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Part Two

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An escaped killer...

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Part Two

The alarms were ringing all around him, red lights were flashing as he raced toward the closing gate. He could hear the police shouting orders to each other. His quickened pace sent him through the gate just in time. There was a good chance he would get caught if he didn't hide, it was his luck that as he ran through the night he saw the town come into sight and with it a run down warehouse perfect for him to hide in.

He climbed through a broken window into the warehouse, as his feet hit the ground he stumbled over empty beer cans. He realized that this warehouse was not always empty. But an occasional party was not about to run him out of his hiding spot.

The next day he explored the building trying to find the perfect spot to remain while the police looked for him. A room on the second floor suited his needs perfectly, it had plastic hanging from all the walls and the ceiling. There were empty crates all over the room and a table in the middle.

Although he thought this room was perfect, only one thing could have made it better, a bed. He went in search of something for him to sleep on, he went from room to room till he found a bed next to a barrel that was a glow from the fire burning inside it. Sitting on the bed a girl was crying.

To be continued
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