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Part One

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A scared teenager...

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Author's Note: This is a work in progress and any feedback you could give would be greatly appreciated, also if you could be gentle when you want to criticize due to the fact that i am an aspiring writer and i really don't want my dreams crushed. Thank you for reading. Oh and the title is what it is because i haven't chosen one yet.
Disclaimer: This is my original work, so please don't steal.

Part One

The lights flickered as she walked by, the storm outside showering rain on the building. She was scared of the building around her, she had never been here at night. Every now and then she would hear a thump from the floor above her. There were so many noises surrounding her, she began to shake with fear as she realized there was somebody in the building with her.

Her step quickened as she remembered the news story from this morning about the escaped killer. She knew that the likelihood of it being him was slim, but she did not want to take her chances. As she rounded the corner she saw the door barricaded shut. Fear grew inside her as she realized she was trapped inside an empty building with a killer.

A loud noise from beside her made her jump, she turned to see the elevator light pointing down. Whoever was in the building with her was about to come through those doors. She looked around frantically for a place to hide. Just as the doors were about to open she ducked behind a wooden crate hidden in the darkness. The doors opened and with them her worst fear realized. The killer from the news stepped out of the elevator dragging a dead girl behind him.

To Be Continued
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