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Goodbye Waldorf Hello Los Angeles!

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!Chapter 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hilary opened her eyes squinting from the sunlight that was shining into the room. She yawned and stretched as she looked around the room. She noticed she was still in the hospital. She looked next to her seeing Joel sleeping by her with his head lying on his arms. She looked over to left seeing nobody. It was just her and Joel. Hilary smiled putting her hand through his hair and brushed it along his cheek.

Joel lifted his head up opening his eyes rubbing them. He yawned and smiled looking at Hilary, “hey baby how are you feeling?” he asked stretching

“A lot better like a trillion times better” she said lacing her fingers with his

Joel flashed his gorgeous smile, “that’s great to hear”

Hilary nodded her head, “yeah you're telling me. It always seem like I end up in the hospital every time I go to leave Los Angeles.”

“Yeah that’s what it seems like huh? But all that matters now is that you're feeling better” he said brushing hair out of her face

“Uh huh” she said smiling as she placed a kiss on Joel's lips

Joel pulled away smiling and leaned in placing a kiss on Hilary's lips as the door opened.

Robin walked in, “I’m not interrupting anything am I?” she asked smiling

“No Robin you're good” Hilary said smiling

“Great!” Robin said walking up to Hilary and Joel, “I brought some food to eat” she said setting the bag down

Joel looked at his mom sitting up, “what did you get mommy?” he asked smiling

“Well” Robin said opening the bag, “I got us some fruit. I know Hilary doesn't want to eat any fast food and all that so I got fresh strawberries, grapes, pineapple, and kiwi” she said taking the containers out and placing them on the table

Hilary's eyes lit up, “oh my god thank you so much Robin! I love fruit! Its like all I crave anymore” she said grabbing a container.

Robin smiled grabbing a container, “well that’s great to hear. That’s going to be one healthy baby” she said as she sat down.

Joel nodded his head in agreement, “oh yeah you got that right”

Hilary smiled as she opened the lid and placing it on the table next to her. She took out a cut up piece of strawberry and placed it in her mouth eating it, “yummy!” she said smiling as she grabbed another piece of strawberry holding it out to Joel.

Joel opened his mouth letting Hilary drop it in and closing it chewing it, “yeah this is good” he said smiling

Hilary smiled and sat quietly eating her fruit as she also fed Joel. The doctor walked in smiling, “hello Hilary I see you're up” he said walking up to her

“Uh huh” she said still eating her fruit

The doctor smiled watching her, “are you feeling better?” he asked

“I feel a lot better. This fruit is helping a lot too!” she said smiling as she continued eating

“That’s great to hear” the doctor said looking at his clipboard writing stuff down, “well I'm going to check you over then you are free to leave.” he said taking out the stuff he needed

“Yay!” Hilary said putting her hands together smiling

The doctor took her temperature and took her IVs out and checked some other things over,”alright Hilary just get dressed and you are free to leave. All I need you to do is continue taking your medication until it’s gone. Also when you get back to Los Angeles go straight to your doctor and have a check up alright?” he asked looking at her

“Yes don't worry about it. When I get back I have to go for my prenatal checkup so its all good” she said smiling

“Alright. It was nice meeting you Hilary. Continue taking care of the baby and get better alright?” he said grabbing his clipboard

Hilary smiled putting the container down, “don’t worry I will”

“Alright take care” he said before walking out of the room

Robin grabbed Hilary's bag and handed it to her, “do you need help getting changed dear?” she asked
Hilary shook her head, “no I got it. I just need help up” she said holding her hand out.

Joel grabbed her hand helping her up, “alright babe we'll be outside the door. Just let us know when you're done changing” he said kissing her on the cheek

Hilary nodded her head okay as Joel and Robin walked out. Hilary grabbed her clothes out of her duffel bag. She pulled out pajama pants that were baby pink and had Tinkerbell all over them. She placed the pajama pants on the bed and pulled out a white wife beater tank top and also placed that on the bed. She put her duffel bag down and pulled on her pajama pants and tank top over her pregnant belly. She fixed her hair and zipped her duffel bag shut. She walked over to the door opening it seeing Robin and Joel sitting in chairs outside her door, “I’m ready!” she said with a smile

Joel got up grabbing her duffel bag, “lets go my love” he said taking her hand in his

Robin got up smiling and followed them down the hall. They walked out of the hospital and were bombarded with paparazzi flashing pictures of them. Hilary covered her face, “god stupid paparazzi!” she said still walking with Joel and Robin

Joel put his arm around her, “I know I'm sorry babe. Lets just hurry to the car” he said looking over at his mom who was walking next to him covering her face as well, “mom are you okay?” he asked

Robin looked at him smiling, “yes dear I'm fine” she said still walking next to him

The paparazzi started yelling out their names and yelling out questions. Hilary rolled her eyes getting annoyed as they reached the car. Joel opened the door letting his mom in and closing it behind her and opened the passenger door for Hilary to get in. Hilary jumped in as Joel shut the door behind her. Joel walked around to the driver’s side getting in and starting his car and took off towards his mom’s house.

