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Mouthful of Poison

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Did Karasu always take the life of things he loved? Not in my book! This is my take on why Karasu is the way he is. His life pre-Toguro Brothers. This is SUPPOSED to be OOC, whoever rated it. This ...

Category: Yu Yu Hakusho - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Romance - Characters: Elder Toguro,Karasu,Kurama,Sakyo,Younger Toguro - Published: 2008-10-27 - Updated: 2011-09-12 - 419 words

“3…4…5…” Juri was making the count.

“I don’t need you to count! It’s who lives and who dies!”

That look of resolute defiance in his emerald eyes…

[His fiery tresses flying around his perfect face…]


Kurama’s energy exploded and a plant gored Karasu’s chest.

“A bloodsucking plant? Impossible. There’s no way you could summon this…” Karasu managed to choke out before he fell.


“Karasu!” she cried out in pain, her claws digging into his palm and drawing blood. She took a deep breath and screamed as the contractions came faster and worse.

Half an hour later their daughter was born.

“Sir,” said the miko they had asked from the village nearby to help. “I must say you have a beautiful daughter!” Already Karasu didn’t like the thought of his daughter being a beauty. He’d have to set explosive traps around the house for boys who think they are worthy of her attention. But it was true, the babe had her mother’s blood crimson hair and black fox ears and tail, but his violet eyes. She blinked and the leaf from a plant by the window emitted a small explosion. She was definitely Karasu’s little girl.

“Karasu…” the mother said weekly from the birthing bed.

“Yes, Vixen?” he dropped by her side, holding their infant. He carefully handed their daughter to Vixen and helped her hold her.

“Oh, isn’t she beautiful?” She was crying. “Suki…”

“Suki, ‘beloved.’ It’s perfect,” Karasu assured her as Vixen drifted off to sleep. The miko showed Karasu how to hold and take care of the baby, and how to do up its cloth diapers. Then she went off with her word that if they needed help with it to send word and she will return.

Karasu closed the door behind the nurse and returned his attention to the little swaddled bundle he was holding, and the most beautiful demon asleep on the bed. His small joy was fast asleep as well.

“I hope you never grow up,” he whispered to Suki possessively. “I want you to be daddy’s little girl. That’s right, I’m your daddy. I’m the Quest Class demon Karasu. I can make explosives from nothing, and you will be able to, too. Your mommy is a Dark Fox demon, and you got her beautiful fiery hair and fox appendages, and probably her personality. I promise I’ll love you a lot. I already did before you were born…”
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