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Crazy Dreams.

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Brendon has a dream

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‘Bye baby.’ Grace said around seven the next morning as she kissed Brendon dry, fat lips good bye before leaving for a busy day of final preparation for their wedding.

‘I love you.’ Brendon mumbled as he snuggled into her pillow on her side of the bed.

‘I love you honey.’ She walked out of the room cracking the door on her way out. As Grace got into Brendon’s Audi and pulled out of the drive way, Brendon fell back into a peaceful sleep that would soon become not so peaceful.

Brendon felt himself wake up a few hours later except when he woke up he wasn’t where he thought he would be. He was in his room but it was much different now. Grace always kept the room anally clean with minimal clothing on the small couch they had by the window and everything in its proper place. That was not the case in this room. There were women’s clothing thrown all over the room ranging in everything from thongs and g-strings, which he couldn’t beg Grace to wear, to trashy looking tops and platform stiletto heels. Brendon was definitely not in Kansas anymore. The pictures Grace had once put on the wall were gone and replaced with people he didn’t know. Her beautiful collection of different perfumes were gone and replaced with bottles of alcohol. Brendon furrowed his eye brows into a look of confusion before stretching his arms above his head.

He felt something or someone move against his chest. He shut his eyes as he felt them kissing his chest. At first, it felt like Grace but as soon as she touched him he knew it wasn’t Grace. Before he could protest, she had her hand wrapped around his deprived member. Brendon jumped and fell out of the bed taking the sheet with him. He slowly sat up, almost afraid to see who was in bed with him. He let out a scared yelp as he saw the monster who had taken the place of his beauty queen. Her make up was smeared all over her face and her hair resembled a greasy rat’s nest. Her smile was crooked and yellow and it was clear it had been days since she had brushed her teeth due to the evidence between them. She was just about his height and maybe twice his size. She had a loud, obnoxious voice, and was way too comfortable with herself.

‘What is going on here?’ Brendon whispered to himself and he looked at his hands and felt his face, ‘Where is Grace?’ he cringed as he looked up at her again. She was horrid.

‘Grace…you’re still on this Grace chick? She left months ago.’

‘WHAT?!’ Brendon shouted.

‘Are you feeling over puddin’ pop?’

‘Where is my Grace?’

‘You’re Grace? She’s not your Grace anymore. She left you.’

‘What? Why did she leave me? We’re love.’

‘Well you should have thought of that before you knocked up a stripper at your bachelor party.’

‘I did what?’ Brendon asked as he felt his nose sting with tears.

‘Don’t you remember?’

‘No.’ he hiccupped as a tear rolled down his cheek.

‘Oh my god, you’re such a fucking baby. The night of your bachelor party you came to the bottom’s up club. You got pretty wasted, we fucked a couple of times, and then you left. I found out three weeks later, a week before your wedding, that I was pregnant. So you and I got married instead of that little cunt named Grace.’

‘No we didn’t.’ Brendon said, ‘You’re lying. Where is Grace? Is this some sort of sick joke?’

‘Trust me I wish it was. How do you think it makes me feel to have my husband whining all the time about his “first love”?’ she mocked.

‘Who cares? Where is she?’

‘I don’t know Brendon; you have other things to worry about like your unborn child.’ The girl said as she got out of bed. Brendon cringed as he watched her huge, lumpy body walking into the bathroom. Brendon got up off the floor and picked up the closest pair of his jeans he could find, followed by any shirt. He didn’t care if it was clean or dirty. He had to find her. ‘Where are you going?’

‘I’m getting out of here. I have to find Grace.’

‘One of these days you’re going to have to stop begging her.’ Lindsay said as Brendon stormed out of the room.

‘So are you all set?’ Ryan asked as he and Grace stood outside in the rain. Her range rover was packed and she was on her way back to Boston.

‘Yup, I’m ready to go.’ She said as she looked down. If he didn’t know any better, Ryan would have sworn he was saying goodbye to the same girl he met five years ago. She was dressed in a pair of holy jeans an oversized t-shirt, and a red sox hat with her messy pony tail showing through.

‘I’m going to miss you so much.’ Ryan said as he began to get a little emotional as he hugged her.

‘Ry, thank you so much.’ Grace said as she began to cry.

‘Grace, you know that I would and will always do anything for you. You’re my best friend and I want to see you happy.’

‘I know.’ She smiled.

‘If you ever need anything at all, you know my number and you know where we live. Addy needs to see her god mother okay?’

‘I promise.’ Grace smiled.

