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Morning Suprises

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“B-Because I was s-scared. I s-still am. I don’t w-wanna d-die…” Frank sobbed into Gerard’s shirt. “Hey Frankie, you’re not going to die. I promise..."

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“Grrrr…” Frank moaned as the alarm on his clock went off. He rubbed his eyes and looked over at the red numbers on his clock.

Fucking 6am. Fucking school. Fucking getting up. Fucking… he thought to himself as he slowly started to get up before realising that he was wrapped in Gerard's arms. He carefully lifted Gerard's arm and slide silently out of bed. As soon as he stood up and switched off the alarm, he heard a soft sound from behind him.

“Mmm…Mornin’ Frank.” Gerard mumbled as he rubbed his eyes.

“Mornin’ Gee. You ready for breakfast?” Frank asked as his stomach began to rumble.

“As long as there’s coffee involved, then yes.” Gerard said as his head hit the pillow again.

“Hells to the yeah there is. Can’t live without it.” Frank stated as Gerard pulled himself out of bed. As soon as he was steady on his feet, he followed Frank out his door and down into the kitchen.

“Why good morning Frank sweetie. Oh, you have a friend over!” Franks mom said in slight surprise.

“What? Oh yeah…” Frank said, forgetting that his mom was out last night and she didn’t know Gerard.

“Mom, this is my friend Gerard. Gee, this is my mom Linda.” Frank introduced.

“Hello Gerard dear.” Linda said politely.

“H-Hello Mrs Iero…” Gerard said, becoming extremely shy once again.

“Dear, call me Linda.”

“Ok…” Gerard whispered and followed Frank’s lead by sitting down at the table.

“Mom, is the coffee on?” Frank asked.

“Mhm. Just made a fresh brew.” She said, pouring Frank a cup. “Would you like one Gerard?”

“Umm…yes please.” Gerard said, taking a cup out of Linda’s hand and blowing on it before taking a sip.

“Well, I have to get ready for work boys. Make sure you get to school on time…Frank.”

“What?! I get to school on time…most days.” Frank retaliated with a smile. Gerard let a faint smile ghost across his lips when Linda left the kitchen.

“Come on. We better get ready or mom will have a fit. Just bring your cup up with you.” Frank said, getting up and carrying his coffee with Gerard behind him.

“Ok, you can get changed in here. I'm gonna go into the bathroom and get changed. I need to brush my teeth, like, now. I have this funny taste at the back of my throat.” The last sentence made Gerard snicker. Frank was wondering what was soo funny until it hit him.

“Oh fuck Gerard, your dirty minded.” He said, sending Gerard a sinister, yet playful look.

“Hey, I didn’t say anything. You're the one who thought it so therefore, you, Frank Iero, are the dirty minded one.” Gerard replied.

“Yeah…well…fuck you.” Frank said giving up. He grabbed his uniform and headed to the bathroom to get changed and brush his teeth. When he got back, he found Gerard staring in his mirror, applying black rings around his eyes, causing his eye color to stand out even more.

“Look at you, you little pansy you.” Frank joked.

“You're one to be talking, Frankie the Pansy” Gerard retaliated.

“Yet again, fuck you. I can never come back with anything good.”

“And that’s my fault?” Gerard said, closing in on his small friend.

Don’t get too close to him. You’ll freak him out he thought to himself.

“Yeah it is.” Frank said, taking a step closer.


“Because it is so there!” when Gerard looked properly, he noticed how close him and Frank really were, their chests were touching and their noses almost touching.

“FRANK! I'M OFF! HAVE A GOOD DAY! BYE GERARD!” Linda called out to the boys, who ignored her completely because they had both realised how close they were to one another.

Can you feel her running through your veins? She will always live forever!
Can you feel her running through your veins? She will always live forever!

The ringing of Frank’s phone snapped them both out of it. when frank answered, there was a voice on the other side, which he hasn’t heard for ages.

“Hello?” Frank answered, putting it on loud speaker and putting it ontop of his stereo.

“Hey Frank! Long time no see!”

“Ray! How you feeling man? You any better?”

“Shit load. So look’s like I'm coming in today.”

“Excellent! There’s someone I want you to meet!”

“Really? You found yourself a girl?”

“No!” Frank exclaimed. Gerard was lying on Frank’s bed, laughing silently.


“It’s a new kid. You’ll like him.”

“Ok. I’ll see you at recess then.”

“Alright. Bye Ray!” Frank said hanging up his phone. Gerard got up off the bed and walked over to Frank.

“What? So I'm your girlfriend now baby?” Gerard joked. Which resulted him getting a soft punch from Frank.

“Shuddup. Let’s go and watch cartoons before we go.”

Frank and Gerard started to head downstairs, when Frank heard something break in the kitchen.

“Did you hear that?” Frank whispered to Gerard. Gerard nodded and quietly took another step. They quietly headed to the kitchen. Frank peered around the corner and quickly stood back.

Someone is fucking robbing us!

“Call 911.” He mouthed to Gerard. Frank snuck back upstairs and Gerard followed closely behind him. They got to the top of the stairs and Gerard started to whisper.

“Yes, we need the police. Yeah…Hello, there’s someone robbing my friends house…no we’re inside. He doesn’t know we’re here…don’t you need an address? Oh ok. Ok. Thank you.” He hung up and stared at Frank.

“They said to go into your room and stay there until they get here.” Gerard whispered. He stood up and pulled Frank up with him. They went into Frank’s room and sat on the bed quietly. Gerard was staring at the door, praying that he wouldn’t come in. for some reason, he looked down at Frank.

“Shhh…it’s okay Frankie. I'm here. Nothing is going to happen to you.” Gerard whispered at him as tears began to fall down Frank’s face. Gerard pulled him into a tight embrace.

“B-But he has a k-knife and a g-g-gun…” Frank whispered.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me?” Gerard asked him, keeping his voice to a minimum.

“B-Because I was s-scared. I s-still am. I don’t w-wanna d-die…” Frank sobbed into Gerard’s shirt.

“Hey Frankie, you’re not going to die. I promise. If he comes up here and tries to hurt you, I’ll stop him. I’ll never let anything happen to you. Just remember that, ok?” Gerard said, comforting. It was the truth. Frank was the only friend he had and he would never let anyone take him away.

“O-Ok. I believe you.”

“I'm glade you do.” Gerard said, giving Frank a small peck on the top of his head.





“He’s coming…G-Gerard, he’s coming…”

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