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Hilary's Meltdown...Uh Oh

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!!!!!Chapter 19!!!!!!

The Next Morning

Hilary opened her eyes looking around the room squinting from the sunlight shining in through the window was blinding her. She yawned and stretched. She sat up with her arms lifting her up looking around. She looked around noticing she was still in her room. She sighed to herself and lay back down on her side pulling the blankets up around her. She looked over at the spot next to her seeing it was empty. She rolled her eyes, “whatever” she mumbled to herself pulling the pillow under head and closing her eyes.

She lay there hugging her pillow and heard noises coming downstairs. It sounded like Kelsey talking to someone. She lifted her head up looking at the clock. 9:30am,”You have to be kidding me!” she said out loud to herself letting her head fall back onto the pillow. She closed her eyes trying to go back to sleep but a couple minutes later she heard her door opening. She didn't look behind her she just laid there with her eyes closed. She felt someone sitting on the bed beside her.

“Hilary?” a male voice said out loud

Hilary opened her eyes seeing his gorgeous brown eyes staring back at her smiling which caused her to smile, ”hey Joel”

Joel smiled, ”hey baby. How are you feeling this morning?” he asked brushing some hair out of her face

“Umm same as always” she said yawning

Joel laid next to her laying his head on the pillow next to her, “well you'll have to explain to me what that is because I haven't been around” he said smiling

Hilary started laughing, “well lets see usually I'm always tired and hungry. Lets see what else... oh yeah some days I feel like shit and I'm sick to my stomach and have to force my self to eat... and oh yeah you cant forget about morning sickness. I have that everyday.” she said playing with Joel's hair

Joel ran his hands through her hair, “I’m sorry babe” he said smiling down at her

Hilary took one his hands holding it, “its okay.... there’s nothing you can do about it anyways”

“If I could I would” he said running his hand along her cheek

“I know you would” Hilary said smiling as she put her hand on her stomach, “I can’t wait until this baby is out of me! No more morning sickness and all that”

“She’s going to be on beautiful baby” he said as he put his hand on her stomach rubbing it a little

Hilary smiled putting her hand on top of his, ”uh huh!”

Joel smiled down at her a kissed her lightly on the lips as her bedroom door got knocked on.

Joel pulled back as they both looked up at the door as it opened. Hilary's father came walking through the door, ”hey Hilary!” he said walking over to the bed

“DADDY!” Hilary squealed getting up

Em sat down on the bed and hugged Hilary, “I’ve missed you so much!” he said pulling away, “look at your stomach! Its grown so much since the last time I seen you!”

Hilary smiled, ”uh huh! And guess what daddy! You're gonna be having a granddaughter!”

“That is awesome” he said smiling, “I’m so happy and excited! I can’t wait”

“I just can’t wait to give birth to this baby! This baby is causing me pain!” Hilary said smiling

“Its okay Hilary soon the baby will be popping out” Joel said smirking

Em laughed, ”Yeah he’s got a point. Well I'm going downstairs I'll see ya down there in a little bit okay” he said kissing the top of her head

Hilary hugged her father, “okay bye daddy” she said pulling away and kissing his cheek

“Bye hun” he said getting up and walking out of the room closing the door behind him

Joel looked at Hilary, “so what are the plans for today?” he asked

“I have no idea...” she said laying back down covering up, “I don't want to get up...”

“Aww” Joel said lying next to her and hugging her

She smiled looking at him, “I think we should just stay in bed all day today”

“I guess I can do that” he said smiling, “I don't have any meetings today for our clothing line as far as I know”

“Good!” she said laying her head on his chest, “baby you smell so good!” she said inhaling the scent

“Why thank you... I did it just for you” he said laughing

Hilary smiled at him evilly grabbing his shirt and pulling him closer to her, “it makes me wanna eat you up!” she said giggling

“Oh really?” he asked moving closer to her face planting kisses on her lips

Hilary bit her lip sexy, ”uh huh” she said kissing him on the lips playfully biting his bottom lip

Joel grinned pulling himself half way on her and kissed her lips and trailing down her neck as the door opened

“Okay now you two need to stop now geez” a female voice said

Hilary and Joel both looked over at the door smiling. Kelsey stood there smiling back at them. Hilary pushed Joel off her, “sorry Kelsey!”

