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Chapter 2::

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Chapter two. Emmalecia's new life. I'd be ecstatic if someone would review my first chapter.=]] It probably sucked.

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I awaken in a dark room, tired and weak. I glance around the room, and stiffen realizing I'm not home. I feel my slow heartbeat, and realize it should be accelerating. I wonder briefly if I'm dead, but soon come to realize what had happened earlier. I remeber the strange guy, who is but a year older than me; but really three hundred. I feel an extreme connection to him, like I'm bound to him; though I truly know nothing about him. To tell you the truth, I never found out his name. I gingerly lift myself from the bed, and a wave of dizziness overcomes me. I get up fighting it off, and walk to a mirror. I glance in awe at my hair, my black ringlet curls look more gorgeous than ever. My face is as pale as porcelain, and my face is almost well...perfect. I'm still wearing my nightgown, and remember my parents. I wonder what they will think when they realize I'm not in my bed. I let a tear fall down my cheek, and again glance in the mirror. My eyes aren't red like they normally are when I'm crying, they glow and my eyes aren't even the same color; they're gold. The girl in the mirror is me, but she looks so much more exotic, her lashes are full, and dark, her eyes mysterious. Feeling self-absorbed; I step away from the mirror, and almost run into the vampire.
"Emmalecia, you're awake." he says smiling, relief flooding his golden eyes.
"Yes?" I ask already knowing he'll ask a question. He looks puzzled a moment, but recovers.
"Are you hungry? I'm simply ravenous." he says with a knowing half-smile.
"Starving." I say sniffling, and glancing at him, taking in his appearance. He is the most beautiful person I've ever seen in my life, porcelain complexion, bright eyes; and incredibly strong. But his hair is best of all; his brown hair is straight, slanted around his face, shading a portion of it, and curling around his face. I realize I'm staring, and blush, but the blood doesn't rise to my face; so he can't tell. He smiles to me, and motions us to the door. He lightly pushes me onwards to a lightly lit family room.
"This is our family room." he says quiely moving me onwards through another door..
"And this is the dining room." he says stopping. The room is elegant, and the table is set. He sits me at a chair nearest to the head, and he sits at the head. There are two glasses, filled with a red liquid. I look to him, and he raises it to his lips mouthing the word blood. I grimace and lift it to my mouth, I smell it and my canines lenghten; poking my lips. I gulp it down quickly, I feel suddenly stronger, and happy; satisfied. I suddenly remember what I wanted to ask him, and before I ask, his answer is already there.
"My name is Bryar." he says quietly.
"It's nice to finally know your name. You saved my life." I say tears spilling out of my eyes. He gets up, and looks uncertain of what to do, before hugging me lightly. He pulls away, and speaks into my mind.
"Emmalecia, it is alright. Please don't cry, your here and alive; don't spend another moment sick, and sad. I gasp, and look into his eyes.
"How did you do that? Have you been the one that's been talking in my head when I'm awake?" I ask curiously. He once again enters my mind.
"It is easy. I will be glad to teach you another time. And yes, I was the one talking to you."
"You should rest." Bryar says aloud, already walking me to my room. "Goodnight Emmalecia." he says tucking me in, he turns, and turns back.
"Emmalecia...We will need to buy you clothes. You can't live in your nightgown forever." he says laughing before continuing, I stick my tongue out at him. "The bathroom is connected to your room, next to the closet. Goodnight." Bryar says quickly kissing me on the head, before leaving, shutting the door behind him.

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