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Chapter 3 (The Lost Boys)

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Roz took it upon herself to show Brynn around the school. Brynn was very taken aback about Roz's attitude. She was so open and outgoing, something Brynn knew nothing about.
"And those guys are the stoners," Roz pointed out to Brynn as the walked down the hall. The group of guys Roz had pointed to wore baggy clothes and stunk of fumes.
"Well if it isn't Rosalind Ross," a girl announced walking up to where Roz and Brynn had stopped in the hallway. The tall girl who had spoken flung her long blond hair over her shoulder and folded her arms around her chest. Her crystal blue eyes shone right at Roz sending a secret message.
"What is it Tiffany," Roz said in a dreary tone. Brynn could see the mutual dislike flaring from her emerald eyes.
"You should be honored Roz," the Tiffany girl said. "Anyone in this school should be honored to talk to me," she said waving to the group of people that had formed behind her.
Brynn saw the smug looking girls guarding Tiffany's back and she noticed two faces. It was Clair and Cher blending in with the mass.
"Why who's your friend?" Tiffany said now glaring at Brynn. Brynn looked away from Clair and Cher and now at the inquiring Tiffany.
"Brynn this is Tiffany," Roz said ushering her to the towering girl. "Tiffany this is Brynn Darling...she's new."
"New, huh?" Tiffany said smiling. "Do you have any handsome brothers Brynn," she asked still smirking.
Brynn opened her mouth to answer when she saw Clair and Cher glaring at her behind Tiffany's back telling her not to mention their names. "," Brynn said. "I'm an only child."
"Hmph, that's too bad," Tiffany said losing interest. "I guess I'll be going then," she said pushing past the two girls and continuing her walk down the hallway. Brynn saw Clair and Cher hurryingly take their places on either side of Tiffany and disappear as well.
"Tiffany Roswell," Roz said watching them depart as well. "She is shall we say the queen bee of this school."
Brynn nodded knowing just the type. Roz turned back around and started to lead Brynn to their next class. "Why does she have such a problem with you?" Brynn asked trying to keep up with Roz.
"Well, let's just say we use to be very alike," Roz said taking a sharp left down the hall. "Then I guess our interests collided." Brynn didn't really have a clue what Roz was talking about, but before she could ask any questions the bell rang. "In here," Roz announced pulling Brynn through a door that was marked with a plaque that read Chemistry 101. Roz led Brynn to a table in the back and sat down.
"Now students be quiet," an old man from the front of the room commanded. "We can't start the year like this."
"Mr. Walker," a eager girl in the front shot up. "Can I go to the bathroom?"
"No," he shot back. "The bell just rang."
The girl sunk back down with a pouting face. "Now then...," Mr. Walker started but he was interrupted when the door burst open and four boys came falling in.
"Oh brother," Roz mumbled slinking down and hiding her face.
"Mr. Smith, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Urie, Mr. Ross, what are you doing?" Mr. Walker shot angrily. "Class began a minute ago."
"We know, sir," one of the boys replied. Half his face kept getting covered by his jet-black hair. "But we got lost."
"You've gone to this school how long Mr. Ross," Mr. Walker exploded. "You did not get lost."
"Honestly sir we did," another one put in. This one was bigger with brown hair and chocolate eyes.
"I don't want excuses Mr. Wilson. Now take your seats boys." Mr. Walker shoved them over to a table by the two girls.
"Who are they," Brynn asked excitedly looking over at Roz who still was covering her face.
"Those," Roz said sighing and looking up. "Are what the school calls The Lost Boys."
"The Lost Boys?" Brynn asked looking back over at them.
"Yes," Roz repeated. "And the skinny one with black hair is my twin brother." Brynn noticed that at the moment the one Roz had acknowledged as her brother had just broken a test tube.
"He's your brother?" Brynn asked now seeing the resemblance.
"Yeah that's Ryan," Roz sighed as Mr. Walker walked over to the boy's table shouting at his clumsy mistake.
"What about the other ones?" Brynn asked seeing as they were scrambling trying to clean up the mess when all they accomplished was smashing another tube.
"The brown haired one is Brent, and the stocky one beside him is Spencer," Roz said. "And the tallest one with the dark hair...that's Brendon."
Brynn looked at the boys she had indicated. All of them seemed cute but it was Brendon that caught her eye. He had the darkest eyes and fullest lips she had ever seen.
"Mr. Ross," Mr. Walker boomed getting red in the face. "Will you please not touch anything!" Ryan was holding bits of glass in his hands from the broken equipment and was trying to shove them into the garbage can.
"But I want to help sir," he said walking over towards the door where a broom stick was placed. "I'll just sweep it up," he said picking it up and bringing it over to the table.
"Ryan don't...," Spencer warned but it was too late. Ryan had taken the broom out of place where it was holding a shelf up. Millions of papers came tumbling down as they had just lost their support.
The whole class erupted in laughter as Mr. Walker ran wildly around catching things as Ryan tried to help. Brynn looked over at the remaining boys at the table who had fallen on the floor with laughter.
Brynn stifled a laugh too as she saw Brendon purposely shift more papers onto the floor. "So why are they called The Lost Boys," Brynn asked turning back to Roz.
"Well you know that 80’s movie The Lost Boys?," Roz said. "Well in the 3rd grade Ryan was able to convince Shelly Rico that they were vampires, so it kinda started with that and never went away. She wouldn’t go near them for 2 months,” Roz laughed. “But they really are great guys though," she added.
"And not bad looking," Brynn added looking back at Brendon.
"What?" Roz asked staring at Brynn shocked.
"I mean...," Brynn stuttered embarrassed at her outburst.
Roz laughed at her reaction and turned away. "No it's okay...I mean I thought so too."
"What do you mean?"
"I use to date Brendon," she sighed looking as all four of the boys now were trying to clean up the papers.
"You dated Brendon?" Brynn asked shocked.
"Yeah...well remember how I told you Tiffany's and my interests collided?" She asked shifting in her seat. "Well that was Brendon."
"You mean Tiffany liked Brendon?"
"Liked, likes, yeah," Roz said. "That's basically why we don't get along."
Brynn watched as finally most of the papers were collected and the boys retook their seats. "So why aren't they together?" Brynn asked still staring at them.
"You know...," Roz said. "I don't know."
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