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Charlie the Unicorn?

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“Owe God, what happened? Ohh they took my friggen kidney!” that last quote-tipped Gerard, making him burst into a fit of laughter.

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“So…What else do you want to know about me?” Gerard asked while swallowing his pizza.

“Meh. Just small stuff now, like…what’s your favorite…I don’t know, color?” Frank asked consuming his pizza.

“Black and bright green. You?” Gerard answered, picking up his drink.

“Black and purple. But I must admit, pink is a pretty awesome color.” Frank said smiling.

“Okay, what’s your favorite…TV show?” Gerard asked.

“Hmmm…Supernatural. Man I’d love to hunt ghosts and shit. Totally awesome! And yours?”

“Teen Titans. Go the superheros…” Gerard replied, finishing his second slice and now finishing his coke.

“Ok, favorite…Movie.” Frank said picking up Gerard and his plate and put them in the sink.

“Either The Nightmare Before Christmas or Labyrinth with David Bowie. That is an awesome movie. Can never get sick of that movie.”

“Man, no offence or anything but I can’t really sit down and listen to a whole Bowie album. But yeah, mines Nightmare Before Christmas aswell.” Frank looked at the clock on the kitchen wall, then down at his phone. It was only just past 7.30 and he had no idea what to do.

“Hey, wanna see something that will annoy the crap outta you, yet you’ll love it at the same time?” Frank asked Gerard in one breath.

“Umm, yeah I guess so.” Gerard said. He was the suddenly pulled up by Frank and dragged up to his room. Frank got out his laptop and opened it.

“Ahh shit. Forgot to turn it off again!” He mumbled, although it was still on, Frank grabbed the charger and plugged it into his laptop and switched on the power point. He typed in YouTube and typed in Gerard couldn’t see. After a couple more clicks

“Sit down and watch this…” Frank said, clicking play. Gerard’s eyes stared at the screen, which now displayed green grass, a grey unicorn, a blue unicorn and a red one.

‘Hey! Charlie! Hey Charlie wake up!’
‘Yeah Charlie. You silly sleepy head wake up!’
‘Oh God you guys. This better be pretty friggen important. Is the meadow on fire?’
‘No Charlie, we found a map to Candy Mountain. Candy Mountain Charlie.’
‘Yeah Charlie! We’re going to Candy Mountain! Come with us Charlie!’
‘Yeah Charlie! It’ll be an adventure! We’re going on an adventure Charlie!’

“What the fuck have you got me watching Frank?” Gerard asked, staring up at Frank, who was trying to suppress his laughter with great difficulty.

“It’s Charlie the Unicorn! The friggen blue and red ones are on crack!” Frank said, bursting into a fit of laughter. Gerard continued to watch. Soon enough, a small smile crept along his lips. Frank had noticed, so he decided to mimic the unicorns.

“Candy Mountain. Candy Mountain. You fill me with sweet sugary goodness!” Gerard began to snicker, trying his best to hold in the laughter that was soo desperate to come out. Frank continued, trying his best so he can hear Gerard laugh.

“Yaaa! Goodbye Charlie! Yeah goodbye Charlie! Goodbye? What?” Gerard’s face had begun to turn red from him trying not to laugh. Frank had almost reached his goal.

“Owe God, what happened? Ohh they took my friggen kidney!” that last quote-tipped Gerard, making him burst into a fit of laughter. He was originally sitting on the bed, but he was laughing so hard that he landed on the floor with a thump, sending Frank also into a fit of laughter.

“I…can’t…breath!” Frank cried, still laughing. Gerard had tried to sit up and take a couple of deep breaths to calm himself down. Boy did that fail miserably. He looked over at Frank, who was still rolling on the floor, causing him to start laughing again. When the two boys had finally caught their breath 5 minutes later, they found themselves lying on their stomachs on Frank’s bed, watching a movie on his laptop.

The movie hadn’t even reached its halfway point, when Frank’s head slid off the palms of his hands and landed on Gerard’s shoulder. Causing Gerard to jump slightly. They had been watching ‘IT’ which creeped Gerard out to the max.

“Hey Frank, don’t fall asleep on me. I’ll get too freaked out if I watch it by myself.” Gerard said, giving Frank’s shoulder a small nudge.

“Mmmm…” Frank moaned, stretching out his arm and closing the laptop lid. The room suddenly became dark. Seeing how Gerard’s eyes were used to dark rooms, his eyes adjusted quickly and was able to see Frank’s head pop up and look at him.

“What’s the time?” he asked.

“Only, like, quarter past 12. It’s not that late.” Gerard teased.

“It’s fucking late for me. I'm not like you. I'm no vampire.” Frank muttered into a pillow he pulled under his head.

“How did you know Frank?” Gerard asked sarcastically.

“Your eyes. They’re that pretty vampire yellowish color.” Frank commented. Oh shit. Did I just say that his eyes are pretty? Frank thought. Little did he know, Gerard was asking himself a similar question.

Did he just say my eyes were pretty?

“Thanks Frank. No one has ever told me that before. I just thought they were freaky.”

“Your welcome. It’s only the truth. And as your friend, it is my duty to tell you the truth.” Frank said smiling.

“To be honest Frank, you’re my only friend.” Gerard whispered into Frank’s ear.

“I know.”

“Y-You do?” Gerard asked, more confused than ever.

“Yeah. Can we talk about it another time?” Frank pleaded.

“Sure. Night Frank.”

“Night Gee.” Frank said, slowly drifting off. He then heard a soft hum from Gerard.


“Yes Frank?”

“What song are you humming?” It wasn’t familiar, but he really liked it.

“Oh, it’s just something I came up with just now. Why?”

“I really like it. Do you have any lyrics in your head?”

“Sort of.”

“Sing them to me?” he heard Gerard take a deep breath in.

“We hold in our hearts the sword and the faith. Swelt up from the rain clouds, move like a wraith. Well after all, we’ll lie another day. And through it all, we’ll find some other way, to carry on through cartilage and fluid…” Gerard paused. That’s all he had come up with in less than a minute, which was a new record for him.

“And did you come, to stare or wash away the blood?” Frank finished the phrase for him.

“Nice Frank. I like it. Maybe we should write songs together.”

“Hmmm…sing to me again. You have a really good voice.”

“Late dawns and early sunsets. Just like my favorite scene. We’re holding hands and life was perfect. Just like up on the screen. And the whole time while always giving, counting your face among the living…” Gerard trailed off, hoping that Frank would finish it. But the only response Gerard got was the sound of Frank breathing in and out slowly.

“Goodnight Frankie. Thank you for saving me. If I didn’t meet you today, I’d be hanging off my ceiling from my tie or something. Thank…you…” Gerard said softly, finally falling asleep before 2am next to the boy who didn’t even know he had just saved someone’s life.

A/N: Hello everyones! I hope you're happy with this chapter! I stayed up till 1am writing this because I know that some people would probably complain, not mentioning any names. YES I MEAN YOU MY LITTLE YEAR 8 FRIEND WHO I SHALL NOT NAME! But meh, I still loves you!
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