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Stilettos Are A Girls Best Friend

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!!!!!Chapter 21!!!!!

2 Months Later

2 months have passed leaving Hilary at 7 ½ months pregnant. Hilary is in the process of moving back in with Joel and preparing for their baby girl to arrive. She'll arrive in 1 ½ months.

Hilary walked into the house with her pink Louis Vuitton cherry blossom handbag on her shoulder, keys in her hand, and her cell phone in the other hand. She had on a baby pink sundress that showed off her now extremely big baby bump with white stilettos. She walked through the kitchen and into the living room. She walked up to the sliding door sliding it open and walking through it. She slide the door shut and walked up to the pool area where everybody was sitting. She walked up to them with a smile on her face

Kelsey was sitting on the lawn chair in her bikini tanning. She looked over to her right seeing Hilary walking up to her, “hey Hilary!”

“Hey Kelsey!” she said walking up to her and sitting down on an empty lawn chair by the pool

Kelsey took her sunglasses off looking at her, “so what’s up? You're in a good mood today!”

Hilary nodded in agreement, “actually i am in a good mood! So it’s final now. Joel and I are officially moving back in together!” she said getting excited

“Oh my gosh Hilary that’s awesome! I'm so happy for you!” Kelsey said giving her a hug

“Yeah I know!” Hilary said hugging her and pulling away, “but I feel bad for leaving you alone though!”

Kelsey put her sunglasses back on, “trust me Hilary. Baby I'm not living by myself” she said smiling

“What? What do you mean!” Hilary said placing her handbag on the chair looking back at her

“Well...” Kelsey said smiling, “Benji asked me to move in with him!” she said looking at Hilary with a huge smile on her face

Hilary grabbed her hands, “Kelsey oh my gosh are you serious! That’s great!” she said pulling her into a hug, “and the great thing is that Benji and Joel only live like two houses away from each other since Joel bought a different house!”

Kelsey pulled back smiling, “yeah I know! I'll be closer to the baby and I can help you take care of her and everything!”

“Oh my gosh that'll be awesome!” Hilary said pushing hair out of her face, “and we can stay with each other when they boys are touring! I can’t wait!”

Kelsey smiled, ”you're telling me!” she said lying back down on the chair

The girls looked over to their left hearing the sliding door open. Hilary smiled seeing Joel walking towards them, “hey baby!” she said as he sat down beside her

“Hey babe” Joel said kissing her on the lips

Hilary smiled taking Joel's hand, “baby I have almost all of my stuff backed. I just have my make up and a few other things and that’s it.”

“Alright” Joel said putting his arm around her

Hilary yawned, “man I'm so exhausted!” she said laying back on the lawn chair putting her legs on top of Joel's legs

“Hilary why the hell are you wearing stilettos?” Kelsey asked looking at her, “you’re crazy!” she said smiling

Joel placed his hand on her leg, “yeah really Hilary why are you wearing heels when you're pregnant”

“Well because I love heels!” Hilary said looking at Joel, “but they do hurt my feet since I'm pregnant” she said placing her hand on her stomach

Joel shook his head smiling, “Hilary you're crazy”

“I know but you still love me!” she said sitting up and kissing him on the lips

Joel smiled kissing her back, “well Hilary lets go get some of your stuff ready”

“Alright baby help me up please” she said taking her legs off Joel so he could get up
“Alright” Joel said getting up and taking Hilary's hand helping her up

“See you later Kelsey!” Hilary said taking Joel's hand

Kelsey smiled, “peace!”

Joel led Hilary into the house and upstairs into her room to help take some boxes to his car to take to their new house. Hilary walked downstairs after Joel as he took the last box into his car. Hilary sat down on the couch putting her feet up. Joel walked in, “Hilary are you okay?” he asked

“Yeah my feet hurt so bad from standing too long” she said looking up at Joel

“Here let me help you” he said sitting down by her as she put her legs on top of his. Joel took her stilettos off and began messaging her feet

Hilary rubbed her stomach, “I can’t wait another month and a half this baby will be out of me!”

“Yeah I know I'm so excited to see our daughter” Joel said still messaging her feet

“Uh huh” she said smiling at him as she sat up, “baby is it okay that I stay here tonight so I can spend time with Kelsey?”

Joel smiled still messaging her feet, “yeah of course you can.” he said looking at his watch, “baby I got to go I have a DCMA Collective meeting with Benji, Josh, and all those other people since we're doing a baby line”

Hilary sighed, “alright” she said taking her legs off Joel and putting her stilettos back on, “I wanna come outside with you”

“Alright” Joel said taking her hand and helping her up. He led her outside and stopped in front of his Range Rover. Joel took Hilary's hand into his, “I’ll call you when I get done okay?”

