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This is Emmalecia's story. Or rather her story after the turning. NOTE: This story contains Vampires and Werewolves. =]]] Main characters are: Emmalecia, Bryar, & Jayde.

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Chapter 1:
I feel pain, so much pain; but I fight to ignore it. I lay in bed, as my mother and fother sob, afraid once again; that I'm going to die. I'm but sixteen, and when I should be going out and having fun, I am lying in my bed wondering, like every day, if I will die. When I look in the mirror, I fear the worst. The once lucious black curls of hair I had going down to my shoulders, lay limp. I have deep circles under my eyes, and look fragile, as if i will break into a million pieces if you touch me. I really hope sometimes, that I will die, and my parents won't have to deal with the sorrow anymore. I smile reassuringly, trying to ignore the tearing pains.
"Mother, Father; go now, you aren't any help to me right now. Please go." I say in a raspy voice, barely whispering the words.
"We love you Emmalecia." my mother says tearfully, standing by the door.
"Call us if you need anything honey." my father says, restraining himself from sobbing. I nod, and they leave. I attempt to sleep, but end up stuck between sleep, and awake. I awake sobbing, and shivering, unaware of why, i calm myself.
"There is only one way to cure yourself. The doctors will only help temporarily. Seek us, Emmalecia. We''l be waiting for you." he says, vanishing. I try to wake myself up, but realize...that wasn't a dream.
I begin to feel better a few weeks later. I can move more freely, and my doctors, are immensly suprised. I know they thought i would get worse, and die, but i quickly shove the negative thought away. It gets late, and i must go to sleep. I once again fall into a half sleep. I wake up freezing, noticing that my window is open, I'm about to get up, when a hand presses lightly over my mouth.
"If you want to live come to the park a block from your home. Tomorrow night. If you wish to die, don't go." the voice says quiet and soothing. The hand touches cheek briefly, then faster than the speed of light, a dark figure leaps from my second story window. I have the urge to look out my window, but I'm so exhausted; i resist.
~I awaken ashen, and feverish. I vomit, and my parents rush to my room.
"Emmalecia!" my mother says
"Are you okay? You were doing so well yesterday." my father says sadly. I faze out from their startled talk, and the world goes dark around me. It's night when I finally wake up. I remember the person, who seemed so caring last night, and decide, to go to him. I quietly slip downstairs, and out the front door. I realize I'm in my nightgown, but i guess it doesn't matter now. I'm not going back. As I approach the park, I have bad feelings. What if he's a psycho? I ask myself. I push away the thougths, and try to be strong. I walk into the park, and seeing no one, sit on the bench. I feel someone behind me, and as I'm about to turn, a hand covers my eyes.
"You don't need to see me now. Tell me, do you want to live, or die?" he asks, and I know for certain it's the voice from last night.
"Yes, I wish to live." I say quietly avoiding tears.
"Will you be brave, and accept your new life, even if it means leaving everything behind?" he asks.
"Yes." I say quietly letting a tear fall silently.
"Okay. Lets begin your new life. Do not be terrified Emmalecia. I won't try to hurt you, now close your eyes." he says softly. I do, as he asks, and wait quietly. I can't help but notice how strong he is, and how unbearably cold he is. he kisses me on the cheek lightly, and I shudder.
"Shhh. . ." he whispers. He tilts my chin back, and kisses my pulse point softly. I feel teeth pierce my skin, and and buzz passes through me. It is intoxicating, and I don't want it to stop. He pulls away after a while, and offers me his arm. I look at him puzzled, then he takes an unusually long, and sharp canine across his wrist. He puts it up to my mouth, and I scoot away. It doesn't do me much good, since I'm now on his lap.
"Drink Emmalecia." he says. I lower my mouth to the cut, and the blood fills my mouth, I feel disgust, until it hits my tongue. It tastes like heaven to me, and i grip his arm. After another while, he pulls away easily.
"We need to go home now honey," he says as if talking to a dear child.
"my home??" i ask confused.
"No, you are no longer allowed with the living."
"What??" i ask very frustrated.
"Emmalecia, you are a vampire," he says. With those words, I pass out.

Chapter 2:
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