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Chapter 2 (She Didn't Choose This Role)

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"Brynn! Brynn Marie Darling, get down here this instant!" A woman in her mid-forties called. "I do not have time for you to be dawdling."
A girl of 18 with long flowing curly brown hair came tumbling down the stairs to stand in front of her step-mother. Her green eyes shone bright and a line of freckles grazed her nose. "What is it Zoe?" She said politely pulling her hands behind her back and making sure to stand up tall.
Zoe stared down at the girl with a look of disgust. "Can't you do anything about that hair," she scowled looking at the strands that covered Brynn's face.
Brynn quickly pushed the strands away revealing her piercing green eyes. "I'm sorry Zoe," she mumbled.
The woman huffed at the child and let it go. "Here," she commanded shoving a piece of paper in the girl's hand. "This is your class schedule for your new school."
The girl retrieved the paper and stared at the words written on it. "Thank you Zoe," she said.
"Yeah, okay," the woman replied brushing the girl away. "Now be off," she commanded as she started to walk away.
"Um...Zoe," Brynn asked stopping the woman from departing.
"What is it?" Zoe replied turning around to glare at the girl.
"How am I to get to school?" Brynn asked finding it hard to look at the woman.
"Why you walk of course," Zoe replied heaving a sigh.
"And Cher and Clair?" Brynn went on. "Are they walking too?"
"Of course not," Zoe laughed. "They will drive their new birthday gift they received." Brynn began to protest but was silenced when she saw the look in Zoe's eyes. "Good?" Zoe questioned knowing Brynn would say no more.
"Yes," Brynn sighed looking back down at the sheet of paper.
"Good," the woman stated turning back around to enter the kitchen.
"Wait...Zoe," Brynn said quickly.
"Yes," Zoe said turning to face her and heaving a sigh.
"Have you spoken to my father lately?" Brynn's father had become very involved with his work since their move to Las Vegas. Not a week had gone by that he hadn't been away.
"I talked to him yesterday," Zoe put plainly. "He will be gone for at least another week," she added.
"Oh," Brynn said hanging her head.
"I think you should go now," Zoe said. "It is a long walk."
Brynn looked back up at her step-mother and saw her grinning. Brynn nodded and turned back towards the door. She grabbed her bag sitting by the stairs when two girls came tumbling down the steps.
"Cher, that's mine," a slightly chubby blonde hair girl yelled out. Whenever the girl moved, her bob haircut would bounce with her.
"Don't be stupid Clair. Mom bought me this ages ago," the other retorted. This one also had short blond hair but her figure was slimmer and her eyes seemed sunken in.
"She did not," Clair shot back. "Mother, tell Cher to give back my shirt," she hollowed at the departed Zoe.
"Why don't you go cry to mommy," Cher told her sister.
"Maybe I will."
"Then why don't you?"
"Maybe I...Oh Brynn," Clair said seeing Brynn standing by the door witnessing the whole catastrophe. "Hope you have a nice walk."
"Yeah, and don't think for one second you’re going to act like you know us," Cher put in realizing picking on Brynn was more fun than fighting with her sister.
"Yeah, because we don't want to be associated with that," Clair giggled.
The two girls continued to giggle as Brynn turned and exited the door.
"Oh Brynn wait," Clair said quickly coming up behind Brynn. "Didn't you drop this?" She asked looking disgusted at the bracelet she was holding.
Brynn looked at the silver bracelet and reached for it. "Thanks Clair," she said quietly retrieving it from the girls grasp.
"I don't know why you keep that piece of junk?" Cher put in coming to stand by her sister.
"Yeah," Brynn said snapping it back on her wrist.
The walk to the school was both warm and uneventful. The only activity that arose was Cher and Clair whizzing by in their car and flipping Brynn off. Brynn shrugged it off and continued her walk.
It was already 8:28 when Brynn arrived at the school. She ran up to the door knowing the final bell would ring at 8:30. She reached for the door and pulled it open when four boys came dashing past her and through the door.
"Thanks," one called out before disappearing inside. Brynn watched them go knowing she should be hurrying also.
"Sorry about them."
Brynn jumped at the noise of a girl behind her. She whipped around to find herself staring at a girl about her age with long dark black hair. Her eyes were green like Brynn's but unlike Brynn this girl had her ears pierced at least 10 times and a small nose ring that glittered in the sun.
"'s okay," Brynn stumbled in saying.
"It's my stupid brother and his friends," she said walking up to Brynn. "You must be new," she added smiling.
"Uh...yeah," Brynn answered confused as to why this gorgeous girl was so nice to her. "I'm Brynn Darling," she added realizing she was waiting to introduce herself.
"Hey, I'm Rosalind," she said taking Brynn's hand from her side and shaking it. "but everyone just calls me Roz...Roz Ross."
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