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Chapter 010: Heart I Call Home

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(Final) Chapter 010

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Chapter 010: Heart I Call Home

As rain assailed every surface around, people in raincoats with umbrellas dashed to and fro for shelter. Yet Mina, only clad in a white sun dress and cardigan, did not hasten her pace due to her condition physically and emotionally. She had decided to walk the thirty minutes it would take back to her dorm in the brisk weather. The anger from her spat with Frank earlier had completely dissipated into tears of utter desolation, turning her already moody emotions to suicidal ones. But dialing Pete's hotel room number into her cell phone she used her better judgement.

"Pete?" Mina said, her voice supplicating desperately once the line was picked up. "Frank and I just had a fight."

Without question he replied quickly, "It's okay, I'll be right over." and hung up.
She finally made it into her dorm a moment later, damp from the moisture falling from the heavens while her tears mirrored the weather as she collapsed onto her bed. Her small form heaved with sobs as she struggled to compose herself, but it was of no use. What Frank had accused her of was not only degrading but made her question how strong their trust in each other truly was. These thoughts, however, were interrupted with a knock upon her door. Assuming it was Frank as she had barely called Pete two minutes ago, Mina howled at the intruder, "Go away Frank, I don't want to talk to you right now!" and threw her cell phone in the general direction of the entrance, shattering it on impact. She turned away, hoping fully that Frank would get the message. The door, however, creaked open resulting in a rise of anger in Mina once more, "I said--!" she began, getting up from the bed to face Frank. But her next words fell back into her throat when she saw Bobby Bergins standing upon the threshold, gaunt and sinister looking.

"Frank? Have you forgotten about me that quickly, Mina?"

Simultaneously, Frank was experiencing the same dangerous surprise as his girlfriend at The Torosaurus Café.

"Released?" Frank asked, agape only to have Ray nod in the affirmative.

"Early release for good behavior and Bert and them just found out this morning." Ray swallowed, "But that's not the worst part, the last his parole officer heard of him was that he bought a plane ticket to New York."

"Oh God, Mina." he said under his breath, "Have they told Mina yet or at least tried to contact her?"

"Well if you want her to have a panic attack, sure!" Ray replied sarcastically.

At these words Frank set out of the café at a sprint with Ray at his heels. As they took a taxi in the down pour, Frank could only pray that he would arrive to find Mina perfectly safe.


Mina stumbled across her dorm, trying to stay as far away as possible from Bobby. Such attempts were futile as he easily threw aside her furniture and advanced toward her menacingly without respite as he pulled out a knife.

"I've missed you so much, Mina." He said, caressing the blade with his thumb, "You have always been on mind, you know. Everyday, in fact. Surely our last encounter has kept me in your thoughts as well."

"Stay away from me!" fear rode into her voice as she came in contact with the corner where two of the walls met.
Bobby feigned a look of hurt, "Aww, by the judgement of that, I guess not." he was practically nose to nose with her now, his malice filled eyes boring into her terrified ones. "I believe a little cutting is in order, don't you think so? After all it was you who sent me to prison for thirteen colorful months."

Mina began to tremble uncontrollably as the cool blade of the knife came into contact with the flesh upon her neck.

"Please, Bobby, don't" she pleaded, remembering how she said those exact words only a year ago. Tear fell from her cerulean eyes as the blade's pressure increased upon her.

He smirked malevolently as watched with mirth, Mina struggle against his grip that held her to the wall. "Your idiot cousin Bert isn't here to save you now, so save your pathetic pleading. I'm just going to rip out your guts so that all they'll find in this room are your insides, that's all. It won't even hurt." Bobby waved waggled the blade in front of her face threateningly just as the do burst open to reveal a rain soaked Pete.

"Get away from her!" he roared, charging at Bobby.

Mina fell from Bobby's grasp as Pete commenced to deftly dodge Bobby's weapon. Catching her breath, she looked up to see Pete fumble his steps over an upturned desk as he screamed to Mina, "Run! Get out of here!". Bobby took this opportunity to stab Pete not only once but twice in the chest.

"No!" Mina cried, "Pete! Pete!" she could see his blue shirt blossom with blood quickly as he fell to the floor. She tried to crawl toward him until Bobby grabbed her up by her long ponytail.

"You certainly get around, first this Frank character and now Pete?" Bobby sneered as she pushed her against the wall roughly. "I was right, you really are a whore."

But Mina barely registered his words she saw Pete's breathing getting more and more shallow with each passing second. Bobby raised blood stained knife to finish her off before he was tackled to the ground by Ray. A swift kick to the cranium from Frank sent Bobby out cold. In the tussle Mina managed to get to Pete's side as his eyes rolled in their sockets. She didn't care that her dress was becoming increasingly red with Pete's blood as she clung to him.

"Please, Pete, stay with me. God, please don't go..." she whispered faintly, holding his hand as sirens wailed in the distance.


The police kindly gave Ray and Frank a ride to the hospital as Mina rode in the ambulance with Pete. They each took the jobs of calling everyone and notifying them with the latest. Frank and Ray arrived at the hospital to find Patrick, Andy, and Joe, all of whom were in town with Pete, standing agitatedly around in the waiting room.

"How's Pete? Have you heard from the doctors yet?" Frank asked as soon as they were in earshot.

Patrick looked the most stressed as he let Joe fill them in.

