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Stay Over?

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Wanna come ova 4 the nite?

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The bell for break had rung and Frank and Gerard walked down to the cafeteria.

“How long have you been able to speak Italian for?” Frank asked Gerard, eager to find out more about him.

“Nonna Elena always speaks Italian around me.” Gerard whispered, making it difficult for Frank to understand what he had said. Gerard looked at Frank directly in the eyes and done something very unexpected. He smiled and said, “You kinda pick up on it after almost 18 years of her ramblings in Italian.”

“Sit with me.” Frank said without giving it a second thought.

“Scuse me?” Gerard asked, stopping dead in his tracks, thinking that he must have heard Frank wrong.

“Sit with me.” Frank repeated, grabbing Gerard’s forearm and dragged him outside, forgetting to go to the cafeteria. Frank continued to drag him to a tree and sat down on the grass, pulling Gerard down beside him. Frank looked over at the silent Gerard.

“Oh shit! We forgot to get food didn’t we?” Frank asked cheerfully. To his luck, he got a response from Gerard.

“Actually, I remembered. You’re the one who forgot and dragged me to this spot.” He said, eyes glued to the ground. Gerard didn’t say another word for the rest of the day. Even during the class with Frank, and especially during the ones without Frank.


“Mom! I'm home!” Frank called out into his house as he took his keys out if the door. He put them in the bowl next to the door and dumped his bag in the hallway.

“Mom?” Frank called, as he wondered into the kitchen. As he walked towards the fridge, he saw a piece of paper from the corner of his eye on the counter. He picked it up and read

‘Dear Frankie.
I was invited out at the last minute with a couple of my girlfriends. And I won’t be home until late.
You can order pizza for dinner if you like. I left you $20 in the cookie jar. If you don’t feel like pizza, there is leftover pasta from last night still in the fridge. You can keep the 20.
Have a good night darling and I’ll see you in the morning.


“Love you too Mom” Frank said as he placed the note back on the counter and walked over to the cookie jar. He lifted the lid and looked in.

“I defiantly love you mom!” he exclaimed as he pulled out an Oreo. Mom must have heard me complain about them being all gone this morning.

After pulling out the $20 and pocketing it for later, Frank walked into the lounge-room and switched on the TV and flicked through the channels. After around 10 minutes of channel jumping, he switched it off again and went upstairs into his room.

He closed his door behind him and switched on his stereo, The Misfits blaring from the speakers. He took the stereo remote with him and bellyflopped onto his bed and switching his laptop on in front of him. While waiting for it to load, he got up and ran downstairs and grabbed his bag and the cordless phone and took them back up to his room.

He closed his door again and sat down on his bed. His laptop had finished loading and he clicked onto the Internet and MSN Messenger and logged in. The Internet had loaded to his homepage of Myspace and had him already logged in. He clicked into search and typed into the search ‘Gerard Way’. While he waited for that to load, he clicked onto his MSN and checked if anyone was online worth talking to. He was about to click back to Myspace when a little text box popped up on his screen.

‘ would like to add you.’

He simply accepted whoever it was and started up a conversation with them.

Frankie the Pansy: Hey. Whoz dis??

Deadly Chemical: A friend.

Frankie the Pansy: Which friend?? New skool?? Old skool?? Hmm??

Deadly Chemical: New.

Frank looked at the screen with an expression of confusion apon his face. If it were someone from his school, he would have recognised the e-mail. But he didn’t. he looked at this persons display picture for any help. It was minimal. All it was, was a drawing of what looks like a superhero or something. He continued to talk to them anyway.

Frankie the Pansy: Is this Jacob?

Deadly Chemical: No

Frankie the Pansy: Mark?

Deadly Chemical: No

Frankie the Pansy: Fuck who iz it then??

Deadly Chemical: New kid. Do u remember my name?

Frank nearly jumped out of skin. How the fuck did he get me e-mail?

Frankie the Pansy: OMG! Gerard? Iz it really u?

Deadly Chemical: Wow. U remembered my name. I’m dying of shock.

Frankie the Pansy: No! Don’t die!! Lol. How did u get my addy?

Deadly Chemical: Maybe another time yeah. Wat u doin?

Frankie the Pansy: Nothin. I’m alone 2nite. Mom’s gone out 4 da 1st time in 4eva.

Deadly Chemical: Lucky. My parents r home n my lil bro is annoying me about sumthing not really that important. He’s a pain in the ass sometimes.

Frankie the Pansy: Atleast u have a brother. I dnt have 1. Or a sister. Hey, I have an idea!!

Deadly Chemical: Wat?

Frankie the Pansy: Wanna come ova 4 the nite?

Deadly Chemical: y?

Frankie the Pansy: Cause I'm bored. U can stay ova if u want. Just remember 2 bring ur skool clothes.

Deadly Chemical: I’ll check with mom. Brb.

Frank minimised the conversation and got back to Myspace. He clicked on to what looked like Gerard’s profile. To his luck, it was. He scrolled down his page and looked at his interests. Gerard was basically into the same things as him like The Misfits, Iron Maiden, Family Guy, The Simpsons and they both hated MTV for all their crappy shows. But there were some differences, for example Gerard likes David Bowie whereas Frank can’t exactly sit down and listen to his albums. He was busy looking at Gerard’s pictures when the conversation box popped up.

Deadly Chemical: Hey. Mom said okay but I have no way of getting 2 ur house. I dnt even know where u live…

Frankie the Pansy: It’s okay. Gimme ur address n I’ll pick u up.
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