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Chapter 35

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Frank and Amanda

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Frank's POV

As I stood staring at Amanda my mind remember what she did. Even though a small part of me wanted to be with her I knew that I would never put myself in the same situation twice. Plus, I didn’t want to ruin what I promised with Monica.

I knew that if I did this and she found out that she would be hurt and I was tired of being selfish. Of being scared. I was living in the past and now I wanted to live in the here and now the future, but I guess I have to face my past before I can move on.

After Amanda left I said that I would never love again and I didn’t until Monica came. She was the best woman I knew that was best for me, but I treated her like shit so that I made sure that I didn’t fall in love with her and I remembered every thing the Amanda did, but she was still able to get through to me.

“I don’t think getting back with you in any way is something that I would like to do. In fact just thinking about sleeping with you makes me sick.”

The smile that was on her face slipped and she looked at me with cold eyes, “Don’t live in the past Frank. You need to get over it.”

I stood up more and looked down at her, “I did get over it. That’s why I am not getting back with you.”

She placed her hand on my chest and I brushed it off. I didn’t want to take her shit, “What do you want with me? You need money? Did the guy dump you and that is why your are here as a techie? Plans didn’t work out?”

Her eyes were turning colder by the second and I knew that I hit home. She thought that by getting back with me that she would have the life she always wanted. She would have had that life if she had stayed with me, but now that life is going to someone who deserved it more. Someone who loved me, “Sorry Amanda, but you missed your chance all those years ago.”

A corner of her mouth pulled up and then she started to laugh, “Frankie you know that you want me deep down inside you know you do.”

Shit she was right deep down a small part of me still loved and wanted her, but there was also a huge part of me that loved and wanted Monica. Amanda was not worth my happiness with Monica, “Sorry, but I don’t. I have a girl and child at home and she is 100 times better than you’ll ever be.”

The expression that came across her face was of utter shock, “You have child?”

I looked at her and I felt some satisfaction at what she was thinking, “Yeah I have a child with a woman who loves me and I love her.”

I watched her face go blank, “Well, well, well.”

I was getting tired of her game so I started up the stairs of the bus, but before I closed the doors in her face I turned and said, “Thanks for doing what you did to me. I was heart broken, but then it led me to the woman who I am with now. Have a nice life Amanda.”

With that I closed the door the door and made my way to the couch. I pulled out my phone and called Monica. I needed to hear her voice.

Sorry for not updating. I totally forgot. I am really sorry, but here is an update. Thank you for reading and commenting.
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