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Really His Only Friend?

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“I’ll see ya laters. Bye Gee, bye Frank.” Mikey said leaving Gerard and his new friend alone. Thank God he has a friend he thought to himself as he walked up into his bedroom.

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Gerard gave Frank his address and switched off his laptop. He walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out a bag that was big enough to put his school clothes, boxers and shirt and all his books in. when he had his bag packed, he went in for a shower.

He grabbed a clean band shirt, which was The Misfits, some clean skinnies and briefs and put them on his bed, ready and waiting for him when he got out. He was standing in the shower, allowing the hot water to run all over his body, causing him to lose track of time. He suddenly snapped back into reality when there was a loud knock on his bathroom door.

“Hey Gee! There’s someone here for you!”

Gerard sighed while switching off the water and got out. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he walked over to the door and opened it to find his younger brother Mikey standing there waiting for him.

“How in the hell did you get my locked door opened Mikey?” he asked walking past him, obviously not noticing the figure standing behind Mikey until he was standing in the middle of his room.

Frank couldn’t do anything but stare. He looked at Gerard’s pale white, slim body up and down. Damn. He thought to himself, then quickly looking over at Mikey, making sure he didn’t say it outloud and embarrass himself.

Oh shit oh shit oh shit was all that Gerard could think as he saw Frank looking at him up and down. He felt exposed, and wasn’t liking it one bit at all.

“Umm, hey Frank.” Gerard said, becoming suddenly shy again.

“H-Hey Gerard…” Frank stuttered.

“I’ll see ya laters. Bye Gee, bye Frank.” Mikey said leaving Gerard and his new friend alone. Thank God he finally has a friend he thought to himself as he walked up into his bedroom.

“Umm, take a seat Frank. I'm just gonna get changed.” Gerard said quietly as he picked up his clothes and went back into the bathroom to get dressed.

Frank stood in the middle of Gerard’s room and looked around. It’s soo dark in here Frank thought as his eyes slowly adjusted after the only real source of light from the bathroom disappeared. When his eyes had fully adjusted, he was able to see that Gerard’s walls had posters of The Misfits, Iron Maiden and Ziggy Stardust hanging off them along with a couple of movie posters like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Sweeney Todd.

Frank walked over to one of Gerard’s desks and picked up a paperweight, trying to see what was in the middle of it. Suddenly, the light from the bathroom reappeared and he found that the paperweight had a real bat in the middle of it.

“Oh crap!” Frank exclaimed, quickly putting it back down, his heart racing.

“My Nonno gave that to me.” Gerard said, walking over and standing behind Frank.

“It’s cool. So, you ready to go?” Frank asked.

“Yeah I guess so. Let’s go.” Gerard replied, grabbing his bag and leading Frank out his door and down the hallway. On the way, Gerard bagged on a door and called out

“See ya tomorrow Mikes! C’ya Alicia!”

“See you Gerard!” a female voice called out from behind the door. The door suddenly opened and Mikey poked his head out.

“I swear to God Gerard if you don’t be quiet I am going to kill you a million time over and over again!” Mikey threatened.

“Why is that Mikey? Doesn’t mom and dad know she’s here?” Gerard teased.

“Fuck you Gee.” Mikey simply said, closing the door on Gerard.

Gerard continued to walk down the hallway and into the lounge room. He walked over to his mom and dad and said goodbye. Frank just smiled and said

“Goodbye Mr and Mrs Way.” As he was about to follow Gerard out the front door and up the stairs,

“Hey Frank, could you come here for a second?” Gerard’s dad called back. Frank looked at Gerard, who nodded and walked out the door, closing it behind him. Frank walked back into the lounge room.

“Yes Mr Way?” he asked

“Please, call me Don. I just want to say thank you.”

“T-Thank you?” Frank repeated.

“Yes, you’re the first friend Gerard really has.” Gerard’s mom spoke up.

“It’s no problem Mrs Way…”

“Oh darling, call me Donna. If you’re a friend of Gerard’s then you are certainly allowed to call us by our first names.”

“Thank you Don and Donna. I’ll see you later then.” Frank said shyly.

“Goodbye.” Don and Donna said in unison.

Are they serious? Frank wondered to himself. Am I really Gerard’s only friend? He was still thinking about what Don and Donna had said when


“Oww!” Frank yelled as he banged his head on Gerard’s front door. The door swung open and a worried Gerard was standing in the doorway.

“What happened? Are you alright Frank?” he asked

“Yeah! I’m fine! I just…well…”

How can I put this?

“Your door ran into me!” Frank said with a smile on his face.

“You’re a dork Frank. Come on, let’s go yeah?”

“Yeah.” Frank said with a small laugh. Not now. I won’t ask him till later on he figured out as he got into his car and started the engine.

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