah's BMW and headed to Mulholland Grill to get some lunch.

At Mulholland Grill

The girls walked in taking a seat at a table as the waiter gave them menus. They ordered their food and ordered water to drink. The girls sat there talking while they waited for their food

Hannah looked at her sister, “so what’s up? Anything new?” she asked. She could tell something was bugging Hilary.

Hilary sighed looking at her, “well Joel and I got into a fight last night.”

“Oh no! About what?” she asked

“Well I told him about how I wanted to model and he was fine until I told him I wanted to do lingerie modeling he like freaked out on me. He just doesn't understand. I'm tired of fighting with him so I'm going to discuss this stuff with him after I have our baby. I don't need anymore stress right now.” Hilary said stirring her straw that was in her glass of water

Hannah sighed looking at her sister, “I don't know why Joel is being like that. I can understand the jealousy factor but he has to get over it. Just give him some time and he'll get over it. Don't let him stop you from doing your dream Hilary.” she said

Hilary nodded, “yes I know.” she said as the waiter walked up with their food setting in front of them and leaving

The girls started eating their food. Hilary looked up at Hannah grabbing her fork, ”I decided that I want to go to college and get a degree in nursing”

Hannah looked up at her with a huge smile on her face, “oh my gosh Hilary that would be so cool! I totally think you should go to college and get a degree! What kind of a nurse do you want to be?” she asked her twin

“A prenatal nurse. They take care of babies and everything” Hilary said eating some of her food

“That is an awesome idea! I think I should go back to college. Nursing would be fun!” Hannah said putting her hands together

Hilary nodded smiling at her sister, “yeah we can go to college together”

“That would make it even better! What college are you wanting to go to?” Hannah asked taking a bite of her food

Hilary took a sip of her water, “UCLA School of Nursing”

“Sweet we'll have to look into it” Hannah said grinning

Hilary nodded her head in agreement taking another bite of her food, “oh yeah dad called me this morning”

Hannah looked up at Hilary, “what did he want?” she asked

“Well he called me to tell me that he thinks I should go see mom. He thinks I should go see her because she doesn't know she’s going to be a grandma. And that I haven't seen mom in like ages.” Hilary said looking at her sister, “I love mom but I just don't want to go see our dick head step father. He's such a fucking creep.” she added
Hannah's mouth dropped as Hilary told her the news, “oh my gosh I cant believe dad would even consider that! But I can see his point but what the hell.” she said confused

“Yeah I know. I mean it’s just so weird. If I go I'm staying in a hotel I'm not saying at the house. That creep might try and rape me or something.” Hilary said messing with her food

Hannah put her fork down, “Hilary if you go I want to go with you. You need someone to protect you in case that fucking freak tries to do something to you again like he tried last time.”

Hilary sighed thinking to herself. Hannah was right she needed someone there with her. Joel couldn't go because he’s currently working on the new Good Charlotte album. She doesn't want to go see her mom by herself in case her stepfather tries to rape her like he tried when she was younger. Hilary didn't want to go through that again. She was traumatized for a very long time after that. Hilary looked up at Hannah, “okay. You are definitely going with me. We'll leave and go soon”

Hannah smiled, “alright” she said as they both went back eating.
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