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Party. Party. Party. Part II

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Brendon gets a little drunk. WE'RE ALMOST THERE!

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‘So this is your last week as a single guy.’ Shane said as they all sat in the car after dinner on their way to the next activity. Brendon wasn’t sure what it was but it was sure to send Brendon into a panic.

‘Come on, it’s not like he’s been single since the day he met Grace.’ Eric said.

‘You know what Eric, you’re right.’ Shane said. Shane’s new room mate, Adam, someone who Brendon had only met briefly a couple of times was there as well. He was bound to cause trouble as he was already belligerently drunk.

‘She’s got you on such a short chain Bren; it’s amazing you can deal with her.’

‘Hey,’ Ryan said, ‘He’s getting married to her; tonight isn’t a party to bash her so stop it.’

‘Oh right, I forgot your like her BFF.’ Adam said in a valley girl voice. Ryan had found his breaking point with this guy, but had decided just to let it slide on account of it was Brendon’s bachelor party.

‘Adam just shut up.’ Ryan said as Jon pulled into a strip club parking lot.

‘What are we doing?’ Brendon asked.

‘We’re going to a strip club.’


‘Because Grace is hot but she’s got class, you need a lap dance from a girl that isn’t so classy.’

‘Whatever.’ Brendon said as everyone got out of the car. ‘Ryan.’

‘What’s up dude?’

‘Don’t let me drink too much and do something I’ll regret, please.’

‘Don’t worry man; I’ve got your back.’

‘Thanks.’ Brendon said as they walked in.

The boys all sat down at a table close to the stage, Brendon looked up and saw the girl from his dream. He looked at her with wide eyes and a look of disgust on his face. ‘Ryan…Ryan, not her.’

‘Why not?’ Ryan mumbled.

‘She’s the girl that was in my dream.’

‘Have you met her before?’

‘No, but make sure she stays away from me please.’ Brendon begged.

‘Alright, I got it.’ Ryan said as Jon ordered a round of beer and a round of some shot.

‘It’s time Brendon.’ Spencer said a couple of hours later, as all of the guys, except Ryan had had quite a bit to drink.

‘Time for what?’

‘Your lap dances.’ Jon yelled just as a short red head walked over wearing only a black g-string. Brendon glared over at Jon before the girl sat on his lap.

‘So are you the one getting married?’ she asked.

‘Yeah.’ Brendon said. It was no lie that the girl was hot but she wasn’t Grace.

‘Well that’s too bad. Your girl is pretty lucky to have such a hottie.’ The girl said as she straddled his lap.

At the end of the night, Brendon had lost count on how many lap dances he had. The same girl from his dream was now sitting on his lap, making him very uncomfortable.

‘So baby, how is your girl in bed?’ she girl whispered into Brendon’s ear.

‘She’s amazing.’

‘I bet I could give her a run for her money.’

‘I’m sure you could but I think I’m going to stick to her.’

‘I won’t tell if you won’t.’

‘Alright, I think you’ve had enough to drink.’ Ryan said as he started to walk over towards Brendon.

‘Dude, chill out. That girl is going to take him into the back. I paid her to give him a little more action.’ Adam said.

‘He doesn’t want anymore action.’ Ryan said as he started over towards Brendon. Adam got in front of him.

‘Just chill dude, Grace won’t have sex with him; he needs to have sex before he gets married. What if he realizes that it’s not time yet?’

‘Brendon doesn’t want to have sex with someone else; he loves Grace, now get out of my way.’

‘Sorry dude.’ Adam said right before Ryan’s hand came in contact with his face.

‘Come on Brendon, let’s get you home.’ Ryan said helping the drunken state of his best friends’ fiancé off the chair.

‘Hey, we aren’t done here.’ The girl said.

‘He’s getting married in a week, we are done here.’ Ryan said as he helped Brendon out.

‘She’s not Grace.’ He said stupidly looking at the girl.

‘No, Brendon, she’s not Grace.’

‘I want to fuck my Gracie.’

‘I know you do B, come on.’ Ryan took Brendon outside with Jon, Spencer, and Eric behind him. Shane and Adam were staying there.

Ryan started Jon’s Tahoe and started on his way back to his house unbeknownst to him that Grace was there. She was in for quite the night with a drunken Brendon and an upset Ryan.

‘Hey I’m home.’ Ryan said as he helped Brendon into the house.

‘What happened to him?’ Grace asked as Brendon stumped over a toy of Addy’s.

‘He had one too many beers at dinner and then Jon kept buying him alcohol at the strip club. He’s going to be feeling this in the morning.’

‘Awwwww.’ Grace laughed.

‘Ryan, that’s my Gracie.’ Brendon pointed before he dropped his arm and nearly fell over. Ryan caught him and walked him over to the couch.

‘I’m going to get him some water.’ Grace walked into the kitchen chuckling at her soon to be husband.