Joel rolled over on his back, ”geez Hilary don't be so violent” he said getting up but was smiling

“Sorry baby” she said kissing him on the lips, “you better get used to my crazy hormones” she said swinging her legs over the bed, “So Kelsey what did you need?”

“You two are crazy” Kelsey said smiling, “I came to tell you two to come eat some breakfast. I'm sure you're baby's hungry” she said turning around and walking out of the door

Hilary tried pulling herself up off the bed but was having a hard time, “Joel come help me up! Please!” she said getting upset

“Yes baby I'm coming” Joel said getting out of bed

“Hurry up!” she said getting impatient and even more upset

Joel ran over to the other side of the bed and grabbed her hand helping her up, “come on Hilary” he said putting his arm around her

Hilary brushed his arm off her and grabbed his hand walking off with him following behind her

Hilary and Joel reached the bottom on the stairs and walked into the kitchen where her father, Benji, and Kelsey were sitting eating breakfast. Hilary went and sat down by her father as Joel sat down next to her. Everybody started eating except Hilary who looked at her food taking her fork and started playing with it. She sat staring at it and put her fork down pushing the plate away from her

Em looked at her, “Hilary why aren't you eating?”

“Because I don't want too” she said not looking at him

“Hilary you need to eat” he said putting his hand under her chin turning her head towards him to make her look at him

Kelsey's eyes got wide watching them, ”uh oh she’s going to flip out” Kelsey said whispering to Benji.

Hilary's face turned red from anger she pushed his hand away slamming her hands on the table, “daddy don't tell me what to do! I'm not a fucking child anymore! I don't want to eat so let it fucking be!” she said getting up and pushing her chair in causing it to hit against the table hard and she stormed out of the room with tears falling down her face

“Hilary Ann get back here!” her father yelled

“Leave me alone!” Hilary chocked out as she ran upstairs into her room

Everybody at the table sat there stunned except Kelsey from what just happened. Kelsey looked at them, “I knew that was coming. She gets that way sometimes if she’s upset about something before she eats”

“Damn” Joel said looking over at Em

Benji looked over at Joel, “Joel did you make her mad before you came downstairs?”

“She just got all upset because she couldn't get up and I wasn't fast enough to help her. She like flipped on me” Joel said pushing is plate away from him, “I’ll go talk to her”

“Are you sure? I can go talk to her” Kelsey said looking at Joel

“No I got it” Joel said getting up putting his napkin down on the table. He pushed his chair in and headed upstairs

Joel got upstairs and went up to Hilary's door hearing her crying on the other side. He opened the door slowly looking in seeing her sitting on the floor with her purse in front of her. She was pulling everything out of it obviously looking for something. She was wiping the tears away as she went but they kept falling because she kept crying. Joel walked up and sat down by her, “baby what’s the matter?” he asked

Hilary looked up at him with tears streaming down her face and pulled him into a hug putting her head against his chest. Joel hugged her holding her close to him and running his hand through her hair, “baby are you okay?” he asked looking down at her

“” she said still crying still holding onto him tightly

Joel pulled away looking at her, “what’s the matter?” he asked wiping some tears away

“I...I don't know...” she said looking away

Joel pulled her into another hug, “baby it'll be okay. I love you”

“I... I love too” she said sitting in his lap and putting her arms around his neck hugging him

Joel ran his hand up and down her back slowly trying to comfort her, “so is there anything I can do?”

“No” Hilary said pulling away, “I was going to call Hannah but you didn't give me time” she said as a small smile came on her face, “but I'm glad you came up here”

“Anytime babe” he said smiling at her, “I love you” he added wiping tears away from her face

“I love you too baby” she said smiling and planting a kiss on his lips
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