"They said he's lost a lot of blood so he's in critical condition. But none of his vital organs were hit, luckily. The doctor told us he's going to make it." Joe said, trying to stay strong for Andy and Patrick who weren't taking it well.

"Pete's definitely gonna make it man, he's a fighter. He's gonna make it." Ray said solidly as he gave Joe a reassuring clap on the back.

Frank, at this point, had noticed that Mina was nowhere to be found. "Is Mina with Pete right now?"

The question hung in the air as no one answered until Andy finally summed up his courage, "Mina isn't with Pete."

"Well where is she?"

The three men before Frank stole glances at one another as they tried to put into words what they had been told.

"Mina is...she's..." Patrick closed his eyes, looking close to tears now, "She's in critical condition too."

"No, she can't be." Ray stated, "We saw her, she wasn't hurt."

Frank pieced together what Patrick said with what he knew, "The baby..." was all he said before he tore down the hallway in search of a nurse.

*Two Hours Later*

All the men were still in square one by the time everyone else had arrived; Frank was denied any chance to see Mina as were Patrick, Andy, and Joe for Pete.

Mina's doctor came into the waiting room a moment after Bert, Gerard and companies entered.

"Which one of you is Bert McCracken?" she asked, warily eyeing the oddball group.

"I am. Why?" he asked suspiciously as Frank shifted uneasily in his seat.

"Could I speak to you for a moment then? Its about your cousin, Mina."
"Whatever you need to tell me, you can say in front of everybody, we're family." Bert replied cheekily.

The doctor sighed exasperatedly, "Fine. If you don't know already, Mina is with child--"

But her voice was drowned out as Bert went off like an atomic bomb, rounding on Frank. "You got her PREGNANT?!" he had barely taken Frank up by the scruff, lifting him from his chair, before Bob and Ray pulled him away of their shaken band mate. But he continued to spit like a hellcat at Frank. "This is--- I can't even --- you bitch-ass!"

Yet Frank stayed still, his head hung, not fighting what he deserved a million times over of.

"Excuse me!" the doctor cut in curtly, "But seeing as you are unfit to see her right now, I will have the father see Mina instead." she motioned for Frank to follow

Bert sputtered in indignation as he gave Frank the finger.

The doctor and Frank left the still shocked room for Mina's room.

"Are Mina and the baby okay?" he finally asked when they came to a stop not long after.

She ignored his question and offered him a small smile he could not yet understand, "She's in there." the doctor motioned to the door opposite them and turned her heel.

Taking a deep breath, Frank entered quietly to hear the steady beating of monitors. His heart pounded in his hears as his eyes came to rest upon Mina's still figure upon the hospital bed. As he pulled up a chair to sit next to her, he observed her features intently. Even in her sleep, she had that sad look upon her face as he took her hand in his. Not knowing what else to do, he began to speak to Mina as though she was conscious.

"I realize that I haven't been around like I should have been." he began softly, stroking the back of her hand with his thumb as he held it, "I've been nothing but a jerk to you. I took advantage of the fact that you would always understand why I was away all the time. I'm sorry."

"You better be." Mina muttered, her eyes still closed, surprising Frank. She turned, still laying down, to face her boyfriend. "Yeah, I heard every word." she said dryly as his questioning expression.

Frank smiled sheepishly as he replied, "Good, because I meant it." He paused, then looked into her eyes, a feeling of butterflies filling his insides like the first time he saw her. "I want you to know that I'm going to be here for both you and the baby." At this he began to reach out tentatively, almost terrified, to touch Mina's middle. His hand's travel, however, came to a halt when Mina stopped it with her own. "What, can't I feel my own kid?" he joked. Frank's face fell at the unreadable expression Mina now had. "What's wrong?"
Mina shook her head as she bit her lip. "There isn't a baby." she whispered, tears overcoming her again.

"Wait, you told me this morning that you were pregnant." Frank said speaking slowly, "That means you're going to have a baby... right?"

"I lost the baby."

"Oh..." was call Frank could say, "How?" he asked, in spite of himself.

Mina sat up a little to speak properly as Frank handed her a tissue. "When I came in with Pete, one of the nurses was talking to me about him. I don't know what really happened, but the next thing I knew she was telling me that had lost the baby." She blew her nose before continuing, "She said that the stress I was under had caused the baby to...go away." Mina drew her knees up to her chest, no longer crying, but still somber.

It was at this point, seeing how much he had put her through, that Frank realized what he had to do; what would make it easier on the both of them. He knew it would earn him nothing short of condemnation from Bert if not the whole band, but it needed to be done.

"Me saying sorry every moment of everyday, I know, will never make up for how much I've made you suffer." Frank said, his heart breaking inside, "But I think that it would be better for both of us to go our separate ways. I'll always care about you, though."

Frank waited for her to scream, to shout, or even to hit him; but she didn't. Mina sat just sat there, stone still. He couldn't think of anything else to say and moved towards the door. It was, as he opened the door, when she finally said something.

"You're the heart I call home, that won't change, ever."

A few seconds later a click echoed throughout the room as the door closed.


To whomever has read "Learning to Trust":

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much or even more than I enjoyed writing it. Yes, this is where it all ends. I 'm pretty sure anyone who followed this through may want me dead. Voice your opinion then! Hate mail is respected as much as reviews are so do not hesitate to send me either, if you wish.

So long and goodnight,

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it was getting good and bam!
thanks for wasting my time! " -amandaVENOM

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