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Serious therapy

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Gerard's POV

I headed off towards the studio with Mikey after we took my stuff back home. I kissed Emily and assured her she was the only one I ever wanted. She hadn't been jealous in years, it wasn't like her. It kind of felt good.

"What are you smiling about" Mikey asked.

"I am back home with my wife and kids. Why wouldn't I be smiling" I said happily.

"True. I am glad. I hated seeing you so depressed" He smiled and hit my arm. The guys were happy to see me so up beat to. Frank said he never doubted for a second that Emily and I would get back together.

"I knew it" He smiled.

"Yeah yeah now lets get to work. Where is Kyle" I asked looking around and seeing she was missing.

"Here, sorry I am late. I have coffee and donuts" She smiled as she walked in. She was still attractive but nothing compared to Emily.

"Thanks Kyle, you got my favorites" Frank said practically attacking the donut. She handed mine to me last with a cup of coffee.

"Here you go" She said with a teasing smile.

"Thanks" I said and quickly grabbed my coffee and donut.

"I have tickets to this local bands show on Friday if your interested" She asked as she stepped closer to me.

"Can't... Emily and I have plans that night" I said hoping she picked up on the Emily and I. She looked puzzled then it registered in her mind.

"She came back" She stated.

"Yes, we are working things out" I said feeling very awkward. I mean it's not like she and I were together.

"Hm, interesting" She said then turned and walked towards the sound bored. I looked over and saw Mikey giving me a look.

"She was not happy about that" he said then took a bite of his powdered donut. I just shrugged and sipped my coffee. Today went by so slow. It is probably because for once I wanted to get home. I wanted to see my wife. We got out of there after midnight. I couldn't help but think Kyle purposefully made us re do a few songs just so we'd stay longer. I heard Kyle call my name as I headed to my car.

"Hey say hi to the misses for me. She is a lucky women" She said then kissed my cheek.

"Thanks and I will" I smiled thinking it was a good thing Kyle seemed not as mad as she was earlier. When I pulled up I noticed the living room light was still on. I walked in and saw Emily reading on the couch.

"Your up" I said as I walked over and gave her a kiss.

"I wanted to be awake when you got home" She smiled and sat her book aside.

"Sorry it ran so late. We had to re do a few songs... I thought it would never end" I said taking a seat on the couch next to her.

"How did Kyle re act to us being back together" She asked non chalantly.

I sighed "Not to well at first but then when we left she kissed my cheek and told me to tell you hi and that you were a lucky women". Emily looked angry, what did I say?

"She kissed your cheek? That little whore" I heard Emily say angrily.

I sat up "It was friendly. She was letting me know we were cool. I mean Em I went out with her like once. She couldn't have gotten that attached. She had to of known it was going no where" I kept rambling.

"She is so not over it babe, she wants you to think she is though" Emily said suddenly standing.

"Come to bed" She said and I obeyed.

I stripped and crashed onto my inviting bed. Man I had missed it, it was so comfy and warm and soft and I just wanted to drift off to sleep.... then I felt Emily's hands pulling me to her. So I guess I wouldn't be sleeping. Her arms wrapped around my neck and I felt her lips crash against mine. She was not being gentle at all.

"You okay" I asked.

"Yep" She said seriously before I was attacked again.

"Are you angry" I asked as she slipped off her pajamas.

"No" She said looking irritated. I was so confused.

"Your just being...." I trailed off.

"Rough" I sounded like such a girl. She paused and then began to laugh.

"Okay are you sure your okay" I asked, was she going crazy?

"You sound like such a girl" She smiled and slapped my chest.

"Thanks. I was thinking the same thing. I mean I like it like that but I am the initiator when it comes to roughness, not you. I was taken of guard. Sorry. Proceed" I said laying back. She laughed at me again then attacked me. I was definently not getting sleep any time soon.

Jack's POV
I was stuck somewhere between dreaming and being awake. "Jack" I thought I heard Amy whispering. Was it a dream.

"Jack" I heard her say again. I rolled over and saw Amy sitting up staring at me.

"What"I asked grumpily.

"Um... okay this could be awkward but I think I can hear your parents and well... I can't sleep while listening to that" She said looking appalled.

"What are they doing" I asked still sleepy. She raised an eyebrow then I heard for myself.

"No way" I said loudly and jumped up.

"I told you" She said with a shrug.

"Let's go to the office. Do they have no respect for anyone else in the house? I will be scarred for life. Come one" I said grabbing the covers and heading down the steps. I bumped into Lena at the bottom of the steps, then Amy bumped into me.

"Gross isn't it" Lena said.

"Yeah were heading to the office" I said and Lena followed. We folded out the couch and all three squeezed onto the bed. It was a tight fit. Then I saw the door open and heard little feet on the floor.

"Brother" I heard Angel say. I turned and she was staring at me in her little yellow pj's. I sat up and picked her up.

