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Get Us The Hell Out Of Here

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"...well, see you him hell boy’o.” as he wrapped his finger around the trigger, Frank screamed and pulled the killer’s arm away from Gerard as he pulled the trigger

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More and more tears streamed down Frank’s face, while only a few fell from Gerard’s eyes. Frank began to shake as Gerard held him close and tight.


“Shhh Frank, you’ll be o-okay. It’s okay F-Frank…” Gerard whispered into Frank’s hair, trying to keep him from losing his cool and freaking out. But little did Frank know that Gerard was close to freaking out, as his eyes grew wider in fear.

Please don’t let him come in…please don’t let him come in Frank prayed over and over again. The two terrified boys sat in silence, listening to the foot steps grow closer to the room.

Shit no. Go away…Gerard thought as he and Frank squeezed their eyes shut. The door slowly creaked open. With their eyes still shut, a hoarse, male voice said

“Well, look what we have here. I get to cash in some random’s shit and kill a couple of fags. Must be my lucky day.”

Although he was scared out of his mind, Frank opened his eyes and stared at the man he saw down in the kitchen, who had pulled out both his gun and a knife he picked up in the kitchen.

“Now, cos I'm a nice guy, you get to choose how you go…” Frank looked up at Gerard, who had also opened his eyes and was now also staring at the killer.

“Which one would you like green eyes?” he asked Gerard. Gerard stared at him with his voice caught in his throat, causing him to remain silent.

“I think you’d like…to be shot. Get away from your boyfriend and get on your knees on the floor.” He commanded. Gerard slid off the bed and took his spot on the floor, execution style. As the man aimed the gun at Gerard’s head, he asked Gerard

“Anything you’d like to say to your boyfriend before I shoot?” Gerard looks up at Frank as a tear streaked down his face and said

“I meet you Frank, the person who saved me from suicide, yet I'm gonna die anyway. Thanks for trying anyway Frank.” Frank, who’s eyes were severely bloodshot from crying already, released more tears as Gerard turned away from him and faced the floor.

“Awww, no ‘I love you’? What a shit boyfriend you were. Oh well, see you him hell boy’o.” as he wrapped his finger around the trigger, Frank screamed and pulled the killer’s arm away from Gerard as he pulled the trigger, the bullet missing both Gerard and Frank and going through Frank’s roof.

“You little shit. Can’t stand to see your boyfriend die first? Well, that’s fine with me, I’ll kill him eventually.” He said, turning to Frank and aiming in the middle of his forehead. Frank shut his eyes tightly. Then next thing he heard was a scream. He snapped his eyes open to find Gerard standing over the killer’s dead body with a bloody knife in his hand. Gerard dropped the knife and ran over to Frank, who had began to collapse.

“Frank, it’s okay now Frank. It’s all over now. I kept my promise. I didn’t let him hurt you.” He whispered into Frank’s ear as he sat on the floor, holding a ghostly white Frank in his arms.

“G-Gerard…” Frank whimpered.

“Shhh Frankie. How about we go downstairs and wait for the cops outside yeah?” Gerard suggested. Frank nodded and let Gerard help him up. Frank tried to walk. Even though he was leaning on Gerard, his body wouldn’t hold him up properly. Gerard scooped up Frank and carried him downstairs and out the front door as police cars began to arrive.


10 minutes of asking Gerard what happened and taking notes, they moved onto Frank, who they separated from Gerard, despite telling them that Frank was in no condition to talk about what has just happened. After a couple of minutes of the ambos tending to Gerard, a police officer came over to Gerard.

“Frank isn't co-operating with us. He’d reply with your name everytime we’d ask him something. We are hoping that if you sit with him, he may answer…”

“I already told you, he is no condition to talk now. I don’t want you guys interrogating him about what I've already told you.” Gerard cut him off angrily.

“I know, but it is a standard procedure for us to ask all witnesses for their side of the story and…”

“But he saw the exact same thing as me. We were both huddled on the bed in the corner and saw the exact same things as one another!” Gerard yelled, really starting to lose his temper.

“Listen son, you have no right to be talking to an officer this way and if you don’t calm down, I am going to have to charge you for assaulting a police officer.” The officer threatened. Gerard looked down at the ground.

