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Only You

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Angel Spills the beans and Gerard comes home.

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Jack’s POV

I rolled over and noticed it was still dark outside. I saw that Amy was still sleeping and I felt her leg wrapped around my waist. I looked at the clock and noticed it was one in the morning. I needed to check on the girls. We hadn’t left the room since this evening. I slowly slipped her leg from around my waist and slipped out from under the covers. I pulled up my jeans and headed out the door. I peeked into Angels room first and saw that she was sleeping, I quietly shut the door them peeked in on Lena as well.

“Hey” She said in a sleepy tone. She was under her covers.

“Sorry didn’t mean to wake you. I wanted to check on the two of you. Where is mom” I asked looking and seeing her bedroom door was open.

“She called earlier and said she wouldn’t be home and to tell you to watch us but you were.... occupied so I fed and put Angel to bed”. I felt bad that I hadn’t checked on them.

“Sorry Lena, thanks for doing all of that. Wonder where she is” I said shacking my head. “I dunno. Night Jack” She said with a yawn. I headed back to my room and saw that Amy was sitting up and staring at me.

“We slept a long time” She smiled. She looked so sexy with her long blonde hair all disheveled. The sheet had also dropped down to her waist. I walked over to her and kissed her passionately.

“We did, but I am not tired now” I said with a grin then kissed her again.

“Wait, gotta pee” She said then threw off the covers, grabbed her robe, and headed to the bathroom. I sighed and leaned back on the bed. A perfectly good moment ruined. A few minutes later she walked back in and dropped the robe.

“Where were we” She said and slid her body onto mine.

“And why are you still wearing these” She said and slid off my jeans. This was proving to be a great night.

Later I pulled Amy against my chest and ran my hand through her tangled hair. “Where is your mom” She asked as she ran her finger across my pale chest.

“I don’t know, she called and told Lena she wouldn’t be home. Maybe she’s at Mikey and Alicia’s” I said not really wanting to discuss my mom right now.

“I hope she works things out with your dad. I miss everyone living under one roof” She said propping herself up onto her elbow.

“Me too. They have been through to much to quit now” I said seriously.

“I felt the baby again” She smiled and rolled to her back. She pushed down the sheets and rested her hands on her stomach.

“I can’t believe this is real” She smiled and I placed my hand on top of hers.

“I know” I whispered and leaned down to kiss her little bump. We both were quiet for a few minutes then I took her in my arms and held her until she fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of footsteps in the hallway. And giggling? I sat up in my bed then slid out and pulled on my pants and t shirt. I peeked out and saw that my moms door was closed. I also saw Lena standing at her door with a grin. “Was that mom” I asked.

“Yep and dad” She smiled even brighter.

“What” I asked. She shook her said yes then shut the door to her room. I walked back into my room and shook Amy.

“What” she asked.

“My mom came home... with dad” I smiled.

“Really” She sat up with a grin.

“Yep. Let’s go start breakfast. Maybe we can lure them down stairs” I laughed. Twenty minutes later me, Amy, Lena, and a sleepy Angel were in the kitchen. Amy and I were making pancakes and sausage. Lena was chattering happily with Amy and Angel was sipping her orange juice.

“I smelled sausage” I heard dad say. Every turned and looked at him. He was in jeans and a t shirt and looked like he just got out of the shower.

“Daddy” Lena screamed and almost knocked him over with her hug. Angel followed slowly behind.

“You home” Angel asked.

“Yeah baby I’m home” He smiled and picked her up.

“Welcome back dad” I said as I flipped a pancake.

“Welcome back yourself” he winked.

“Morning my lovely children and my devastatingly handsome husband” My mom said as she practically floated into the kitchen.

Amy smiled at me “Morning Emily” She said and hit my with her hip.

“Morning mom” I said as she kissed my cheek.

“Every one take a seat breakfast is ready” Amy said as she began to bring the food to the table. We all sat down and began to eat. Mom and Dad just smiled at each other.

“So, as you can probably tell your dad is home... forever I am so sorry about all of this” Mom said as she bit her lip.

“We are both sorry” Dad said and grabbed her hand.

“It’s okay” I spoke up first and everyone else agreed. It felt good to have everyone back.

Emily’s POV

I looked around and swallowed down my tears. They were happy tears. This was my family, all of them here, I felt so whole. I slipped my hand to my stomach and thought about the new life growing inside me. Gerard and I decided to not say anything until I went to the doctor and made sure everything was okay. I looked over at him and he shot me that half smile I love so much. I can’t believe I almost lost him again. I would never ever let that happen again...never. After breakfast Gerard and I insisted we clean up while the kids went up and got ready for the day. I washed the dishes and he dried them.

