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Hannah's Visit

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!!!!!Chapter 24!!!!!

Joel sat up looking at Hilary, “want me to get the door” Joel asked

“No I will” she said getting up off the bed. She walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs and made her way to the door. She wiped away more tears before opening it. She opened the door and a smile grew on her lips, “Hannah!” she screamed pulling her into a hug

“Hey sis!” Hannah said hugging her back

Hilary pulled away looking at her sister, “I’m so glad you're here” she said smiling

Hannah smiled looking her sister over, “Hilary have you been crying?” she asked putting her arm around her as they walked into the house

“Yes I have” she said sighing as the walked into the living room

They sat down on the couch, “what’s the matter?” Hannah asked taking her hand

Hilary looked at her sister forcing a smile, “oh its nothing. Its just my hormones”

“Hilary I know somethings wrong. Remember I'm your not just your sister I'm your twin.” Hannah said looking at her, “its about Joel isn't it?” she asked looking at her. Hilary just nodded her head yes, “you think Joel's going to leave you again huh?” Hannah asked looking at her

Hilary looked up at her sister with tears in her eyes, “I know its silly but that’s my fear right now. I just don't want to be alone”

“Hilary hunny” Hannah said sighing, “Joel loves you. He won’t leave you and if he does I'm going to kill him personally.” she added smiling

Hilary smiled looking at her sister, “So what brings you to Los Angeles?” she asked tilting her head

“Well I had to come to LA to model some more for Jessica Simpson and Pete's also doing some stuff for his clothing line. Since I'm in the neighborhood I thought I'd stop by and see how my sister and my unborn niece or nephew is doing” Hannah said smiling

Hilary smiled, “we’re doing good. How come you didn't bring Pete with you?”

“He’ll be here in a little bit. He had to go back to the hotel to change and stuff. He’s so weird” Hannah said smiling

Hilary placed her hand on her stomach smiling, “I just can’t wait to have this baby. It’s causing me so much pain.” she said looking at Hannah, “then after I have this child and lose the baby weight I can go get a different job.”

Hannah smiled, “yeah why don't you do modeling? You've always wanted to do it.”

“I don't know. We'll see.” Hilary said looking at her sister, “I have to lose the baby weight and stuff”

“You could always model for Benji and Joel's clothing line or you could go do someone else's clothing line. There’s lots of celebrities that have clothing lines these days.” Hannah said watching her sister.

Hilary nodded listening, “yeah I know. Its just Joel really doesn't want me putting myself out there. I want to do all types of modeling you know like what you're doing. I want to do clothing lines and lingerie but yeah that'll never fly with Joel”

Hannah sat up taking Hilary's hand, “Hilary do it for you not for Joel. You have to put up with Joel touring all the time and having girls throw themselves at him. He can deal with you modeling and showing off your body and having men throwing themselves at you. If he’s stopping you it isn't fair on your part.”

“Hmm.. Hannah you have a point” Hilary said grinning

Hannah smiled, “of course because I'm smart” she said laughing

Hilary smiled, “we’ll see what happens” she said as Joel walked into the living room

“Hey Hannah!” Joel said giving her a hug

Hannah hugged him back, “hey Joel!”

Joel sat down in front of them, “So what’s up?”

“Not much. Just came by to see my sister to see how she’s doing.” Hannah said looking over at Joel.

Joel smiled, “awesome”

“Hannah how long will you be in LA?” Hilary asked looking at her

Hannah looked at her twin, “I’ll be here for a week. Pete has some things to take care of and he has to make some appearances”

“Yay! We can hang out!” Hilary said pulling Hannah into a hug

Hannah laughed hugging Hilary, “of course!”

Hilary kept her hold on Hannah laying her head on her shoulder, “its so hard to hug me because i have this huge ass stomach in the way” she said smiling

“Hilary it’s cute! Pregnant women are really adorable!” Hannah said pulling back smiling

Hilary rolled her eyes smiling, “whatever you're just saying that to make me feel good! Its impossible to do anything when you're pregnant”

“Is it really THAT bad Hilary?” Hannah asked looking at her with a questioning look on her face

Hilary sighed, “no not really. It just sucks because you're hungry all the time, tired all the time, your feet and back hurt all the time, you puke all the time, and you have a really high sex drive” she said giggling

“I bet Joel loves that!” Hannah said laughing

Joel looked over at Hannah as the doorbell rang. He got up, “yeah I’d love it if she would actually let me have sex with her. She always says no” he said smiling as he walked up to the door

“Aww poor Joel!” Hannah said bursting into laughter as well as Hilary did

Joel rolled his eyes smiling as he opened the door. He smiled as he saw a familiar male standing in front of him wearing a white t shirt that said Friends or Enemies.Com in orange with a red hoodie on top of it that was unzipped. He also had on dark washed blue jeans and black shoes. He had dark brown hair that had red highlights in it and also had brown eyes and wore black-framed eyeglasses. The familiar male smiled, “hey Joel!”

“Pete! What’s up man?!” Joel asked as he let him walk in

Pete walked in looking back at Joel, “not much. Just got done doing some appearances and working with the clothing line”

Joel followed Pete into the living room, “awesome!” he said smiling

The boys walked into the living room as the girls looked up at them. Hilary's eyes got wide, “Pete!” she said getting up and pulling him into a hug

“Hey Hilary! How are you doing?” he asked hugging her
Hilary pulled back kissing him on the cheek, “I’m doing fabulous”

“I can see that” Pete said smiling as he took a seat next to Joel as Hilary sat back down by Hannah, “So how are you feeling?” he asked

“Pregnant” Hilary said laughing, “I’m just ready to have this baby so it can get out of my stomach and live pain free”

“Yeah I bet you're ready to just have the baby. I know I would if I was in your position” Pete said looking at her

Hilary nodded, “yeah I'm only 7 ½ months I still have 1 ½ months to go. It feels like I've been pregnant for years. It was fun in the beginning but now its all over.” she said looking over at Hannah, “Hannah I recommend not to have a baby yet unless you want to put your career on hold for awhile”

“Don’t worry Hilary” Hannah said grabbing her hand, “I don't plan on having kids for awhile”

Hilary shook her head, “thats what I thought and look what happened. Joel knocked me up “she said smiling innocently

“What I couldn't help it!” Joel said innocently

Hilary rolled her eyes, “I think you planned it”

“You know it” Joel said smirking

“Now now children that’s enough fighting” Hannah said smiling

Hilary looked at her sister, “Hannah I'll trade you boyfriends! You can have Joel for awhile and ill take Pete.” she said smirking

“Wouldn’t that be interesting?” Hannah said raising an eyebrow

Pete shook his head smiling, “you girls are horrible”

“You’re telling me” Joel said looking at Pete

Hannah took out her cell phone looking at the clock. 5:45pm. She looked up at Pete, “Pete baby we got to go. It’s almost six and we got to go to the photo shoot.” she said getting up

“Oh yeah that’s right” Pete said getting up

Hilary stood up giving Hannah a hug, “bye Hannah! I love you!”

“I love you too Hilary” Hannah said smiling as she pulled away

Hilary walked up and hugged Pete, “Bye Pete take care of my sister!”

“I will don't worry” Pete said smiling as he pulled away

“See ya guys. Come back and visit” Joel said as Pete and Hannah laced hands and started walking towards the door. They looked back waving before walking out of the house.
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