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“I…ummm…well, I kinda, l-lost it at my last s-school. I n-never finished the 10th grade..." “What do you mean by you lost it?"

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Frank started the engine and reversed out of the driveway. As he was about to drive down the street, he pressed the power button on his stereo, which had an assortment of cds in it. He clicked another button, putting the player on random play. He started to drive down the road when the player had finally chosen a song it wanted to play.

Zutto kurikaeshiteta zutto kanashimasete bakari datta
Kitto anata sae mo kizutsukete boku wa ugokenu mama
Anata ni fureru koto ga naze ni kurushii no desu ka?

Kitto onaji koto wo kurikaeshita anata wo ushinatte shimau no ga kowakatta kara

Yorisou koto de nuguou to shita wasure kinenakatta hi wo
Anata wa nani mo kikazu ni kono te wo nigitte kureta ne…

Gerard looked down at the player, then at Frank, as confused as ever. What made him even more confused is Frank singing along to what sounded like the chorus.

“Ashita anata ni boku ga mienakute mo, kitto kawarazu aishite iru. I will walk together, the future not promised. It keeps walking together, to future in which you are…”

Frank looked back at Gerard and blushed. He had been caught out singing. Usually, he sang in his car. But usually, there is no one else in the car with him. Before Gerard could ask, he decided to tell him what he was going on about.

“It’s this song by this Japanese rock band. I have this cousin who did this exchange program thing and she went to Japan and brought back this cd for me. I eventually learnt the words to it. Well, the chorus anyway.” Frank explained, letting out a small giggle at the end

“What does it mean?” Gerard asked

“Umm, from the beginning?”


Frank paused the song so Gerard could understand him properly.

“Repeatedly as always, I only caused you grief as always
I must have even hurt you too. I remain unable to move
Why does your pain touch me so?

Surely it’s because I was afraid of repeating history and losing you.

We wiped away unforgettable days by nestling close together
You held my hand without any questions

Even if your feelings grow distant tomorrow
Surely my love will remain unchanged

Even I pass from you heart tomorrow
Surely my love will remained unchanged
I will walk together, the future not promised
It keeps walking together, to future in which you are”

Gerard looked at Frank; his eyes widened at the fact that Frank could not only sing in Japanese, but he can translate it aswell.

“That’s amazing Frank. I never would have guessed that you could speak Japanese.” Gerard confessed and looking out the window. The sun was setting to a song with a beautiful tune and meaning.

“Not many people know. Only my mom and cousin who stayed in Japan knows. And now you know too!” Frank replied, smiling from ear to ear at Gerard. When he saw him staring out the window, he pressed the skip button to another song. The rest of the drive back to Frank’s house was silent.


“Welcome to my place!” Frank exclaimed as he pushed open the door. He lead Gerard through and showed him where everything was.

“And now, to show you my room!” he grabbed Gerard by the hand and pulled him up the stairs behind him. He swung open his bedroom door and walked in, putting his hands on his hips. He turned around and looked at Gerard.

“What’s the matter Gee?” he asked. Gerard felt himself blush. No one called him ‘Gee’. Only Mikey called him that.

“N-Nothing. I was just thinking about that song in the car, that’s all.”

“Well, do you wanna listen to it again?” Frank asked, hoping that it may cheer Gerard up, even if it’s only a little bit, it would make frank happy.

“Yeah. I really like. And Frank?” Frank turned around from opening his cd player.

“C-Can you s-sing along to it again?” Gerard asked innocently. Frank smiled and said

“Sure! But I must warn you, I may break the windows.” Which caused Gerard to let out a small laugh, making Frank even happier. When it got to the chorus, Frank started to sing again.

“Ashita anata ni boku ga mienakute mo, kitto kawarazu aishite iru. I will walk together, the future not promised. It keeps walking together, to future in which you are…”

4 minutes later, then song ended and Gerard clapped at Frank’s performance. Frank took a bow and started to laugh his head off.

“Man I’m starving. Wanna order some pizza?” Frank asked Gerard.

“Ok.” Gerard said, following Frank out and down the stairs into the lounge room. Frank told Gerard to sit down and switch on the TV to watch something. He did what Frank had told him and switched on the TV. He flicked through a couple of channels and settled on Cartoonnetwork.

