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Getting down to the wire!

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‘Alright, let’s go.’ Grace said as she logged off her computer and picked up her bag, slipping her pumps back on her feet before following Holly out of the office.

‘So what are we looking at for your hair, give me some details on the wedding.’ James, Grace’s hair stylist and good friend, said as she sat in the chair in his studio.

‘The ceremony is at six in the evening on the beach. The reception is just off the beach under a sheer tent after sunset. It’s very romantic, and very elegant, and fairy tale-ish.’

‘So what we need to do is something breath taking and elegant.’


‘Alright, I think I know exactly what we’re going to do.’ As James went to work on her hair, Holly went to work on her make up and with in half an hour Grace looked like a flawless angel. Had Brendon been there, he would have had a heart attack.

‘Wow, James.’ Holly said as she looked from Grace’s beautifully hair to the stylist. Grace’s hair looked almost like a Carrie Underwood inspired curly half up do. She had side swept bangs with a slight poof on the crown with some curls pinned up in the back with the rest of the lose spirals falling down around her shoulders.

‘I’m amazing.’ James smiled as she spun Grace around so she could look in the mirror.

‘Wow.’ Was all she said as she stood up.

‘Alright beautiful, let’s get you dressed.’ James said as he helped her around the chair and the three walked into a fitting room.

‘Oh my god, Gracie.’ Holly said as Grace was now fully done up in her wedding dress and everything, just like she would be on her wedding day. Holly had tears in her eyes; it was almost as if Grace had a glowing light surrounding her as she stood in her flawless, hand made wedding dress with Tiffany’s diamonds dripping off of her.

‘How do I look?’ she asked as she turned around to look in the three way mirror.

‘You look flawless honey.’ James said. Grace smiled as she looked in the mirror.

‘Are you two ready to go?’ Grace asked.

‘I am.’ Holly smiled.


‘Why am I coming?’ he asked. Grace turned around with a blank stare.

‘Because you’re my stylist, you have to be there.’

‘Okay.’ James smiled.

‘Sweet, let’s go.’ Grace smiled as she took both of their hands. Grace walked out to Holly’s Lexus where James stuffed her and her dress into the back seat. They were taking the picture at the studio and had brought in a piano just for the photographer. Grace was excited for two reasons: Number one, it was her bridal picture and she was finally sitting in her wedding dress which meant that it was actually happening, and two; Ryan would be in her bridal portrait as well. He was one of the most important people in her life and she wanted him involved.

The photo shoot took nearly two hours before they got a picture that they liked. The final picture was beautiful. It was a picture that the photographer had taken when neither Ryan nor Grace were paying much attention. Grace was sitting on top of the piano with her legs dangling off with her hands resting on either side of her while she looked over at Ryan with a beautiful smile. Ryan also held a huge smile as he looked at her and played on the black piano. The photo would, in the end, be in black and white. Grace loved the picture and knew Brendon would as well.

Next thing on the agenda was all the various parties and showers before the wedding. The date was drawing closer and with every day came more excitement. It was still a month away and already, Brendon and Grace were so excited as the festivities built up more and more every day.

‘What are you getting ready for?’ Brendon asked wrapping his arms around Grace’s waist two weeks later while Grace used her big make up brush to put on blush.

‘My lingerie shower Holly and Bridgette are throwing for me.’

‘Lingerie shower huh? Is that where you get a bunch of lingerie to model for me and sex toys?’

Grace laughed as he kissed her neck, ‘Yup.’

‘Sweet. I hope you get some good stuff.’

‘I’m sure I will.’ Grace said putting in two pair of studs into her ears.

‘So we pretty much have two weeks until we get married.’

‘I know. I can’t wait for that.’

‘When is your bachelor party?’

‘Next Saturday.’

‘What are you guys doing?’

‘I have no idea. They haven’t told me yet.’

‘Oh I see.’ Grace said.

‘You look beautiful.’ Brendon said referring to Grace’s black and white cocktail dress.

‘Thank you.’ She smiled, ‘I gotta go.’

‘Come home to me later.’

‘I will. I love you.’ Grace put her arms around Brendon’s neck while he leaned her back on the counter kissing her sweetly.

‘I love you Grace. Have a good time.’

‘Bye honey.’ Grace walked out of the bathroom, grabbed her iphone, slid her engagement ring back on, and grabbed her purse.

‘Hi Gracie.’ Bridgette said as she walked into the Ballagio.

‘Hey.’ Grace smiled hugging her sister in law.

‘Are you ready to party with us?’

‘Yes, let’s go.’ Bridgette took Grace’s hand as she led her back to the room they had reserved for Grace’s Lingerie shower.

‘Here she is.’ Holly said. Grace was the last to arrive at the party, but she was really excited about it. She loved her girl time.

‘So you’re getting down to the wire here. You’ve got two weeks left. Are you ready?’ Jon’s girlfriend asked.

‘It’s about time; I’ve been ready for the past year and a half.’

‘How does Brendon feel?’

‘He just wants his sex back.’

‘Well by the time we get done with you today, he’s going to have problems keeping his hands off you.’

‘As if that’s not already a problem.’ Grace laughed.

Her Lingerie shower proved to be one of the greatest things she’d ever been to. She got everything from personalized lingerie with her wedding date and Brendon’s name on it to some risqué lingerie to model for Brendon to fuzzy hand cuffs and toys to use in the bedroom.

Brendon nearly flipped when he went through her bags when she got home. He had plans for every single thing she got from the girls: all outfits, all toys, even the fuzzy handcuffs.

It was now Saturday, May 7th, exactly one week to the day of their wedding. Brendon was getting ready for his bachelor party while Grace got ready for her Bridal luncheon which had turned into a dinner party. Her mom, Brendon’s mom, and Ryan’s mom had all decided to make the dinner and have it at Grace and Brendon’s house as an original idea for it. Grace had her bridal gifts, Tiffany’s pendant necklaces for all of her bride’s maids and was looking forward to a night with all of her girlfriends while Brendon was out with the boys.

‘I’m going to need a couple of kisses to hold me over until tomorrow morning.’ Brendon said as Grace straightened up the living room.

‘Baby, what are you doing? I’m not done yet.’ Grace whined as he tackled her to the couch as both of their mothers walked through the living room, completely disregarding them as they started making out on the couch.

An hour later, the door bell rang right before Ryan walked into the house. ‘Hi sweetheart.’ His mom said as she walked into greet her son.

‘Hey mom, where is Brendon?’

‘He’s attached to Grace. They’ve been making out for the past hour.

‘I should have known, with the way these two have been acting lately you would have through we were taking Brendon away for years.

‘Oh sweetheart, they are just excited.’

‘Right…Brendon, let’s go.’ Ryan said as Brendon laid on top of Grace with his hand up her dress.

‘I gotta go.’ He whispered between kisses.


‘I love you.’

‘I love you too. Be good tonight.’

‘I will be. The only reason Ryan is going is to make sure I’m good. He’d much rather be giggling and hanging out with the girls.’ Brendon joked as he stood up while Grace swept her tinted lip gloss off his lips.

‘Don’t be mean to him Beary.’

‘Okay, have fun with your girls. I’ll see you tomorrow.’

‘Bye honey.’ Brendon and Ryan walked out the front door as Grace swooned back onto the couch as her mom and Mrs. Urie walked in.

‘Did you have fun?’ her mom asked. Grace nodded.

‘So thank you girls for coming tonight, it means a lot to me to have all of you here at the same time. I don’t know how I would have gotten this wedding together with out you, so thank you so much.’

While the bridal luncheon went on, Brendon began his bachelor party at their favorite pizza place complete with his favorite beer, Bud light.
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