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Hilary's Curse & Joel's Confession To Mama Madden

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!!!!!Chapter 22!!!!!

Kelsey opened the door seeing the one and only Joel Madden standing in front of her, “hey Joel come on in” she said moving for him to walk in

Joel smiled walking in, “hey Kelsey! I'm here go pick up Hilary so we can head to Maryland to see my mom and sister and other people”

“Ah I see. Hilary is in the kitchen” Kelsey said following Joel into the kitchen

Joel walked up to Hilary who had her back turned to him and wrapped his arms around her, “hey baby are you ready to go?”

Hilary turned her head to look at him smiling, “um yeah I think so. I'm kinda not feeling good but I'll be okay”

Joel looked at her in concern, “are you sure you'll be okay?”

“Yes Joel I'll be fine” she said forcing a smile

“Alright lets go then baby” Joel said kissing her cheek and walked over to grab her Louis Vuitton suitcase and duffel bag

Kelsey walked up giving Hilary a hug, “bye Hilary I'll see you when you get back”

Hilary hugged her back, “bye Kelsey. Take care. If you need me call me” she said pulling away and kissing her on the cheek

“Don’t worry I will” she said smiling

“See you later Kelsey” Joel said grabbing Hilary's hand

Hilary grabbed Joel's hand walking with him. She turned around waving bye as her and Joel left the house.

Hilary and Joel arrived at the airport. They grabbed their luggage rolling it into the airport. They boarded the plane on their way to Waldorf, Maryland.

In Waldorf, Maryland

Several hours later they arrived at their destination. Hilary and Joel got off the plane and grabbed their luggage before walking out of the airport. They walked out of the airport looking around for sign of Joel's mom Robin or for his sister Sarah.

Hilary latched onto his hand looking around, “do you think they forgot?” she asked

“I don't think they would have. I called last night...” Joel said taking out his cell phone

Joel was about to dial his mom’s number when they heard someone scream. Joel looked over to his left seeing his sister Sarah running towards him, “JOEL!” she screamed running towards him

A huge smile spread on Joel's face as he let go of Hilary's hand to hug Sarah, “Sarah oh my god! Its so nice to see you!”

“I know it seems like eternity!” Sarah said pulling back as his mom walked up

His mom pulled Joel into a hug, “Joel I'm so glad to finally see you!”

Joel hugged his mom back smiling, “I know its nice to see you too mom. I’ve missed you and Sarah both!”

“We’ve missed you too hunny” Robin said as she looked around Joel seeing Hilary, “Hilary oh my gosh look at you!” she said walking up and hugging her

Hilary smiled hugging Robin, ”hey Robin! It’s been forever since I've seen you!”

“I know it has. I'm so happy to see you again” she said pulling back smiling at her, “wow look at you already. How far along are you?” she asked looking at her stomach

Hilary rested her hand on her pregnant tummy, “I’m 7 ½ months already” she said smiling

“You’re still gorgeous as ever” Robin said smiling

Hilary smiled turning a little pink from blushing, “thanks Robin”

Sarah walked up and gave Hilary a hug, “oh my gosh Hilary you're still so pretty! I'm so glad you and Joel are here” she said pulling away

Hilary nodded smiling looking over at Joel who grabbed her hand smiling

Robin looked at the two of them, “well lets get you two home so you two can settle in.” she said leading the way to the car as Sarah, Joel, and Hilary followed her

Awhile later they pulled up to a nice two-story house. Robin parked in the drive way and they all got out. Robin and Sarah helped Joel and Hilary with their luggage walking inside the house. They got into the house and stopped in the living room taking their shoes off before walking into the house.

Robin turned to look at Joel and Hilary, “Joel hunny you and Hilary go get settled while I make dinner okay?”

