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I'm just kinda in a writing mood.

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Disbelief and crimson hate.
Lack of understanding from mass amounts of unbelievable fate.
Wounds scarring up again,
Bringing your friends to an emotional end.
Painful stabbing at your heart,
Breaking your mind into separate parts.
Letting you have a brand new life.
Giving you chances for a fresh fight.
Blacking out from the unstable thoughts.
Making sure that you had a new kind of draught.
Backbones broken, and coward ness becoming a fad.
Gushing streams flying out your veins,
Having you start your new point of phase.
Deadly grips of fear taking you down into your grave.
Your face in the dirt,
Showing you fresh blood on the way.
Knots in your stomach,
From all the useless vows,
Guilt rushing over you,
Giving you a broken layer of trust.
Lying becoming a choice of death.
And everything underestimated as if it was a daily change.


I'm just writing how I feel.
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