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New School, New Faces, New Love

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A new kids turns up in Franks class. He's quiet and shy, Frank wants to know all about him. He'll find out more than he needs to in time.

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Frank Iero sat mindlessly at his desk, ignoring the ramblings of his chemistry teacher. He stared down at the handout in front of him. How he hated this class and constantly begged for the lesson to end. As he folded his arms on the desk, preparing to sleep for the rest of the lesson, the door to his classroom opened and there stood a tall boy with pale skin and shoulder length, black hair that fell into his eyes.

Gerard Way stared at the class, who stared back at him. All the chatter he heard outside the door had ceased. He looked around the classroom. Everyone was dressed in full school uniform, whereas he was dressed in his casual black skinnies, band shirt, his black leather jacket and Converse. Gerard felt exposed to everyone as he walked towards the teachers’ desk and handed him his timetable.

“Okay Mr Way, there’s a spare spot at the back.” He said to Gerard, handing him back his timetable and pointing to the vacant seat next to Frank. Gerard walked to the back of the classroom, keeping his eyes on the floor. Frank moved his bag off of the desk and onto the floor next to him. As he did, Gerard pulled out the chair and sat down, dumping his bag beside him.

“Now, continuing on…” the teacher started. Immediately, Frank turned to the boy sitting next to him.

“Hey. I’m Frank.” He said. Gerard simply nodded, not looking up, but keeping his eyes fixed on a spot on the desk.

“Ummm…What’s yours?” Frank asked. Gerard slide his timetable to Frank and pointed to his name at the top of the piece of paper.

“Gerard Arthur Way. Nice to meet you. Ummm…” Frank trailed off, wondering whether or not to ask his next question. “Gerard, are you a mute or something?”

Gerard looked up at Frank, his hair dangling in his eyes. He parted his lips and let out a soft


Frank looked at Gerard. It may have been soft, but it was something. Gerard turned his head back to the spot where he was staring at. Frank tried to keep the conversation going. He looked at the same spot as Gerard, thinking of what to say to him. He had never spoken to someone who was practically a mute.

“Hmmm…Wanna see something cool?” he asked. Gerard simply nodded again.

“I’m only 16 and I got my first tattoo for my 15th last year. Cool huh?” he said, rolling up his sleave, revealing his wrist to Gerard. There was red writing circling his wrist which read ‘I wish I were a ghost’

“I was kinda depressed for a while. It was hard. I only just got over it.” Frank explained, his voice turning into a whisper. He started to pull his hand back but Gerard quickly grabbed his wrist, holding it in place still admiring the red letters circling his wrist.

“How old are you Gerard?” Frank asked. He looked at Gerard, noticing his mouth his mouth had moved, but no sound came out.

“Please tell me Gerard.” Frank whispered to him. Gerard continued to stare at Frank’s wrist. After examining it some more, he finally let go of his hand. Gerard looked up at Frank, tears swelling in his eyes.

“Why?” Gerard whispered to Frank. Frank stared at Gerard, confused by what he had said.

“Why what Gerard?” he asked

“Why are you talking to me?” Gerard asked as a single tear ran down his face. Frank looked at Gerard with a look of confusion still apon his face.

“I…I don’t get it. What do you mean?” Frank asked. Gerard wiped the tear from his face.

“Never mind.” He said as the bell rang for next class. As Gerard started to stand up, Frank grabbed his wrist and asked him

“What class do you have?”

“Why?” Gerard asked again, looking down at Frank.

“Incase I need to save you a spot next to me.” Frank said with a grin.

“Italian.” Gerard replied. He was hoping that Frank was going to be in his class. But that hope was lost when Frank let go of his wrist. Gerard automatically knew that Frank wasn’t in the same class. He slung his bag over one shoulder and walked out of the classroom.

Gerard entered his Italian classroom and looked around for a vacant seat, hopefully at the back again. He was standing there for a good couple of minutes when he was tapped on the shoulder, causing him to jump violently.

“Hey Gerard!” Gerard turned around to find a grinning Frank looking up at him. “Tricked ya didn’t I?”

“Frank…” Gerard huffed, still slightly shaken.

“Come on! We’re at the back.” Frank said, leading him to two vacant seats at the back of class. They sat down as the teacher walked in.

“Buongiorno a tutti. Aprite I libri e continua di ieri.” Frank’s hand shot up as soon as the teacher had finished telling the class what to do.

“Sì Signor Iero?” the teacher asked.

“Abbiamo un nuovo studente oggi!” Frank said quite fluently. Gerard guessed that Frank must be Italian. Frank nudged Gerard and whispered that he should stand up. Gerard stood up and the teacher started to ask him questions.

“Come ti chiame?” he asked. Gerard looked down at Frank, then back at the teacher and answered

“”Mi chiamo Gerard.” He said softly, but loud enough for the teacher to hear him. Frank looked at Gerard in shock. He speaks Italian? He thought to himself.

“Quanti anni hai?” the teacher asked

“Ho diciassette anni.”

The surprises kept on coming for Frank. To his understanding, Gerard was 17, has a younger brother, lives in Newark and is half-Italian just like him. When Gerard sat down, Frank stared at him, open-mouthed.

“What?” Gerard asked innocently.

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