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One Life To Live

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the reason the lyrics for From Under the Cork Tree (not my favorite album, but I like it enough) were written. Very moody. I swear it will make you cry. Some of the lyric lines are figurative. No, ...

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Without warning, Aimi collapsed onto the floor.
“Time of death,” the doctor was saying and scribbling on a clipboard as they unhooked her IV and heart monitor. I held Ai as we sobbed uncontrollably for the daughter and the love her and I had lost.

Tonight it’s “It can’t get much worse”

We had been at the hospital for days now, watching nurses and doctors rush in and out, blood pouring out of her arm and into a bag, needles in a size that would make any heroin addict die happy suck blood from her for testing, the heart monitor’s calm and rhythmic bleeping going into a shrieking alarm at least twice a day, and being pushed away as doctors electrocute her chest just to jumpstart her heart again.

Pete’s clothes were rumpled and he reeked since he hadn’t showered or had a change of clothing since we arrived, same as Andy whose hair was matted and Joe’s was sticking up in every curly direction. I’m sure I didn’t look like any Prince Charming either, my mouth was stale as I had taken up a forgotten habit out of stress—smoking—and there were tear streaks running down my cheeks.

Aimi would not be pleased, and all I ever wanted to do was please her.

No one should ever feel like…

haha! that's just a taste (it's an ending blip) and that's all you get until i get reviews! bwahahahahaa!
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