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You know the drill

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Chapter 21 – Retrieval

No one spoke. The place went deathly quiet. Then every able member of the Miami-Dade CSI pulled out their 9mm, each one raised. And cocked.

Christina raised an eyebrow.
“Well waddya know. There are some idiots here who see themselves as kidnappers.”
Both Speed and Meghan rolled their eyes.
“Save the clichés Christi.”
Christina smiled.
“Sorry, couldn’t resist.”
Meghan sighed.
“I’ll take this I think.”
She turned to face the shocked men.
“Miami – Dade police. Get your hands in the air NOW!”
This last word quickly obeyed, knifes and guns clattering to the floor. Meghan smiled, turning back to her co-workers.
“See? That’s how it’s done.”
Speed grinned.
“Who died and made you queen of the world?”
Meghan shuddered.
“No one I hope.”
Ryan laughed.
“I would love that job!”
Greg looked at him, eyebrows raised.
“Really? Queen?” He quipped, amid a raucous of laughter.
Caroline, who had been scanning the room while officers swarmed in arresting the men, shook her head.
“Don’t be so sure about that Meghan.”
She raised a finger, pointing round the room.
“Who’s missing?”
Greg uttered a stifled cry, laughter forgotten.
Caroline nodded glumly.
The area now cleared of bad guys, the group hurried to free their friends.
Once her gag was off, V was quick to talk.
“Next door.”
Ryan and Christi nodded, both hurrying into the small room.
And sighed with relief.

She was bruised and bleeding, but she was alive. Ryan quickly cut her free, pulling the wad of material form her mouth and helping her up. She and Christina exchanged a quick hug. Then the questions poured.
“How did you know? Who told you? And when? Where are the others? Are they alright?”
Christina smiled.
“They’re all fine. We’re trying to force them into an ambulance now. It’s you everyone was worried about.”
Becki smiled weakly, then clamped a hand over her mouth.
“Does Eric...?”
She broke off, gazing at the floor. Christina opened her mouth, but someone else answered for her.
“No. Thanks to V.”
Becki spun around. And almost collapsed with relief.
He smiled, pulling her into a hug. She began to sob, her words almost inaudible.
“I didn’t want to do it...they told me....all I had to do was scream...”
Eric rocked her head, letting her sob into silence.
“Shh. I know. But it’s over now. Everyone’s fine.”
She looked up at him.
“Even V and my dad?”
He smiled.
“Especially V and your dad.”

Authors Notes: I do not usually use cliches. I just happen to find them very amusing. I apologize for some of the awful humor my characters exhibit, I honestly cannot control them
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