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The Make Up & The Break Up?

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!!!!!Chapter 20!!!!!

Hilary and Joel walked back into the kitchen seeing Kelsey sitting there with Benji. Joel took a seat in front of Benji while Hilary stood there, “where did my daddy go?” she asked looking around

“He’s outside sitting by the pool” Kelsey said looking up at her

“Alright” Hilary said walking through the kitchen and into the living room. She walked up to the sliding door seeing her father outside by the pool on a lawn chair. She slid the door open and walked out closing it behind her. She walked up to him and sat down by him, “daddy?”

Em looked over at her and smiled, “hey Hilary”

Hilary looked down at her hands, “daddy...” she said looking up, “I’m sorry for yelling at you... its just you know...”

Em grabbed her hand, “Hilary its okay. Really it is. I understand”

Hilary smiled, “thanks for understanding daddy and I'm really really sorry... I’ll make it up to you”

“Hilary don't worry about it its fine” he said pulling his sunglasses back on

“No really daddy” she said getting up, “we’re all going to go out for dinner together and there will be no fighting or anything ok?”

Em laughed, “alright if you say so”

“Yay!” she said smiling and running back inside

Later That Night

Eminem, Benji, Kelsey, Joel, and Hilary all arrived in front of a restaurant called Madre's in Pasadena, California, which was owned by Jennifer Lopez. They got out of their car and walked inside the restaurant. The waitress seated them to their table and gave them their menus. Awhile later they placed their orders.

Hilary rubbed her stomach looking up at everybody, “this baby will not stop moving!”

Joel smiled looking over at her placing his hand on her leg, “I’m sorry baby”

Benji smiled and looked at Joel and Hilary, “so have you guys decided on a baby name yet since you know you're having a girl?”

“Yes and no” Hilary said looking at them, “we’re still arguing over girl names”

Kelsey looked up at them, “really? You two need to agree on a name already!” she said smiling

“Well you tell Joel that not me! I want a cute name that’s not common but Joel here wants a name from the bible” she said looking at Joel who was smiling innocently

“Well come on. Benji, Sarah, Josh, and Joel are all names from the bible! Its a family tradition thing” Joel said defending himself

“Well since you two come from different backgrounds its going to be hard to pick a name and you two are just going to have to keep looking until you both agree on one.” Em said looking at the two of them

“Daddy I know its just its so hard and frustrating!” Hilary said

Benji looked at the two of them, “okay Joel what is your favorite baby names?”

“Well let me see” Joel said thinking, “well I really like the name Harlow but Hilary hates it”

Hilary placed her hand on Joel's leg, “baby its not that I hate it its just I love the name Kate but I just wouldn't want to name my kid that. Its too popular”

“Okay” Kelsey said looking at them, “Joel why do you like the name Harlow?”

“Because Gene Harlow is my favorite actress of all time” Joel said answering her question

Hilary's father looked up, “Hilary don't you like Shalom Harlow?”

“Yes she’s my favorite fashion model besides Tyra Banks!” she said looking at her father

Kelsey took a sip of her water and put it back down on the table, “okay this is my suggestion. Why don't you guys take the names that you love and just place them together? Like each of you pick two names you like and then take the names and combine them into one whole name.”

“Yeah like you're giving your daughter two middle names” Benji said watching them

Hilary and Joel sat there thinking. Joel was the first to speak, “baby how about we name her Harlow and then use Kate as her middle name?”

“Harlow Kate Madden?” Hilary shook her head, “we’ll think of another middle name once she’s born”

“Yes you guys agreed on something” Benji said smiling

“But” Hilary said looking at Joel, “IF we have another baby together and it’s a girl her name will be Savannah”

Joel smiled pushing some hair out of her face, “alright babe. We will name her Savannah”

“Good now I'm happy!” Hilary said looking back at the others

“Oh no watch out there going to have another one on the way right after they have this one!” Kelsey said laughing

Benji smiled, “yeah I wouldn't be surprised if it did happen! Those two are something else!”