"Well we will all be warm tonight at least" I said as Angel cuddled to my chest. I had her on top of me, Amy snuggled against the left side of me with her leg hiked up onto mine. Then Lena to my right who's arm slapped over my face. This was going to be a long night and mom and dad were gonna pay.

I woke up the next morning to the door opening. "What are they all doing in here" I heard my mom whisper.

"I don't know. Strange" I heard my dad say.

"You two just about brought the house down and no one could sleep" I said then shut my eyes again.

"Oh" My mom said then they both quietly backed out.

Today was school so everyone got up and started to get ready. Amy was staying home of course so she was the first at the breakfast table. When we were all there it was quiet. I could tell mom and dad were a little embarrassed.

"Okay it happens. Sorry it kept you awake" Dad said then took a sip of his coffee.

"Oops" Mom said then laughed. I hadn't seen her this happy in months. Then dad cracked a smile and kissed her hand. It was good they were happy, even if it made me lose some sleep and need serious therapy.

"Okay Jack we know you want to stay home but your father and I talked it over and well we think it would be to distracting with you both home so... were sending you back to school" Mom said looking at me. They were waiting for me to freak but I took some deep breaths then stood.

"Bye" I said and kissed Amy then headed out the door. No need to argue over something it was obvious I couldn't win. I got to school and it was weird to be there. I walked to my locker and wished I would have fought with my parents until I got my way. This day would be horrible.

"Jack! Your back, how the heck are you" It was Deek. I turned and saw Sam in tow. Were they holding hands?

"Yep" I said then turned again.

"Well come on lets go to class. I have a lot to update you on. I mean I could only tell you so much when I came to visit you in jail" He said and chatted the entire way to class. Sam had this class with us to, great.

At least she wasn't speaking. Deek filled me in on what I had missed. Another school fight, Mike coming in this morning, he and Sam getting together, the fact he was going to prom, his sister had gotten engaged.... It was a never ending pile of information. I dreaded when I had to see Mike. The school had made sure we had no classes together. We got to lunch and it was just the three of us, like it used to be.

"How is Amy" Sam finally spoke.

"Good, we find out the sex tomorrow though she says she is certain it is a girl" I said and took a bite of my sandwich.

"A little girl. Crazy" Deek said and traded his chips for mine. Some things never change. We sat in silence but I couldn't help but over hear what people around us were saying.

"I heard she confessed that the whole rape thing was a lie, poor Mike... Amy must have been very desperate" One girl said.

"She is having Jack's baby, I mean how desperate can you get" Her friend replied and they both giggled. I looked up and saw Sam looking at me. Did I see pity in her eyes? I didn't need anyone's pity.

"She did that for you" She said, I knew what she was referring to.

"Yes, though I was not happy about it" I said and looked away.

"She really loves you" She said sounding surprised.

"I hope so, she is living with me and having my child" I said sarcastically.

"I just thought.... well... I am happy for you" Sam said awkwardly.

"Thanks" I said and looked over at Deek who was smiling.

"Well I hope we are all getting along again" He said happily. The rest of the day went by with gossip and strange looks but I didn't care. I made it through the day without seeing Mike and got a ride home with Deek and Sam so no bus, which I was happy about.

"So you should get your license soon" Deek said as he dropped me off.

"This summer I can get it. Thanks for the ride. Bye" I waved at them both then smiled at the sight of Amy waiting for me on the front porch.

"Hey" She said and kissed me.

"Hey Deek, Sam" She smiled and waved.

"Hey we should get together some time, you know the four of us" Amy suggested.

"Sure sounds good" Deek said.

"Yeah I will call you" Sam smiled then they were gone.

"You and Sam are talking?" I asked.

"Yeah I told you how she was nice to me... She knows what her brother is and well I think she's happy with Deek. Anyway I am secure enough in our relationship not to be threatened by her. Now come in I made you cookies in home ec" She smiled and lead me into the house.

"Your dad is recording your mom is getting the girls and I am serving you cookies" She smiled and set three chocolate chip cookies in front of me then a glass of milk. They were amazing.

"Thanks babe, how was your day" I asked as she cleaned up the kitchen.

"Good, your mom is teaching me now since Gerard is recording and she doesn't have a job. It's fun, she is like the mom my mother isn't" She said sadly.

"She is a great mom" I said and pulled her into my lap.

"Now how is my baby today" I asked and rubbed her tummy.

"Good, I have felt fine all day" She said then stood and began to clean again.

"Come here" I said sternly . She turned and obeyed. I pulled her to me and kissed her like I hadn't seen her in days instead of hours.

"I love you" She whispered against my lips.

"I love you too" I said then kissed her again.

"Yuck" I heard Lena say from behind me. I sighed, moment ruined.

"We need our own place" I said low enough that only Amy heard it.

"I know, just a few more years" She said then began to clean again.
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