“Fine. I’ll come over. But don’t expect too much out of Frank. And if I think you guys are pushing him too hard, I get to take him back to my place, understand?” Gerard said, getting up.

“I think that’s reasonable enough.” The officer replied, taking Gerard over to Frank. When Frank saw Gerard, his eyes widened.

“G-Gerard!” he exclaimed.

“Hey Frankie.” Gerard said, wrapping his arm around Frank’s shoulder. “Frankie, the policeman is going to ask you some questions okay. And I want you to answer them only if you want to, okay?” Gerard asked him slowly, like he was only a child. Frank nodded and looked at the officer’s feet.

“Now Frank, can you tell me what the man did when he came into your room?” he asked.

“H-He called us f-fags.” Frank whispered.

“Can you tell me what he did next?”

“A-Asked G-Gerard how he wanted to d-die…”

“What else?”

“H-He put the g-gun to Gerard’s h-head and, and…” Frank broke off, starting to tear up again.

“Do you know how he did it?”

“E-E-Exec-cut-t…” Frank completely broke down and rested his head on Gerard.

“Come on Frank. We still need to know what else…”

“That’s enough. He can’t take anymore of this. I'm taking him back to my place.” Gerard said, helping Frank up.

“Do you need a lift?” the officer asked Gerard.

“Yeah. Just don’t park right infront of my place. I don’t want to worry my parents too much.” Gerard told him as they walked to the car.


“Thank you officer.” Gerard said as he Frank got out of the car.

“Tell your parents that you get the day off. We’ll call your school and let them know you both wont be in today.”

“Thanks again officer.” Gerard said, helping Frank to his front door and opening it.

“Mom? Dad? Mikey?” Gerard called out. There was no response.

Good. Mom and Dad are at work and Mikes at school Gerard thought as he walked Frank into his room and sat him down on his bed. Gerard walked over to his wardrobe and got out a clean top and pants and gave it to Frank to change into. He grabbed his skelington jumper and matching pants and went into the bathroom to get changed. When he came back out, Frank hadn’t moved.

“Oh Frankie.” Gerard whispered as he took Frank’s top off and pulled his clean one over Frank’s head. “Do you think you can change your pants by yourself?” Gerard asked. Frank only nodding. Gerard turned around to his DVD rack and tried to pick one out for the to watch. He randomly picked up Star Wars IV and put it into his Playstation 2.

“Star Wars okay with you Frank?” he asked.

“Yeah.” Was all Frank could come out with without choking back on tears.

“Hey Frankie, it’s all over now. We’re safe. Nothing can harm you here.”

“I-It’s not t-that Gerard.”

“What is it then Frankie?”

“Y-You said that I s-saved you from suicide. W-What did you m-mean by that?” Frank stuttered.

“To be honest Frank. I was going to kill myself last night. I was sick of being on all these meds and sick of even my parents treating me as if I was going to snap any second and kill them. I wanted it to be all over. But…”

“You met me.” Frank finished for him.

“Yeah. I did. And now, I never want to die. Because I have you in my life.” Gerard said.

“I never want you to die either Gee.” Frank said, wrapping his arms around Gerard, hugging him tightly.

Can you feel her running through your veins? She will always live forever!
Can you feel her running through your veins? She will always live forever!

They broke apart and Frank pulled out his phone and answered it, putting it on loudspeaker again.

“Fuck Toro, you have the worst fucking timing in the world don’t you?”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Have you completely forgotten that it’s a school day or something Frank?”

“Something happened this morning…”

“What? Tell me?”

“Another time. I'm not in a right state to talk about it right now.”

“What the hell are you on about Frank?”

“Watch the news tonight and you’ll find out. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Alright then. Bye.”

“Oh yeah Ray, lock the doors and windows when you get home. Bye.” Frank hung up and looked at Gerard, smiling slightly.


“Yeah Frank.”

“I'm hungry.”

A/N: Helloo!! Hope that chapter was good enough for you! It was hard trying to finish it at 2am (I spent an extra hour on this one for you guys!) I would have finished it earlier but I was at my Siti and Gidi’s house (yeah, that means grandmother and grandfather in Lebanese) and they don’t have a computer.

I hope you guys keep on reading!

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