‘AUNT GRACIE!’ Addy yelled as she ran outside crying.

‘Baby girl.’ Grace said as she picked up the small three year old hugging her as tight as she could.

‘Pwease don’t doe aunt Gracie, I wub you.’ She cried.

‘I know you do baby, but Aunt Gracie has to go.’ She said.

‘But why?’

‘Because Aunt Gracie needs to get away from Las Vegas and everything having to do with it and Beary okay?’ Grace asked as she started to cry again.

‘Do you not wub me anymower?’

‘Adelyn, of course I love you. I love you so much but Aunt Gracie’s heart is hurting so badly right now.’

‘I tan fits it.’

‘No you can’t sweetheart.’ Grace said.

‘Tan I try?’

‘You can give me a kiss and a great big hug. When you go to bed tonight you can keep me in your dreams and think of me all the time and I’ll be there for you when ever you need me.’

‘I pintey promise.’

‘I love you Addy.’

‘I wub you too Aunt Gracie.’ Addy said as she started to cry again.

‘Call me as soon as you get home and even before then.’ Holly said as she cried.

‘I will.’

‘We’ll see you soon.’

‘Yes we will.’ Grace smiled.

‘Alright be safe.’

‘I will. I love you guys.’

‘We love you too Grace.’ Ryan said as Holly hugged him around the waist while he held Addy. Grace started to get into the car before they saw a small black car pull up sideways blocking her in the drive way.

‘Grace.’ Brendon yelled as he got out of his car and ran to her door. Grace looked at him and his heart broke from the sadness in her eyes. ‘Don’t go.’ He begged.

‘What are you doing here?’ Ryan asked as he handed Addy to Holly.

‘I made a mistake Grace, I’m stupid. Don’t go I can’t live with out you. I need you here.’

‘You should have thought of that before you slept with that stripper three weeks before our wedding.’

‘Grace…please.’ Brendon begged as his own tears ran down his cheeks.

‘Brendon…I thought you loved me, I thought you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. You broke my heart. I can’t live with a man who broke my heart like you did.’ She said.


‘Brendon, move your car.’ She asked.

‘Grace, come on.’

‘Brendon, please don’t make this harder than it already is for both of us.’ Brendon nodded as he sadly walked back to his car pulling out of the drive way. Grace waved at the Ross family before she backed out of the drive way taking one final glance at Brendon before driving out of his life forever.

As Grace drove towards the east side of Las Vegas she began to think about everything that she and Brendon had ever been through. She smiled thinking back at the memories and happy moments they had shared.

‘What are you doing?’ Ryan asked as it began to rain.

‘I need her Ryan; I can’t live with out her. She’s my life.’

‘Then why did you do what you did?’

‘I don’t know because I’m stupid.’

‘Brendon, you will never have her back’

‘You don’t know that.’

‘Yes I do. Grace is my best friend and even if she were willing, I’m not. I’m not willing to put her through something like that again just so you can break her heart again.’

‘Ryan.’ Holly said as she ran out of the house frantically carrying the phone.

‘What?’ Ryan asked turning around. He saw the look on Holly’s face and immediately knew what had happened. Ryan took Brendon’s keys out of his hand and ran to the black Audi that was parked in the street. Ryan began to drive as Brendon jumped into the car.

‘What happened?’ Brendon asked.

‘I don’t know.’ Ryan said as his hands shook and he assumed the worst as he drove to Clark County Memorial.

‘Mr. Ross?’ a doctor said as Ryan paced up and down the corridor in the hospital. This was all too familiar to Brendon and Ryan. The same stale smell. The same white walls. The same eerie feeling.

‘Yes?’ Ryan said walking closer to the doctor.

‘I’m sorry; we did everything that we could to save her. Her heart was broken.’ He said as he handed Ryan the necklace Grace had been wearing during the accident. It was the same double drop necklace Brendon had given her during their very first tour together.

Ryan braced himself against the wall as he took in a sharp breath, ‘Excuse me, May I see her?’ he asked trying not to let the tears roll down his cheeks. He had to be strong for Holly. He had to be strong for Addy. He had to be strong for Brendon despite the heart ache that he caused her this was going to be the more painful thing he’s ever gone through.

‘Yes sir.’ The doctor said leading Ryan back to the trauma room that Grace was still in. When Ryan walked in he gasped as he saw his best friend. Her face looked the exact same way it had when he’d seen her last except it was a little more pale than usual. She looked so sad as she lay on the gurney. Ryan reached up and moved the large lights out of her eyes. He didn’t know what to say or what to do.