Joel rolled his eyes, “whatever you guys are just jealous” he said smiling
“Oh man how did you know?” Benji joked laughing

“You guys stop it!” Hilary said smiling

“Sorry Hilary!” Benji said teasing her

“Whatever Benji” Joel said smiling, “So where are we going after this?”

Hilary put her napkin down on the table, “can we go to a club? Please? Just for little bit! I haven't hit the club scene in five and a half months!”

“Hilary I don't think that will be too safe” Joel said

Hilary took his hand, “please baby just for a little bit! Please?” she asked giving him puppy eyes

“Alright fine but only for a little bit” Joel said giving in

Hilary hugged him, “Yay! Lets go!”

Everybody finished eating and headed outside. They all decided to walk to club LAX instead of driving since the club was a couple blocks away. Hilary grabbed Joel's hand as they walked up the street while Benji and Kelsey linked hands. Em just walked beside them looking around at the people who were walking towards them.

Hilary glanced over at a couple group of people and noticed some giving her nasty looks. She shot them on back, “okay I'm going to slap those looks off their fucking faces if they don't stop what they're doing!” she said looking over at Benji and Kelsey.

Em, Benji, Kelsey, and Joel all stopped and looked in the direction that Hilary was looking in. Joel took her hand, “baby its ok just don't pay attention to them. They're tourist”

“I don't care! They're freaking bitches” Hilary said walking along with Joel.

They kept walking a few feet as Joel's cell phone started ringing. They all stopped while Joel picked it up to answer it. As Joel was on the phone Hilary glanced back at the group of girls locking eyes with the one that was giving her nasty looks. The girl looked at Hilary and made rude gestures towards her to her friends. Anger filled Hilary as the girl looked at her and flipped her off taunting her.

“Oh no she just did not!” Hilary yelled, “I don't fucking think so!” she yelled walking towards the group of girls

Benji, Em, and Kelsey all looked over at Hilary and she went walking towards the girls. Benji grabbed Joel's arm pulling on it, “Joel we have a problem!” Benji said pointing towards Hilary.

“Benji what? Can’t you see I'm on the phone?” Joel said getting annoyed and looked over at what he was pointing at seeing Hilary walking towards the girls screaming at them, “Oh shit I have to go I'll call you back” he said hanging up the phone and running after Benji towards Hilary.

As Hilary got a little closer to the girls when Benji grabbed her holding her back. Hilary tried to break away from his grip but couldn’t. She shot a glare over at the girl screaming at her, “do you have a fucking problem, bitch?! I'll kick your fucking ass!”

The girl rolled her eyes, “wow I'm really scared of someone like you!”

“I may be fucking pregnant but that’s not going to stop me from kicking your ass!” Hilary yelled as Joel walked up to them helping them restrain Hilary.

“Yeah I'm sure” the girl said smirking at her more or less taunting her

Hilary tried getting out of their grip, “you guys its fine I'm cool! Just let me go!” she said yanking her arms away from them

“Hilary come on lets just go” Joel said trying to get her to leave

The girl looked at Hilary with her arms crossed, “yeah listen to Joel. Just go with your little lover and continue being his bitch!”
Anger filled Hilary and she went to go run towards her when Joel and Benji grabbed her before she could, “your lucky bitch! Just wait until I see you on the street again!” she yelled and Benji and Joel drug her towards the club.

Hilary pulled away straightening her clothes, “I wanna go home”

“Hilary you said you wanted to come to the club!” Joel said looking at her

Hilary crossed her arms, “I... want.... to.... go.... home!”

“Come on Hilary. Don't be this way” Joel said getting frustrated

Hilary shot a glare at him, “screw you Mr. Joel Madden! Don't tell me what to do your not my fucking father” she yelled

Kelsey rubbed her eyes, “oh god here comes her hormones again!” she said to Benji as he nodded

“Hilary!” Joel said getting a little irritated. He sighed and grabbed her hand

Hilary pulled her hand away, “no! I don't wanna be touched!” she said hugging herself, “lets just go inside”

“Come on Hilary” Kelsey said linking arms with Hilary walking into LAX with Joel, Benji, and Eminem behind them.

