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Part Three

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A seemingly, sad, soon to be thought dead girl ...

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The sun was setting on the horizon, just a girl and her boyfriend sat on the hill to watch it fade away. Her heart thumped faster then it did when she had first realized she loved him. She had a feeling deep inside that something was going to happen tonight. Her first thought was that he was going to give her a promise ring. After all it had been three years since she had fallen for him.

The sun was almost gone now, and he finally began to make his move, he pulled her toward him and said, "It's over between us, I am in love with someone else." She felt frozen in a moment she so desperately wanted to be out of. She let his words flow through her body as snake venom would, till the sting was to much to bear. Finally she tore herself from his arms, tears about to fall from her glassy red eyes. As he tried to pull her back into his embrace she turned and ran. She did not know how far she had ran before she realized he was her ride.

She looked around frantically as she realized it was now dark out and she could hardley see anymore. Finally she saw only a few meters away an abandon warehouse. She walked towards it, tears finally watering down her cheeks. As she stepped inside the warehouse she saw a bed laying on the ground next to a large can. She went to the can ans lit a fire, shortly after it began to ran outside, as if the earth could feel her pain too.

She sat on the bed and stayed up the whole night crying. Even as the sun rose with the coming of the new day, she sat in the same spot crying. She stopped abruptly as she heard the sound of footsteps stop behind her. Quickly she stood and turned around to see a strange man dressed in an orange jumpsuit staring st her. She backed away slowly, knowing there was only one place wore people wore those uniforms. Before she could get one step away he lunged at her with a metal pipe. She fell hard on the ground as all went black filling her mind with darkness.

To be continued...
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