“Alright mom. Thanks” Joel said kissing her cheek

Robin smiled, “no problem dear” she said as Joel and Hilary disappeared upstairs

Hilary and Joel walked into the bedroom Joel once stayed in while he lived at home. Hilary dropped her Louis Vuitton suitcase down by the bed and sat down while Joel sat his suitcase down by the wall. Joel walked over to the bed and sat down next to Hilary as she laid her head on his shoulder. Joel looked over at her, “are you okay Hilary?”

Hilary rubbed her face, “I still don't feel too hot”

Joel put his arm around her, “I’m sorry baby. Is there anything I can do or get you?”

“Just hold me” she said smiling up at him

Joel smiled hugging Hilary as she laid her head on his chest. He rubbed her back softly and ran his hands through her hair.

Sarah walked through the door smiling at the two of them, “Joel dinner is ready”

“Alright we'll be down” Joel said looking at his sister as she turned around and walked off. Joel stood up holding his hand out for Hilary to take. Hilary grabbed his hand as Joel helped her up. They walked out of the room and headed downstairs.

Hilary and Joel walked into the kitchen taking a seat at the table. Robin walked in setting down the last of the food. Everybody placed food on their plates and started eating. Robin looked up at Joel, “so how long are you two here for?”

Joel looked up from eating, “for a couple days. Hilary's getting close to not being able to fly since she’s almost ready to have the baby”

“I hope you two come back to visit after the baby is born” Robin added

Hilary smiled looking at Robin, “of course we'll come visit”

Sarah looked up at Joel and Hilary smiling, “So what are you naming your baby?”

“We’re naming her Harlow.” Joel said smiling

“That’s such a cute name! It’s not common and it’s different which is good” Sarah said putting her hands together

Hilary smiled nodding, “yeah that’s what we wanted. Something different and not common”

Sarah smiled and went back eating as everybody else did. Hilary picked at her food not wanting to eat. She kept feeling worse every minute that passed. She pushed her plate away looking up at Robin, Sarah, and Joel, “can I be excused please?” she asked

“Yes you may. Hilary are you okay?” Robin asked getting concerned as Joel looked at Hilary with concern also

Hilary pushed hair away from her face, “I just need to go lay down for a little bit. I'm not feeling very good”
“Alright I'll come up when I'm done eating to bring you some water okay?” Robin said watching her

Hilary nodded standing up, “alright thanks” she said forcing a smile as she pushed her chair in and walking out of the room and upstairs into the bedroom she was sharing with Joel.

Robin looked at Joel, “will she be okay?”

“She hasn't been feeling to good for the past couple days. If she doesn't feel better by tomorrow I'm going to take her to the hospital.” Joel said pushing his plate away from him

Robin nodded in agreement, “yeah I think you should” she said getting up grabbing some dishes to take into the kitchen.

Joel and Sarah grabbed their plates and headed into the kitchen and placed them into the sink. Joel grabbed a glass from the cabinet and filled it up with cold water, “I’ll be upstairs with Hilary if you need me alright?” he said turning to look at his mom and sister

“Alright” Sarah said smiling as Robin nodded her head okay

Joel turned and walked out of the kitchen and upstairs into his bedroom. He walked in seeing Hilary lying down on the bed on her side. Joel walked up sitting down next to her, “Hilary? Are you feeling any better?” he asked setting the glass on the nightstand.

Hilary shook her head no looking up at Joel, “no I feel icky”

Joel grabbed the glass of water and handed it to her, “here’s some water. Maybe you should drink some”

Hilary sat up taking the glass from Joel taking a sip and handing it back to him. Joel took the glass from her placing it on the nightstand and laid down next to Hilary taking her into his arms. He kissed the top of her head holding her, “baby try to sleep for a couple hours. Maybe that will help you.”

“Okay I'll try” she said softly cuddling with Joel. About an hour later they both feel asleep.