‘Hi baby.’ Brendon smiled as Grace sat down on the coffee table with a wet wash cloth and a bottle of water for him.

‘Hi honey.’ She smiled resting a hand on his cheek.

‘I’m sorry; I went and come horribly drunk. I didn’t want to have sex with that girl.’

‘Brendon, what are you talking about?’

‘This girl at that place we were at sat on my lap and wanted to fuck. I told her we couldn’t because I was getting married in a week to a girl that was way prettier than she is. I like your boobies better too. They are real.’ Brendon said as he reached out and groped Grace’s chest.

‘Brendon.’ Grace laughed as she moved his hand off of her.

‘I’m sorry baby; your boobies are just so pretty I want to play with them.’

‘Do you want to go home babe?’

‘I just wanna play with them.’

‘Come on honey, I’ll take you home.’ Grace said. ‘Ry, will you help me get him to the car?’

‘Sure.’ Ryan laughed as he got up from the chair.

‘Grace, why won’t you have sex with me? Am I not pretty enough for you? Is my butt too big? Do you not love my penis?’ Brendon whined as Ryan helped him into the car. ‘I don’t think she likes my penis. My penis is pretty, you wanna see?’ Brendon started to unbuckle his jeans before Ryan grabbed his hand away.

‘No, Brendon, I don’t want to see it. I’ll take your word for it okay? Now come on, let’s get into the car, Grace is going to take you home so you can sleep in your own bed.’

‘Is she going to sleep in it with me?’ he asked excitedly.

‘I don’t know, now get into the car.’

‘Fine…Jesus, you don’t to be such a bitch about it. I’m going.’ Brendon said as he got into the car knocking his head on the door as he did so.

‘Thanks Ryan.’ Grace said as Ryan walked around her side.

‘You’re welcome; call me if you need help with him.’

‘He’ll be fine. I’m sure.’ Grace said before she was startled by the horn and Brendon’s laughter.

‘Goodnight Grace.’ Ryan said as she got into the car.

The ride home was spent with Brendon pushed every button he could find her in Range Rover before he started playing with the windows. ‘I never knew this car had so many buttons.’ Grace soon pulled up into the driver way opting not to park in the garage and have Brendon break something.

‘Alright beary, we’re home, let’s get you inside.’

‘Will you have sex with me then?’

‘No beary.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because we’re getting married in a week.’

‘But I want to fuck you so badly.’

‘This time next week, you can do whatever you want to me.’

‘Will you give me a blow job?’ he asked. Grace had forgotten how much of a pain and a horn dog he was when he’d been drinking.

‘Brendon, come on baby.’ Grace said as she helped him into the house.

‘I really just want a blow job.’

‘Brendon.’ Grace laughed.

‘Are you having an affair with Ryan? Do you give him my head?’

‘Brendon, will you stop saying that? I’m not having an affair with Ryan and I’m not giving him your head.’

‘I’m not feeling too good.’ He said just as they got upstairs into their bedroom.

‘Are you going to throw up?’


‘Alright.’ Grace said as she walked him into the bathroom. ‘Sit down right here and I’ll go get you some water okay?’

‘Okay.’ Grace walked out of the room to get him some water. When she came back, he had already thrown up and the bathroom smelt like a mix between alcohol and vomit.

‘I think I’m done throwing up.’ Brendon said as he laid down on the floor.

‘Are you sure?’


‘Okay, let’s go to bed.’ Grace helped him up and led him into the bedroom. He sat down on the bed and she took off his shirt and unbuckled his jeans, pulling him up she could take them off of him.

‘You’re so beautiful.’ He slurred.

‘Thanks Beary.’ She laughed.

‘I’m not joking. I know that I’m completely hammered right now but you’re so beautiful. Sometimes I can’t even look at you because you’re so gorgeous. It makes my eyes burn like an angel, you’re beautiful like an angel. Will you cuddle me since you won’t blow me?’

Grace rolled her eyes before she walked into the bathroom to change into her pajama shorts and one of Brendon’s button downs. She was trying hard not to get annoyed with him. This wasn’t something that happened all the time but when it did, all he wanted was sex or some sort of sex.

Grace walked back into the bedroom and turned off the lights before crawling into bed with him. Brendon laid his head down on her chest and snuggled into her boobs. ‘This is almost as good as a blow job.’ Grace rolled her eyes as she ran her hands through his hair. She kissed the top of his head realizing that she was going to be doing this for the rest of her life. She smiled before he looked up at her. Grace leaned over and kissed him softly.

‘I love you.’ She whispered.

‘I love you too.’ Brendon said before he lay his head back down and passed out. One week later.


~~~So here is the deal, if I can't find anyone to take over the two stories, I'm just going to delete them and they'll be gone forever. I just wanted to throw this out at you all one more time before I delete them. I'm working on something new that I really really like so enjoy this. The wedding is almost here!!!1 *
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