“Mikey is gonna help me get all my junk from the hotel and move it back here” He said as he put up a plate.

“Good, I miss your things” I smiled and leaned over to kiss his jaw.

“Then I need to head off to the studio” He said as he put up another dish. My whole body went still, he noticed.

“What’s wrong” He asked grabbing my hand.

“The studio? Is Chris back yet” I asked, I had almost forgotten about the young women that I saw flirting with him yesterday.

“No, he will be out for a little while” He said and kissed my hand.

“What’s on your mind Em” He asked crossing his arms and leaning against the counter.

“It’s nothing. I am going to go get a shower” I said not wanting to admit my jealousy.

“Wait, you need to talk to me. No more secrets” he stopped me.

I sighed “That girl will be there” there I said it. I looked up at him and noticed he was grinning.

“It’s nothing to smile about Gerard” I said angrily and turned towards the stairs. I heard him follow behind me. I shut the door to our room but I didn’t hear it slam because he caught it and walked in.

“So that’s what this is about? Kyle?” He asked as he walked towards me.

“Just leave” I said feeling very sensitive.

“No, your jealous” He said and pulled me to him.

“Of course I am. I come to see you and she is there with her long legs and young body, flirting with you... I am old... she is young and sexy and willing” I just about screamed. I tried to get out of his arms but he wouldn’t let me.

“So" He shrugged. "You are all I want. You Emily, your all I have ever wanted How can you not know that” He whispered against my hair.

“You were flirting back” I said as I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. Stupid pregnancy hormones.

“She was showing me attention Em, something I was craving. I missed you so much... It was nothing, I promise. And you are not old ” He smiled and crushed his lips against mine.

“Are you sure you don’t want her” I asked hesitantly. He made a growling noise then crushed his lips to mine again. By the time he pulled away I could barely breath.

“Only you” He said then kissed me again. I guess the shower could wait.

Amy’s POV

I am sitting on Jack’s bed watching him draw. I feel like I could never tire of watching him. He was away from me for so long and I had missed the little things like this. “Why are you watching me” He asked looking at me curiously.

“Because I didn’t get to see you for so long, I just want to look at you” I said truthfully. He shook his head and smiled then began to draw again.

“You going to ask about being home schooled” I asked.

“Yeah later today. Dad may be my best bet. If not I am off to school tomorrow... alone” He said looking very upset at that idea.

“You have to stay, I don’t want to be away from you” I said sadly.

He looked up at me “I don’t want to be away from you either”. We just stared at each other for a few minutes before he began to draw again. I finally picked myself up off the bed and headed into Angels room. She was playing tea with her stuffed animals.

“You want to play” She asked me.

“Not today, I need to fold some of these baby clothes. I promise we will play soon” I hated to turn her down but there was so much I needed to do as far as the baby was concerned.

“I like your tummy” She smiled and walked over to place her hand on my belly.

“I like it too” I smiled.

“Will she move” She asked.

“Well I can feel her but she isn’t big enough yet for anyone else to feel” I explained.

“Oh, I can’t wait till she moves and I can feel it. I want a baby” She smiled and walked back over to her little table.

“You will have one, someday. Just find a man as great as your brother and father” I smiled and began to fold the little baby clothes.

“Oh hey Amy, straightening up” I heard Emily ask from the door way.

“She’s folding baby clothes” Angel smiled.

“I see that. Need some help” Emily asked. Her hair was damp and her cheeks were pink. She looked way younger.

“Sure. I am putting them in age order” I said as she came to sit next to me.

“I did the same thing” We sat in silence folding the little outfits. We could here Angel whispering to her tea guest from time to time.

“When are you having the baby momma” Angel said out of the blue. I looked over at Angel then Emily. I saw the shock on her face.

“What do you mean Angel” Emily asked slowly.

“When will you have your baby” She asked again. Was Emily pregnant?

“Why do you think mommy is having a baby” Emily asked.

“I dreamed it last night” Angel smiled. Emily was quiet and began to fold again.

“Are you” I asked under my breath. She shook her head yes but wouldn’t look at me. She was having a baby? Wow... I was not expecting that.

“Please don’t say anything yet. We want to have me looked at before we announce it. You too Angel, no spilling the beans” She said in a happier tone.

“I won’t tell. I am so happy for my baby” Angel giggled.

“Me too” Emily glowed. She looked at me and I smiled. Two babies in the house? Jack and I needed our own place that is for sure.

* I made sure this chapter is longer since the last one was so short... I have written way ahead and can't wait for you guys to see what I have in store!!! Review me ;)
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