3 Hours Later

About three hours later Hilary woke up covered in sweat from sweating throughout the time she was sleeping. Her had a massive headache and still felt sick to her stomach. It seemed to have gotten worse. She started crying from the pain she was in. She looked next to her seeing Joel sleeping. She sat up slowly and started tugging at Joel trying to wake him up, “Joel? Joel wake up!” she said with tears streaming down her face

Joel opened his eyes rubbing them. He sat up leaning over turning on the light seeing Hilary crying, “Hilary baby are you okay? What’s wrong?” he asked taking her hand

“Joel I feel so sick... its getting worse” she said still crying

Joel placed his hand on her forehead, “oh fuck. I think you have a fever. Hold on let me go get my mom” Joel said getting up and running out of the room as Hilary laid back down on the bed still crying

A couple minutes later Robin came running into the room with Joel trailing behind her. She ran up to Hilary sitting down next to her feeling her forehead, “oh my god Hilary. You are burning up” she said as she took out a thermometer taking Hilary's temperature. She waited as it beeped. She took it out from under her arm and read it, “Oh my god Hilary's temp is 102.5. We better get her to the hospital” she said turning the thermometer off, “come on dear lets get you to the hospital” she said getting up as Joel walked over helping Hilary up.

Joel and Robin helped Hilary into the car taking her to the emergency room. They got into the emergency room and got Hilary in. Joel and Robin stayed in the waiting room for the doctor to come. About twenty minutes later he walked in. Joel walked up to him, “what’s wrong? Is she going to be okay? Is the baby okay?” he asked freaking out

Robin walked up and hugged Joel, “is she okay?” she asked looking at the doctor.

The doctor looked at them, “Hilary is okay except she’s very sick right now. She has the flu. Has she been around anyone that is or has been sick?” he asked
Robin looked at Joel waiting for him to answer. Joel looked at the doctor, “she was around some kids at the day care. She had to go pick up Kelsey's niece there because Kelsey was working late.”

The doctor nodded listening, “then that must be how she got sick. All we can do right now is give her some medication that wont affect the baby. It’s not going to be as strong but it’s the least we can do.”

Robin nodded, “alright. Does she have to stay over night or can we take her home?” she asked

“We would like to keep her overnight for now just to keep an eye on her to make sure nothing goes wrong. If she’s doing better by tomorrow you can take her home with you.” the doctor said looking at Robin

Joel looked up at the doctor, “can I go see my her?”

“Yes you two may go see her. Her room number is 225 on the second floor” he said smiling

“Thank you so much” Robin said as she walked off with Joel.

They got into the elevator going up to the second floor. They reached the second floor and walked out making their way to Hilary's room. They reached the room and walked in seeing Hilary lying asleep on the hospital bed with machines hooked up to her and IVs in her hands. They also had a baby monitor on her to monitor the baby. Joel walked in taking a seat next to Hilary as Robin sat in the chair on the other side of Hilary.

Joel looked at his mom, “mom I hate this sight. This is the second time I had to see her like this. It kills me”

“The second time?” she asked looking at him confused

Joel nodded his head yes, “the first time she was in the hospital in Detroit while she went to visit her father. She almost had a miscarriage because of me. Because of me she almost lost our baby...”

“Oh Joel. I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm sure it’s not because of you” his mom said trying to comfort him

“No mom is was my fault. We weren't together then. We had broken up and I was stupid and went to Nicole Richie. That upset her so much that she almost miscarried. I still regret it to this day” Joel said looking at his mom, “I still dream about that day. I'm so stupid sometimes...” he said looking down with tears in his eyes

Robin got up walking over to Joel hugging him, “Joel baby that was in the past this is the future. I know you feel bad about it but Joel the only thing you need to worry about is that you have Hilary and the baby now. You two have worked out your differences. And look at where you are now?”

“Yeah you're right its just I still blame myself to this day. I don't want to lose Hilary or the baby. I love her with all my heart and I caused her so much misery and pain” Joel said looking at Hilary as she slept.

Robin pulled away looking at Joel, “Joel all you can do is learn from your mistakes. Don't worry about your past just look onto the future”

Joel nodded hugging his mom, “thanks mom”

“No problem hunny” she said smiling as she hugged him.
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