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Jack and Amy find out the sex of the baby and Gerard and EMily fight

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Jack's POV

I walked into the office the next day at school with my note excusing me from my last class. "You have a doctors appointment" the grouchy old secretary asked.

"No, my girlfriend does" I said as she handed me my slip back. She raised an eyebrow and gave me a look. I just turned and headed outside. I spotted Amy's car immediately. I jumped in and kissed her.

"Today is the day" She smiled.

"I know I barely made it through my classes" I smiled and noticed she was sipping Mt. Dew.

"Hey no caffeine" I said and grabbed the can from her.

"Jack my doctor said it was fine to drink one before I came, it would make the baby move around more" She said and grabbed it back from me.

"You sure" I asked, worried.

"Yeah, she is the doctor Jack" She rolled her eyes and we headed off.

"Your mom is meeting us there, then when we find out were going to surprise your dad at the studio and tell him. Your grandparents are getting the girls from school" She said quickly. I forget how fast she talks when she's excited.

"How was school" She asked as we hit the interstate.

"School. Deek is so happy I am back, he's talking my ear off" I laughed.

"Aw how cute. How's Sam. She called and wished me good luck. I think all of us are going out Friday if that's okay with you" She asked.

"Sure, sounds fine" I said feeling weird about her and Sam's friendship. Five minutes later we pulled into the Doctors parking lot. My mom was there waiting.

"I can't wait" She smiled and grabbed Amy's hand.

"We can't either" Amy smiled.

"Frank and Ray say's it's a boy... they said they all bet $20 a piece. Mikey, Bob, and Dad think it's a girl. Gerard said do no make him lose his twenty dollars" Mom smiled and patted my back. Twenty minutes later we were in the office. Amy had that gooey crap on her belly and the ultrasound tech was trying to find the heart beat.

"There it is" The women smiled. I could here a steady thump thump thump thump. It was the best sound I had ever heard.

"It's strong" I heard my mom say.

"You want to know the sex" the women asked.

"Yes please" Amy said with tears in her eyes.

"Okay you are gonna have a ..... girl it looks like. Congratulations" She smiled.

Then Amy began to sob, hysterically. My mom gave me a , go comfort her, look so I did. I leaned down and kissed her wet cheek. "A girl" I whispered in her ear. She shook her head yes and grabbed my face and kissed me. I noticed my mom was crying to. This was to much. After the tears stopped and we had our little ultra sound picture that said "it's a girl" we headed to our cars and over to the recording studios.

"I can't believe. Oh Jack we are going to have a little girl... I am so happy" She said looking as if she might cry again.

"I am too, I have always been surrounded by women so this should be a piece of cake" I smiled and winked at her.

"Not when your changing smelly diapers and staying up all night" She laughed. I had forgotten about those things.

Emily's POV

Okay so I had ulterior motives for coming up to the studio. Maybe I wanted to make sure Kyle knew Gerard was mine and always would be. We walked in and Gerard was recording. I saw Kyle leaning over the sound board and anger boiled within me. Man my emotions were off, well probably because of the baby. He locked eyes with me and grinned then he saw Amy and Jack who were waving.

"Hey my family is here let me take a break" He said to Kyle. She turned and I swear she was scowling at me.

"Okay" She said then turned back to look at him.

"Hey guys" he said hugging Amy and Jack.

"Hey Sugar" he said and kissed me very soundly on the lips. This made me very happy. I hoped she was looking.

"So what's the verdict" he asked. Now all the guys were filling in.

"Yeah I so don't want to lose my money" Frank said looking distraught at the thought.

"Were having a girl" Amy squealed.

"Yes" Gerard, Bob, and Mikey gave out high fives then took the money from the other guys.

"Congrat's mini G, your gonna be a papa! Still weird to me" Frank said and hugged both Amy and Jack.

"I want to touch the belly" Frank said and placed his hand on Amy's little tummy.

"Crazy, I hope Jamia and I have another one soon" He said and Amy shot me a smile. We both knew how Jamia felt about that.

"My turn" Ray said putting his hand on her belly next. Then all the guys got there turn. I could tell Amy loved the attention. She was glowing with joy. Jack looked happy too. It was strange... they should be distraught over the fact that they would grow up so fast, they would be parents at such a young age but they weren't. They accepted the responsibility and went with it. I was proud of them both. Gerard reached out and grabbed my hand.

"They look happy don't they" he said against my hair.

"Yeah they do. Is it strange to be happy for them" I asked.

"No, I am" He said and kissed my temple.

"We'll be finding out the sex of ours in a few months too" He said low enough for only me to hear.

"I know, I can't wait" I smiled and leaned into him.

"Guys were on a tight schedule" I heard Kyle say. I turned to face her.

"Sorry but family is important to these guys and they just found out the sex of Jack and Amy's baby. We can sit here and be excited about it as long as we want. Chris would never rush them" Where did that come from? I was practically yelling at the girl. I heard Amy giggle and the guys looked shocked. I couldn't tell what Gerard was thinking but I just turned around and began to talk about the baby like I had said nothing. She sighed then turned back to the mixing board.
Twenty minutes later we headed out. Gerard kissed me then turned back and said something to that bitch. He was mine! Why was I still jealous? Where were these insecurities coming from? Then I remembered. I remembered his confession when he had lost his memory, when he confessed he had cheated. I had forgiven him but it ripped a hole in my confidence that hadn't been challenged until now. I had to trust him, he had behaved much better than I had these last few months. I had to push down these thoughts. He was Gerard, he loved me. He was drunk and high when he cheated before. He would never in his right mind do it again. My the insecurity made me second guess myself.

Gerard's POV

"Sorry about that" I said to Kyle as Emily was leaving. I couldn't believe how she snapped at Kyle.

"It's fine" She said without looking at me. Didn't Emily know this was going to make things weird between me and Kyle at work? She just fussed her out... in front of everyone.

"She's just got a lot going on" I said still making excuses.

"Okay, look can we just get you in there recording" She asked sounding very irritated.

"Yeah sure" I said and headed into the studio.

By the end of the night we were all exhausted. She made us re record a lot again, the guys blamed me of course! I walked into my front door and saw Emily in the kitchen.

"Why did you do that" I asked sounding irritated.

"What put her in her place. She was rushing a family moment" She said with a shrug.

"I am sorry I am not used to this jealous insecure Emily" I said and walked away.

"I have reasons to be jealous and in secure Arthur" She practically yelled. I stopped in my tracks, did she just call me by my middle name?

I turned "So what are the reasons? Shouldn't I be the in secure one since it was you who left me? You who decided you needed a break from me? Why do you have any excuse to act this way Emily" I asked feeling the anger rise.

"Nothing" She said and began to walk back into the kitchen.

I followed "Tell me" I demanded.

"I am not the one who has cheated Gerard" She whispered. Her words gave a physical blow. She was thinking about that? Hadn't she forgiven me five years earlier? Where was this coming from?

"I thought I was forgiven" I said quietly with my fists balled against my sides. "You were, but.... Some things are hard to forget" She said not able to look at me.

"How many times do I need to apologize? How many times should I beg your forgiveness" I asked.

"I forgave you! I just didn't forget! It is hard to" She said sadly.

"You don't trust me? Well if that's the case we have more issues than I thought" I said then turned and headed up to our room.

I slammed the door and kicked off my shoes. I was so angry right now! Why when I thought everything was going well did she have to bring this back up? I changed into a pair of sweats and slipped under the covers. I couldn't fall asleep. I guess the past never lets go of you, it's always there waiting to haunt you all over again.

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