‘Oh my god.’ Brendon said as he stood in the door way, ‘Grace. Grace, baby, wake up.’ Brendon rushed over picking up her hand, ‘Come on baby.’

‘Brendon.’ Ryan said putting his hand on his friend’s shoulder.

‘This can’t be happening.’ Brendon said as he began to sob, ‘No, this isn’t happening.’


‘DON’T TOUCH ME!’ he yelled as he broke down into tears. Ryan backed away and watched him mourn his fallen beauty. ‘Baby, I’m so sorry for what I did to do. I didn’t mean to. I love you so much; I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted to make love to you on our wedding night; I wanted to make babies with you. I wanted to grow old with you. I wanted everything with you.’ He cried. Brendon stood up and placed his lips over hers giving her one last kiss. ‘I’ll see you soon baby, I promise, we won’t be separated much longer.’

With that Brendon stormed out of the room. He walked down the hall so quickly that Ryan had to jog to keep up with him. ‘Where are you going?’ Ryan asked.

‘I can’t live with out her, so I’m not going to.’ Brendon said as he snatched the keys from Ryan. Ryan followed him out to the car and got into the passenger seat knowing full and well what was about to happen and only praying he could stop it.

‘Brendon, don’t do something crazy.’

‘Ryan, get out of the car.’ Brendon said.

‘I’m not getting out of the car unless you swear to me that you aren’t planning on doing what I think you’re going to do.’

Brendon turned to look at Ryan, Ryan could see the pain in his eyes, ‘Ryan, Grace was my life. She was the one thing in the world that I had to live for and now she’s gone.’

‘That’s not true Brendon.’

‘I can’t live with out her. My life will be so empty and so pointless with out her.’

‘You can find someone else to love.’

‘No, Grace was my one and only and now I can be with her again.’ He said as he started the car, ‘Ryan, you have a daughter who needs you. You have Holly who loves you and needs you. They need you Ryan. Grace needs me.’

‘Brendon, don’t do this.’ Ryan said as he let the tears run down his cheeks.

‘Ryan, get out of the car.’

‘Not with out you coming with me.’

‘Ryan…get out of the car.’ Brendon said.


‘Just let me be with her.’ Brendon begged. Ryan turned to the door handle and opened it slowly getting out of the car.

“In other news today, Brendon Urie was found dead in his Summerlin home late this evening by police after an anonymous tip from an unknown caller. Police have ruled it a suicide after the death of his former fiancée Grace Brady. Brad has more on this…Brad?”

“Thanks Karen. We’re here outside the singer’s home just an hour after the body of Panic at the disco’s front man Brendon Urie was carried out. Investigators are ruling this a suicide due to the note he left and the lethal amounts of painkillers taken from a new prescription. This is just another string of events on the day’s strange events. The morning began like any other before traffic on I-25 came to a screeching halt because of a two car accident involving 24 year old Lindsay Hanson, Urie’s pregnant wife and his former fiancée Grace Brady. Investigators have ruled that a freak accident. Hanson is being held in the Clark county jail on a traffic violation. But Karen, it seems as though this is just a case of a broken heart. It was released late this afternoon that Brady, 23 had actually been killed in the accident. Now Urie must have known before it was officially released because by the time investigators arrived, he had been dead for nearly four hours.”

‘Now Brad, do they plan on filing any charges against Hanson?’

‘Not in the death of Urie but we’re not for sure in the dealings with the accident. Hanson did lose control over her vehicle while he applied eye liner which caused her to cross into on coming traffic and causing a head on collision with Brady’s Range Rover.’

‘Now this is the second near fatal car accident Brady has been in correct?’

‘Yes that’s correct…’

‘Brendon….Brendon wake up….BRENDON!’ Brendon jumped and sat up quickly looking Ryan straight in the eyes.

‘What is your deal man? I’ve been standing here for twenty minutes trying to get you up. I thought you were dead.’

‘Am I not?’ Brendon asked as he felt around his body, ‘Oh my god, I’m alive. Where is Grace?’

‘She’s at work.’ Ryan said as he gave his friend a weird look.

‘I need to go see her.’

‘Brendon, we have a lot of stuff to do today.’

‘I NEED TO SEE GRACE!’ he yelled.

‘Alright, alright.’ Brendon grabbed his jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of flip flops before he ran outside to Ryan’s Mercedes as Ryan tried to keep up.

‘What is your deal? Are you planning on putting on pants before you go into her office?’

‘I just had the worst dream of my life.’

‘Did you meet another one of your dream girls?’