“I ordered a cheese pizza if that’s alright with you.” Frank said re-entering the room and sitting down beside Gerard.

“Yeah that’s fine. I would have guessed meatlovers or something…”

“Bleh. Yeah, I don’t eat meat. I prefer the vegetarian lifestyle.” Frank said cutting Gerard off.

“I would never had guessed that. You don’t look the vegetarian type.”

“Well, there’s another thing you know about me. Now it’s your turn!” Gerard’s head shot away from the TV and stared at Frank.

“W-What do you want to kn-know?” Gerard stuttered.

“How come you're 17, but in grade 10? I mean, aren’t you meant to be in grade 11 or something?”

“I…ummm…well, I kinda, l-lost it at my last s-school. I n-never finished the 10th grade. My p-parents pulled me out before anything…else…could happen.” Gerard stuttered through. It was hard for him to explain it because he didn’t have anyone to talk to at his old school.

“What do you mean by you lost it? And, what did you do to make your parents pull you out?” Frank asked curiously.

“Well, no one really talked to me. And they always tried to stay clear of me. Like I was some kinda disease. I was ignored and hated. Eventually, I began to…how can I put this? I…replaced…the mental pain I was in with…physical pain.” Gerard explained, rolling up his sleave to reveal several scars caused from deep cuts. Frank gasped at how many scars there were on this one wrist alone. Gerard rolled his sleave back down then rolled up the other one, which had more severe scars than the other did.

“How can you still be alive from all that Gerard?” Frank whispered to himself, making sure Gerard didn’t hear him.

“I was pretty beat up. There was this one girl I really liked. She was pretty, funny, smart and talented. One lunch, she came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go out with her some time. Me, being the stupid, desperate person that I was, I obviously said yes. On the Friday afternoon, we arranged to meet at the mall. But when I got there, well…” Gerard paused, taking in a deep breath before continuing.

“Yeah?” Frank asked, egging him on.

“She was there alright. She was there with her boyfriend. And not only was she with him, she was making out with him and getting her friend to take pictures of them.” Gerard finished.

“Fuck what a slut bag she is.” Frank said with a smile on his face, happy with the comment he made about some random chick he doesn’t even know.

“You’re telling me. Anyway, the next day at school, she came up to me and said ‘oh yeah, I forgot to tell you Jared, I have a boyfriend and I can’t believe that you would be so desperate to go out with someone like me. You’re just a pathetic little nothing who will end up in a psych ward. You. Are. Nothing.’ and with that, I snapped.” Gerard took another deep breath in.

“It was class time. I had a free. I was in the art room. I picked up one of the knifes that the teacher had accidentally left out and went to her class. To my ‘luck’ her boyfriend was in the same class. I walked up to them, ignoring the teacher’s comments and stabbed his wrist. I pulled the knife out and cut her clothes to pieces and left a giant cut along the side of her face. She still has the massive scare to remember me by. My parents then pulled me out and made me go to the doctor, who put me on a cocktail of meds. They kept me sane till I finished my counselling.” Gerard ended his story and looked at Frank, who was as white as a ghost and tears running down his face.

Gerard looked down at the floor. He had said too much.

“You probably want me out of here now. I’ll go get my bags. I’ll walk home…” Gerard started as he got up.

“No! Please don’t. I want you to stay.” Frank said grabbing Gerard’s arm and pulled him back down on the couch and into a tight hug. “They had no right to do that to you. If that were me, I would have done the same as you. But it’s all better now and I swear on my grandfathers grave that I will never hurt you.”

“It’s okay frank. I'm only on anti-depressants now. No more going around practically killing people anymore.” Gerard whispered to Frank as he patted the back of his head. Their moment was ruined by the doorbell ringing.

“Rawr! Dumb pizza bloke couldn’t be another 5 minutes could he?” Frank complained, getting up and pulling his wallet out as he left the room. Gerard chuckled to himself and followed Frank.

They had paid for their pizza and were now in the kitchen eating it and sipping their cokes.

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Remember to Rate and Review and enjoy Cassis! You’ll see why I love it so much at the moment (I have actually learnt some of the words!)

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