They entered the club seeing thousands of people in there dancing and having fun drinking and partying. There was also a DJ playing music.

Kelsey and Hilary kept walking as they made their way up to the bar. They reached the bar and Kelsey ordered herself a drink and Hilary water. They grabbed their drinks and went back to the table where the rest of them were sitting.

Benji grabbed his drink, “oh yeah Billy is on his way here”

“Billy!” Hilary said smiling, “I miss him so much!”

“He’s been like hibernating or something” Kelsey said smiling

Joel nodded, “yeah that’s what it seems like!”

They all nodded in agreement

“I'll be back” Joel said getting up and walking off towards the bar

Five minutes later Billy came walking into LAX. He walked up to everybody and sat down, “hey what’s up?”

“Billy! We thought you died or something!” Hilary said smiling

Billy laughed, “No I'm good. I'm not dead”

“Well that’s nice to hear!” Kelsey said smiling as she looked around

Billy looked around at everybody, “where’s Joel?”

Hilary shrugged her shoulders, “who knows” she said scanning the room

They all broke into their own separate conversations. More people started coming into the club causing the room to get extremely smokey. Hilary looked at everybody at the table, “I got to get out of here” she said trying to get up

“How come?” Billy asked watching her

“It’s getting too smokey in here and that’s not good since I'm pregnant. I'm gonna go try and find Joel but if I cant tell him I left” she said getting up

“Alright” Benji said, “are you sure you'll be okay?”

“Yes Benji I'll be fine” Hilary said smiling, “bye guys” she said waving and walking off

She walked around the club trying to find Joel. She walked over to the bar seeing him talking to his ex-girlfriend Nicole Richie. Hilary rolled her eyes and walked up to him touching his arm, “hey baby”

Joel looked over at Hilary, “hey Hilary”

Hilary looked over at Nicole watching her as she spoke to Joel, “baby, I'm ready to leave are you coming with me?”

“Yeah babe just give me one minute okay?” he said putting his arm around her

Hilary forced a smile, “okay” she said waiting

Hilary sat there thinking to herself asking herself why Joel was talking with Nicole. She knew she was acting this way out of jealousy but she didn't like the fact that those two still talked. She couldn't do anything about it and that Joel can talk to whoever but she was still troubled by that fact. Her main fear was Joel cheating on her again. She was the one who was pregnant with his child not Nicole. Just then Joel interrupted her thoughts, “hey Hilary are you ready?” he asked

Hilary shook the thoughts away, “yeah I'm ready” she said forcing a smile

Joel grabbed her hand and led her out of the club. The air was cool and crisp. Hilary and Joel walked side by side next to each other not saying a word. Hilary grabbed his arm hugging it, “baby?”

“Yes Hilary?” Joel said looking at her

She stopped and looked at him, “baby, I love you”

Joel hugged her, “Hilary I love you too”

Hilary smiled slightly and looked down at her hands. Joel put his hand under chin and lifted it up so she was looking at him, “Hilary is something wrong? Are you ok?”

Hilary started playing with her hands and looked up at him with tears in her eyes, “I’m just... afraid that... you'll like...” she stopped

“You’re afraid I'm going to cheat on you again?” Joel said looking at her

Hilary nodded her head yes, “I know its silly but there’s a part of me that thinks you will. I don't want that to happen” she said her voice shaky

Joel sighed, “Hilary it’s not going to happen again okay? I love you and I want to be on you for the rest of my life.”

“I want to be with you too” she said looking up at him with tears coming down, “I’m sorry...” she said covering her face with tears falling down

“Hilary I love you and I want to be with you and the baby okay?” he said hugging her, “now lets go home and get you to bed okay?”

“Alright” she said sniffing back tears

Joel put his arm around her comforting her as they walked back to her Hollywood mansion.
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