‘No, I broke her heart.’ He said as Ryan backed out of the drive way.

‘Hey Audrey, it’s Grace, look I’m sorry to call you so late over there but will you check the hotel later today to make sure that they got our reservations correct for the show next month?’ Grace asked as she sat in her office on the phone with the coordinator in Paris for Holly’s line.

‘Sure thing Grace, are the reservations under your name or Holly’s?’

‘They are just under the line’s name. I talked to Antonio; he should know what you’re talking about.’

‘Sure, I’ll do that first thing in the morning. How are the wedding plans coming?’

‘They are almost done, thank goodness.’ Grace said as Brendon walked into the building.

‘Alright well keep us filled in, I’ll talk to you soon Grace.’

‘Thanks Audrey, take care.’ Grace said before she hung up the phone just as Brendon burst into her office in his bright red boxer briefs. ‘Oh my gosh what are you doing?’ Grace laughed.

Brendon ignored her as he pulled her up into one of the hottest, sexiest kisses either of them had ever had. Ryan soon walked in behind him. ‘I’m sorry I had to come see you.’

‘You couldn’t get dressed before you came in? The entire office has seen my fiancé’s junk.’

‘I’m sorry, it was important.’ Brendon said before he kissed her again.

‘Honey, what’s wrong?’

‘I had a horrible dream. It was the worst dream of my life.’

‘Sweetie, what happened?’ Grace asked as Ryan turned around seeing half of the women in the office peering over trying to see into the office and Brendon’s red bubble butt. Ryan stepped out of the office and shut the door.

‘They are having a personal moment.’ Ryan said. He looked around as the girls looked at him expectantly. Ryan looked around again before walking towards Holly’s office to see her.

‘Hi sweetie.’ He said as he walked in while she worked on the hem of Grace’s wedding dress before her pictures today.

‘Is Brendon here?’ she asked frantically.


‘RYAN! This is Grace’s wedding dress, he can’t see it.’

‘I don’t think you have to worry about that. He’s losing his mind. I think it’s the lack of sex.’ Holly rolled her eyes before going back to her hem.

‘What happened babe?’ Grace asked as Brendon pulled on his jeans.

‘I had a really bad dream. I had a dream that I got a stripper pregnant at my bachelor party. You left me and then you were going back to Boston. On your way out of town you got into an accident. You were killed in the accident and I was so upset about it that I killed myself to be with you.’ Brendon said.

‘Awwwww…Beary.’ Grace smiled as she brought him into a hug.

‘Baby, I would never ever cheat on you like that you know what right?’

‘Honey, why are you so upset about this?’

‘Because I’m scared that you’ll leave me, I can’t live with out you Grace.’

‘Brendon…I’m never going to leave you. I’m always going to be with you. We’re getting married in a few weeks and from then on, we’ll always be together.’


‘Baby, I swear.’ Grace said as she put her arms around her neck, ‘I love you so much, I have no intentions of ever leaving you.’


‘Is that why you came to see me?’

‘I wanted to make sure you were still alive, that you were still mine.’

‘I’ll always be yours Brendon.’

‘That’s what I wanted to hear.’ Brendon said.

‘I love you.’ She smiled as Grace ran her hands down around Brendon’s back and let them rest in the back pockets of his jeans.

‘Oh, Baby, I love you too.’ He said before bringing her into a less innocent kiss.

‘BRENDON WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!’ Holly yelled storming into the office, ‘AND WITH OUT A SHIRT?! Do you know how many women we work with?’

‘Holly, it’s okay. He had a bad dream.’ Holly began to laugh as Brendon glared, ‘I had a life threatening dream. Besides, look at what my last bad dream gave me.’

‘Hey, that was the greatest thing that has ever happened to you.’

‘You’re right, it is.’ Brendon said.

‘Alright, out. You two have a lot of stuff to do today so get going.’ Holly said.

‘You can’t kick us out; Ryan is Grace’s best friend!’ Brendon demanded.

‘Yes I can, he’s my husband.’

‘I’ll see you at home beary.’

‘Okay.’ Grace gave Brendon another kiss, ‘Love you.’

‘Love you too, bye Satan.’ Brendon said. Holly kicked him in the shin as he walked out after putting on his shirt.

‘He’s such a goof ball.’

‘He’s so annoying.’ Holly said.

‘Do you feel better now?’ Ryan asked.

‘Yes much.’ Brendon got back into the car and started on their trip around the city to run the wedding errands.

‘Grace, come on let’s go, we’re going to be late to get your hair done.’
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