They reached the house and got inside. They all walked into the kitchen taking a seat at the kitchen table. Sarah walked into the room, “Hilary are you okay? Are you feeling better?” she asked

Hilary looked up at her smiling, “yes I'm feeling a lot better”

“Awesome” she said smiling taking a seat next to her

2 Days Later

Joel, Hilary, Robin, and Sarah all sat into the airport waiting for Hilary and Joel's plane to be called. Finally their plane was called. They all stood up. Robin walked up to Joel hugging him, “bye hunny call me when you two land”

Joel hugged her back, “I will mom don't worry” he said kissing her on the cheek as Robin pulled away

Sarah walked up to Hilary giving her a hug, “good bye Hilary! Take care of the baby! I'll see you soon”

“Don’t worry I will” Hilary said pulling away, “I’ll be waiting to see you” she said smiling

Sarah nodded smiling walking over to Joel giving him a hug, “bye Joel! Take care. I love you!”

Joel returned her hug, “i love you too Sarah” he said pulling away and kissing her on the cheek, “take care of mom”

“I will” she said smiling

Robin walked up to Hilary giving her a hug, “good bye Hilary. Take care of yourself and the baby. We'll see you soon”

“Alright I will. Don't worry” Hilary said hugging her and pulled away

Hilary and Joel grabbed their luggage walking off towards the plane. They waved goodbye before boarding the plane and were on their way back to Los Angeles, California.

At LAX Airport

Hilary and Joel finally landed in Los Angeles after what seemed like forever. They got off the plane grabbing their luggage and headed out the doors and into the limo. The limo took them back to their LA mansion that they once shared together.

They walked into the house placing their luggage by the door.

Hilary looked around the house, “its so nice to be home”

Joel smiled, “yeah I know. Its your first night in the new house and my second week in the house” he said smiling as he walked into the kitchen placing his keys on the island and walked back to the front door where Hilary was standing

Hilary stood there with her left hand behind her back and her right hand on her stomach, “my god my back is killing me. This is telling me I'm getting closer to my due date” she said rubbing her stomach

“Baby I feel sorry for you” Joel said hugging her

“Joel I feel sorry for myself” she said smiling as she walked up to her suitcase

Joel walked up to her and grabbed her suitcase, “Hilary let me get it. You're in enough pain”

“Thanks baby” Hilary said planting a kiss on his lips and walked off into the kitchen as Joel took her luggage upstairs into their room. About ten minutes later Hilary came walking into the room taking a seat on the bed

Joel was walking around the room putting his clothes away. He looked over at Hilary smiling, “I’m so happy to be home. We get to actually spend time at home”

Hilary yawned laying back on the bed laying her head on the pillow, “yeah I know!”

Joel walked up to her crawling on the bed sitting next to her, “I love you baby” he said smiling down at her

“I love you too baby” she said planting a kiss on his lips

Joel smiled down at her kissing her on lips pulling himself halfway on her. Hilary wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer. Joel pulled away placing kisses on her neck. Hilary ran her hands down his shoulders and arms as he trailed kisses down her neck. Hilary sighed deeply as she felt herself getting turned on by the second. Joel kissed her on the lips again before placing more kisses on her neck.

“Joel. We can’t do this” she said putting her hands on his chest and pushing him off her

Joel leaned over her with his hands supporting him, “what’s the matter Hilary?” he asked

Hilary looked up at him, “I just don't want to do this right now. I feel like a cow” she said sighing

Joel sat up by her, “Hilary you're not a cow. You are beautiful”

Hilary sighed shaking her head, “I’m sorry Joel I just don't want to do anything until after I have this baby” she said sitting up

“Alright, alright” he said kissing her on the lips, “do you want anything to drink or eat?” he asked looking at her

“No I'm good” she said looking at him taking his hand, “Joel can I ask you a question?”

Joel looked over at her, “yes babe ask away” he said

“Joel... you're not going to leave me again are you?” she said looking down at her hands and back up at him, “I don't want to be without you because I love you” she said looking away

Joel placed his hand under her chin making her look at him, “Hilary I will never leave you again. Ever. I love you with all my heart. When we weren't together it broke my heart and I never want to feel that again. I want to be with you until the day I die.”

Hilary forced a smile wiping the tears away as Joel gave her a hug. He pulled away kissing her on the lips, “I love you Hilary” he said with a smile

“I love you too” Hilary sniffing back tears as the doorbell rang
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