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Knowing that you're loved can be found in the most awkard of ways

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Gerard went into the kitchen, made some popcorn, grabbed a couple cans of Pepsi and took them back into his room, handing the popcorn and one can to Frank while he pressed play on the controller. He went back to his bed and sat down beside Frank.

“Gerard?” Frank said, opening his Pepsi

“Yeah Frank?”

“Can we go out later? Like, after the movie?” he asked innocently and looking up at Gerard.

“Sure. It’ll be good to get out of the house for a while I guess.” Gerard said, his eyes fixated on the screen. Frank smiled and cuddled into Gerard. Gerard felt himself go red in the cheeks as Frank got closer to him. Gerard slowly wrapped his arm around Frank’s shoulder.

What the fuck do I think I'm doing? Gerard asked himself as he felt a tingle shoot up his spine, causing Goosebumps to rise on his skin.


The credits began to appear on the screen. Gerard stretched and attempted to get up and switch off his Play Station 2. But as he tried to get up, a light weight prevented him from doing so. He looked down to find that Frank had fallen asleep on him at some point in the movie without him noticing.

“You're so cute Frank.” Gerard whispered with that little voice in his head telling him to quite while he’s ahead.

“Mmm…thanks…no…you…are…mmm…” Frank mumbled and Gerard let out a soft giggle.

“Aww, you're dreaming. I wonder what you’re dreaming about Frank.” Gerard thought outloud.

“Mmm…you…Gerard…about…you…” Frank mumbled again. Gerard looked at him in slight shock.

How can he hear me? Is he really asleep? Gerard thought. He didn’t know if Frank was asleep or if he was just sleeptalking.

“A-Are you awake or sleeptalking Frankie?” Gerard asked.

“Mmm…sleeptalking…” Frank said, turning onto his side.

“Ha. Mind if I lie next to you Frank?” Gerard asked him while starting to lie down beside him.

“Of…corse…I…want…you…t-toooo…” Frank slurred off. When Gerard was lying on his side, facing Frank, he lightly stroked the side of his face and continued to talk to him.

“I don’t know about you Frank, but, I think…I may developing something…more for you. More than a friend. I don’t know why. I'm not gay. Or at least, I don’t think I am. What about you?”

“I’m bi…want to…taste…your…lips…sometime…”

“Frankie, open your eyes.” Gerard commanded. To his surprise, Frank did so.


“I want to taste your lips too.”

“What?” Frank asked groggily. Then it hit him. “Oh God, was I sleeptalking?”

“Yeah. Kinda. Is it true?”

“Umm…yeah it is. I'm…”

“Bi. I know. You said.” Gerard finished for him.

“Shit. I hope this doesn’t wreak our…” Frank was cut off by Gerard softly pressing his lips against his. Frank found it wonderful. Gerard had no idea how many times he has wondered what Gerard’s soft, pink lips had tasted like. And know he knows. Frank slowly kissed Gerard back, knowing this must be his first kiss. When they broke apart, Frank’s eyes were absolutely sparkling.

“You taste soo good Frankie.” Gerard whispered into Frank’s ear.

“You have no idea how good you taste Gerard.” Frank said in a soft whisper and leaning in for another kiss. But Gerard stopped him by pressing his index finger lightly against Frank’s lips.

“No Frank. I'm confused enough as it is. I only met you yesterday, yet…”

“It feels like a lifetime. I know what you mean. Gerard,”

“Yes Frankie?”

“When you first walked into our Chemistry class, it felt like I had seen you before.”

“Of corse you had. I was in the paper the morning after I attacked that bitch and her boyfriend.”

“No Gerard. I felt like I had known you in another life. Like…”he took Gerard’s hand, entwining their fingers together “…Like we had been together till we died. Then we came back and we met all over again. Like it was fate or something.” He concluded, his eyes staring deeply into Gerard's.

“Usually, I don’t believe in fate and all that crap. But when you say it, I believe it completely. Like what you say is the truth.”

“Gerard, I know I don’t really know you properly in ‘this life’ but…”Frank cut off, feeling strange about what he was about to say.

“What is it Frankie?”

“I-I-It’s nothing. Just forget that…” Frank said, looking anywhere but at Gerard.

“No Frank. Tell me. Please.” Gerard begged.

“I-I love you Gerard…” Frank said, avoiding all eye contact with Gerard until his face was lifted up to Gerard’s.

“Now, how can I forget that. You’re the first person who has ever said that to me. Well guess what Frankie. I love you too.” Gerard cupped Frank’s face in his hands and began to kiss him softly again, Frank returning the kiss.

Frank slowly began to kiss harder and aloud his hands to wonder up Gerard's jumper and let them run down his sides with a feather touch, causing Gerard's skin to crawl. The kiss started to become more heated and passionate as Gerard’s hands moved to the back of Frank’s head and twisted Frank’s hair through his fingers.

Both their chests began rising and falling quicker as the friction between them began to grow. Gerard felt himself grow harder and harder as Frank’s hands began to slide into his pants. How Frank wanted to make Gerard come, just so he can taste his sweetness. But as his hands reached close to Gerard's base, Gerard broke their kiss.

“Please…Frank, not…now…” Gerard said in between gasps.

“Oh Gerard…let me…I want to just…taste…only a…little…” Frank gasped as he rubbed Gerard in a soft, teasing way.

“Ahhh…god…” Gerard moaned.

“What…do ya…say…Gee?”

“Y-Yesss…” Gerard moaned.

Frank took Gerard’s throbbing erection into his hand and began to pump him too slowly for Gerard's liking. Slower and slower, Frank began to pump harder, causing Gerard to moan his name.

“Oh God, Frank…fuck…” Gerard moaned as Frank pumped him a couple of more times before Gerard came into his hand. Frank pulled his hand out of Gerard's pants and brought his hand up to his mouth and swallowed the stickiness Gerard had released.

“Fuck…Frank, that was…incredible.” Gerard sighed.

“Mmm, do you know who incredible you taste Gee?” Frank said smiling up at Gerard.

“I-I do?”

“Hell yeah.” Frank said leaving a light kiss on Gerard's cheek.

“I love you.” Frank whispered into Gerard’s ear.

“I love you too Frankie. I love you too.”

A/N: Hey everyone! Yeah, I'm stopping there for now. I started to watch ‘Interview with the Vampire’ when I started to write this and everytime I started a new paragraph, I would stare at my tv. Lol.

Anywho, not much to say except ‘Rate and Review’!


PS: Who else thinks that Kirsten Dunst makes the cutest little vampire daughter ever? Can I have her?
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