Hilary smiled putting her arms around his neck, “bye baby. Let me no how the baby line turns out!”

Joel wrapped his arms around her, “don’t worry baby I will. I'll talk to you later alright?”

“Alright bye baby! I love you!” she said kissing him on the lips

Joel pulled back smiling, “bye baby” he said opening his car door and getting in shutting the door.

Hilary smiled watching Joel. Joel started the car up looking at Hilary smiling before putting his car in reverse. Hilary watched him blowing him a kiss watching him leave. Hilary walked turned back around and went back into the house.

Kelsey was sitting in the kitchen as Hilary walked in, “Hey I thought you were staying with Joel?”

“Well I thought maybe we could spend some time together. This will be our last night in this house together. We can watch movies and eat junk food and all that fun stuff!” Hilary said sitting next to her.

“Alright! Lets do it!” Kelsey said standing up, “I’ll get the junk food and you get the drinks and then we'll go into my room and watch movies!”

Hilary nodded her head and walked up to the fridge pulling out bottles of water and cans of soda. Kelsey walked up to the cabinets and took out bags of gardettos, munchies, cheetos, and bags of different candy”

The girls grabbed their stuff and headed upstairs into Kelsey's room putting everything on her bed. Kelsey went over to grab a movie while Hilary pulled her stilettos off, “what movie are we watching?” she asked

“The Notebook?” Kelsey asked looking up at her

“Yay!” Hilary said getting on the bed as Kelsey pulled out the DVD and popped it in the DVD player. Kelsey got up and sat down on the bed with Hilary. The girls started grabbing different foods and drinks as they sat in bed watching the movie.

In The Morning

Hilary woke up with the urge to puke up her food. She quickly got up and ran into the bathroom vomiting. Awhile later she came out after brushing her teeth and rinsing her mouth out. She walked out of the bathroom and walked downstairs into the kitchen where Kelsey was setting the breakfast on the table.

Hilary sat down in her seat as Kelsey set the plate of food in front of her. Hilary looked down at her plate at the food. The smell of it made her want to puke. She pushed the plate away rubbing her face

Kelsey sat down looking at her, “how are you feeling today?”

“Sick to my stomach. I just got done throwing up what I ate last night” Hilary said looking over at Kelsey

“I'm sorry Hilary I wish I could help you.” Kelsey said eating some of her breakfast, “do you want anything to drink?”

Hilary shook her head, “no I'm good. I just want Joel to hold me and take care of me” she said smiling

“Aww!” Kelsey said smiling, “how cute!”

Hilary rolled her eyes, “whatever Kelsey” she said smiling, “why do I have to feel crappy when I'm supposed to go with Joel to see his mom and sister?”

Kelsey shrugged her shoulders, “I have no idea. Maybe the nausea will pass in a couple hours”

“Yeah I hope so” she said playing with her cell phone, “well I better go get dressed before Joel gets here” she said getting up

“Alright ill be down here when you're done” she said still eating her food

Hilary nodded her head okay and walked through the kitchen and upstairs to her room. She grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom. She got in the shower and awhile later got out. She dried herself off wrapping a towel around her head. She got dressed in one of Joel's DCMA Collective t-shirts with black maternity dress pants. She pulled the towel off brushing her hair and blow-drying it. She applied her make up and curled her hair pulling some of it back with bobby pins. She put everything away and walked out of the bathroom.

She walked over to her bed putting her clothes in the duffel bag she had with her. She zipped it close and walked downstairs into the kitchen where Kelsey was putting the dishes away. Hilary walked up to the island taking a seat in the chair, “hey” she said

Kelsey turned around looking at her smiling, “hey! How are you feeling?”

“Okay still the same as earlier” Hilary said watching Kelsey

“That sucks! I hope you get better!” Kelsey said shutting the cabinet, “oh yeah Joel called. He said he'll be over in a little bit to get you”

Hilary sighed resting her head on her hand, “alright...”

Kelsey sat down in front of her, “yeah he had to go stop by the DCMA place to do something before he comes over. He called like a half hour ago while u were getting ready so he should be here any minute”

“Yeah probably” Hilary said smiling

Kelsey opened her mouth to say something when the doorbell rang, “speaking of the devil” she said getting up and walking into the living room to answer the door.
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