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The sickness of halloween.

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Aches and pains created by the insane,
Open wounds damaged by the air rushing in.
Throats clogged up,
Words becoming extinct.
Hidden forces fighting for your life.
Pressure applied to your brain.
The cramps becoming a ritual,
The fresh make-up applied as you hide what's inside.
Circumstances fighting to leave your new home.
Costumes to make a new soul.
Dehydration killing you more everyday.
The evaporation taking a bit of your soul away.
Time taken to glue your health back in place.
Bulimia flowing out your veins.
Changes working up in your brain.
Enjoyment causing you fresh sights of pain.
The heat causing your heart to explode.
Water cooling down your corpse.
Beeping sounds rushing through your ears.
Holidays just tend to make you insane.
Letting your thoughts drop to your feet
The current beep stopping after ever bleep.
Making sure you never see,
All the exhaustion inside me.

I get really sick every halloween, and it sucks. So I thought I would just write how I feel.
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