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Chapter 36

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Monica and Jamia

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I was sitting in the living room playing with Anthony when the doorbell rang. I got off the floor and went to answer the door. The sight of the person that was standing at the door took me by surprise, “Jamia?” I asked as I opened my door.

“Yes, may I come in?”

Getting out of my shocked state I told her to come in and I shut the door against the bitter cold of New York, “What can I do for you?” I asked as I offered her a seat.

“Oh no I’ll stand. I just came to talk to you. That’s all.”

I sat down with Anthony playing in front of me, “Sure, go head.”

I watched as she took the hat from off of her black dyed hair and she looked at me, “I just have a few things that I want to say and then I will leave, okay?”

I looked at her dreading what she was going to tell me, “Okay, speak please.” I told her and I just waited for her to say something that I wouldn’t like.

“First I want to apologize for what I did when Anthony broke his arm. It was my fault for the reason he didn’t come when you were calling.”

I was more shocked than pissed. She was the cause of the pain and hate that I felt towards Frank, but she was being a woman and admitting to her wrong doing, so I had to let some of that go.

“I am so sorry. I just felt jealous of you and when you called I just didn’t think that it would be about Anthony. I just assumed…”

She trailed off and I could understand her in a way. I could understand how she would feel jealous and I really couldn’t fault her. Maybe I was being too understanding. I don’t know, but her next words stunned me.

“He loves you, you know. It’s in his eyes whenever he talks about you, or sees you, or just sees a picture; you can just tell.”

I looked down at my son and told her, “Frank doesn’t love anybody, let alone me. He’s incapable of love. Just look at the way he has treated me.”

“But you are giving him another chance. When we broke it off I knew it was because of you. He wants to make it work.”

I looked back up at her, “Why are you telling me these things?”

She took a deep breath, “I’ telling you because you are the only girl that has been able to reach him in a long time. I’ve known Frank for years and he had a pretty bad relationship with this girl. She missed him up in a really bad way. I dated him for a while after her, but I could see a difference. I could tell that he had grown cold.” She paused for a while, but continued, “Then you came along and turned his whole world upside down. When I heard that he was with for all that time I knew that you had did something to him. That you made him change and about all that stuff he did to you. He did that to drive you away, but you stayed around even when he broke your heart.”

I let her words sink into my head and then I let my mind replay that night that we promised to give it another try. I want to believe that he loved me and that it would be just us and the baby, a family, and not other women on the side.

I didn’t want to live that life any more. I didn’t want to go on feeling that he never loved me and that I would always have to compete with other women just for him to look my way. I hoped that me giving it another chance that we could actual make it.

I was so lost in thought when I heard Anthony yell Jamia’s name, “Mia!” and laugh. He got up as best he could with the cast and walked over to her, “Up! Up!” I watched as she smiled down at him and scooped him up in her arms. The look on her face made me realize that she loved Anthony in her own way and that she was really sorry about what she did and she owned up to it.

“I forgive you,” I said as she tickled him and looked over at me and said, “Thank you.”

After a while she put Anthony down and he walked back over to me and reached out his arms and I picked him up.

“Thank you for letting me talk to you.”

“And thank you for coming and talking about things. You’re a real woman Jamia for owning up. I admire that.”

She gave me a smile and looked at her watch, “I’m sorry, but I have to go.”

I nodded my head, “That’s okay. Thanks for coming by.”

As she was walking out the door she turned around, “You’re welcome and don’t let anyone mess up what you and Frank are about to have.” She opened the door and then she was gone and I just sat there holding my son.

Then I looked down at him and Eskimo kissed him, “We’re going to make it Anthony. Me and daddy are going to try for you.” He laughed and I put him back onto the floor to play.

I walked over to the huge window and looked out at the sky. It was clear, a sign of a new promise of love and life. I smiled to myself and that’s when I felt my cell vibrate and in my pocket and I looked at me caller id. It was Frank. I knew we were going to make it some how.
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