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The Final Confrontation

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Does exactly what it says on the tin

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Chapter 22 – The Final Confrontation

After a quick trip to the hospital, they all made their way back to the Crime Lab.

Horatio surveyed the group proudly.
“Well I must say Eric, you’ve done better than I could have imagined. Although I don’t think I ever allowed you to make amusing comments whilst storming a building.”
Eric blushed, as did Christi and Meghan. Becki laughed.
Horatio smiled at his youngest daughter, as she was joined by V and Nick. He looked form Eric to Nick.
And sighed.
“Go on then. I guess I couldn’t hope for better people.”
Both men smiled. V and Becki exchanged a puzzled look.

But when both Eric and Nick knelt down in unison, the answer was clear.
Before going home, Becki insisted on going down to the cells to ‘Stare them down’ as she put it. Eric, gentleman that he was, offered to go with her, and soon all four of them opted to make the trip. The final confrontation.

The moment they got there, obscenities where yelled at them. Jeers at the boys, comments about the girls and their father. One particularly loud voice caught Eric’s attention.
“Delko! Hey Delko!”
Eric spun around, quickly spotting the man who had held Becki.
“What do you want?”
A smile curled the mans lips, his eyes flickering between the couple.
“Bet you don’t know what happened to your little girlfriend do you? You really think she told you what happened in there?”
Eric glanced at Becki, who shifted uncomfortably, pulling her sleeves to cover the bruising on her wrists. Eric discarded that thought. They all had those. The reward for being tied up for hours.
The man pressed his face as close as possible to Eric’s, hissing.
“How much are you willing to bet what I know about your girl hu? And I bet I’m right in saying I know she’s got a tattoo on her hip of a-”
Eric lunged, scraping at the man through the bars. Becki tugged his arm, pulling him away.
“Eric stop! He’s trying to provoke you! Let him be!”
Eric did so, but quickly turned his anger on her.
“How did he know that? What are you keeping from me? If I have to drag back to hospital then I’ll do it, don’t you think-”
“You don’t.”
She looked up at him defiantly.
“He’s talking absolute rubbish.”
Eric looked bewildered.
“But he said- I mean he know about-”
She waved a hand.
“Lucky guess maybe? You forgot they’ve been following us. Anyhow, my shirt got stuck on my jeans, you can virtually see it anyway. Alright?”
Eric nodded.
Becki gave him a quick hug, whilst V and Nick fought down their own taunts. V replied to a few, accompanying her words with short, sharp gestures.
This raised yet more voices, and several calls of;
“I’ll tell your boss!”
V laughed.
“Tell away! Eric?”
Eric and Becki wandered over to join them. V smiled wickedly.
“These men would like to complain Eric dear. They seem to think I have poor conduct.”
Eric grinned.
“That’s strange, I didn’t see anything. Oh well.”
V smiled at the men.
“Guess you lost this one boys!”
All four of them laughed, then V remembered something. She moved along the row until she was face to face with Cameron, who stared back at her. V bent close, so that only he could hear her.
“You ever call my sister a whore again, it will be the last thing you ever do. Got that?”
She didn’t wait for an answer, instead pulling back and linking her arm through Nick’s. She glanced at her sister, who nodded. They both turned to face the men.
“Don’t mess with the Caine girls.”
The sentence managed to in sue a short silence, and the four of them made their way out of the building, ignoring the shouts that began to carry after them again. It was all over. But it was safe to say that none of them would ever be the same again.

Authors Notes: Again, these people are out of my control. Can someone please tell me how to control them???? Anyway, heres the end, hope you enjoyed! xxx
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