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Chapter 16

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-Holly’s POV-

Ryan, Michael and I were walking down the street. Bill thought I should get some air, and since it was Michael’s turn to watch me, we met up with Ryan and went for a stroll around the town. It was a bit windy, so Michael gave me his hoodie. The past two days after the phone call had been hell. I was either crying or just zoning out. The Butcher had jokingly called me the Living Zombie. I couldn’t function without Evie. I know I have Bill, and he’ll do anything for me, but Evie was there for longer. And there are just some things Bill and I really shouldn’t talk about.

“Do you miss it?” I asked, looking up at him. He looked at me quizzically.

“Miss what? My hoodie?”

“No.” I laughed a bit. “Australia.” Michael smiled at his home country’s name.

“Well, of course.” He said putting a comforting arm around my shoulders and giving me a hug. “You always miss your home.”

“Then why isn’t Evie coming back?” I asked in a whisper, hugging him back against the wind.

“I don’t know Roo. I honestly don’t.” He kissed the top of my head and rubbed my upper arm. Michael and I had become very close since he joined the band. He was almost like another Patrick. The best part was, I trusted him, so Bill did too. I’m a pretty good judge of character.

“Who’s that getting out of that camper?” Ryan asked, pointing towards a small camper dropping someone off. I couldn’t really see the person but they were walking along the street, not the sidewalk. As we all got closer, it hit me.

“Evie?” I asked myself aloud, and I pulled out of Michael’s grip. “Evie!” I started to run towards her, but she didn’t hear me or see me. I saw a car heading towards her back, going too fast. “EVIE WATCH OUT!” I screamed. I watched as I shouted too late and the car hit her. I felt arms encircle around me, muscular and strong, so they were Michael’s, but I threw them off of me and ran over to Evie’s limp body on the street. I pulled off Michael’s hoodie and pulled her head gently on my lap, putting the hoodie underneath her head for extra support. Ryan and Michael and another man, whom I assume drove Evie here were crouched around me.

“Ryan! Don’t just fucking gawk at her! Call the fucking police!” I yelled at him. I glanced back down at Evie, blood trickling down from a cut on her forehead. She was breathing shallowly, and I wanted to break down, but instead I stroked her hair back gently. Michael crouched closely next to me.

“It’ll be okay Holly. Don’t worry. The paramedics are on their way, and she’ll be fixed up in no time.”

“Holly?” The man from the camper asked.

“Yeah?” I said slowly, as Michael took a protective stance next to me.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that, Evie’s told me a lot about you.”

“And who are you?”

“I’m Tom. I offered her a ride back here because she was upset, and she told me everything that happened. You really needed her.” I looked back down at Evie as I thought.

“Yeah, I do.” I said, noticing the flashing lights not too far off in the distance. The paramedics were so fast; it felt like seconds before Evie was out of my arms and onto a stretcher. The paramedic asked the four of us to choose someone to go. Immediately, I was pushed forward and climbed into the back with them, holding tightly to Evie’s cold hand. I was asked questions, like how I knew her, and more follow-up questions. Once at the hospital, they rushed Evie into the ER and sent me to the lobby to answer more questions from the police. Halfway through their questioning, Michael, Ryan, and Tom showed up. They sat off to the side and listened and texted everyone about their whereabouts. After I was done being questioned, I put my head in my hands and rubbed my eyes a bit.

“Holly!” I looked up to see Bill barreling into the lobby and engulf me in a tight hug. “When Michael told me you guys were at the hospital, I thought it was you. I can’t believe you found Evie! What happened?”

“She was coming back home, and she got hit by a car.” I told him. “I couldn’t get the license. She’s pretty badly hurt. The paramedics said a few broken ribs, a possible concussion, and a broken arm. Not to mention the scratches and bruises.”

“Sweetheart, I’m so sorry.” Bill hugged me even tighter and I let my tears fall. He kissed my wet cheek and wiped some of the tears away. “Crying won’t make her any better honey.” He laughed, fully aware he was crying too. “Let’s sit and wait for the others. Then we’ll go get some coffee or something.” I nodded and we sat on the other side of Michael. The rest of the guys piled in slowly, first Patrick, Joe and Andy. Then Brendon, being I think the most frantic, and the others. Pete showed up last. I still hated him. If it wasn’t for him, none of this would’ve happened, and I’d be pregnant with Bill’s baby, and Evie would be an affectionate aunt. I think he sensed my anger, because he opted for the seat farthest from me.

Is there any family here for a Ms. Evie Hale?” A doctor asked. Bill and I immediately stood up.

“We’re the closest she’s got.” I said.

“Okay. Evie is stable, having just got out of surgery, she’s doing fine. She didn’t lose a lot of blood, which is good, but she’s going to have to take it easy for a long time when she leaves the hospital. Her ribs are really tender right now, and still will be, but we’ll get to that when she’s released. If you want, you can go see her.” I practically pulled Bill down the hall where her room was, and went in slowly and quietly.

The beep of Evie’s heart monitor reminded me too much of my own. I grasped Bill’s hand tighter and he kissed mine back, telling me to be strong. Evie was asleep from the drugs they put her in, and the IV bag was dripping slowly. Bill sat on one of the chairs and I sat on his lap, taking a hold of Evie’s hand that was not in a cast. I let a few tears slip.

“Evie, you have me so scared right now.” I whispered. “I know you’re okay, but I’m scared.” Evie didn’t wake up to my voice, and I could sense Bill dosing off in the early morning hour. I was getting a bit restless, I wouldn’t sleep until Evie woke up, and I needed something to do.

“I am finding out that maybe I was wrong. That I’ve fallen down, and I can’t do this alone. Stay with me; this is what I need please. Sing us a song, and we’ll sing it back to you! We could sing our all but what would it be without you?” I sang the Paramore song under my breath. Hayley was one of my personal friends, having first met her when Paramore was signed. She was so funny, and we started singing a karaoke song together, finding that we had an almost similar singing voice.

“Your voice is so pretty.” Evie whispered, and I shot my head up, seeing a smiling Evie.

“Evie!” I squealed, carefully hugging her. “Evie, I’m so glad you came back.”

“I’m so sorry I left Holly.” She whispered. After I talked with Tom, everything fell into perspective. I thought coming back would cause you more pain, but I was wrong.”

“Evie, don’t you ever, ever think that. You didn’t cause me pain. You didn’t cause Bill pain. There’s a reason for all this. A good one. It just might take some time before its clear.” I told her, moving from Bill’s lap to the edge of her bed. “I’m still working on moving on from losing the baby, but I’m looking at it in a sort of bleakish, positive light. I wasn’t ready to have a baby. I was barely out of high school, with no job or anything. Perhaps that’s why I lost it. Who knows? But Evie, you and Bill are the two most important things in my life. Please don’t take that away ever again.”

“I promise.” She smiled. “As long as you promise the same.”

“Don’t worry. You knew when you met me, I’m never going away.” I laughed and so did she, but quickly got a pained look on her face. “Oh, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have made you laugh.” I said.

“No, it’s fine. I missed laughing with you.” She looked down at her hands, as if contemplating what words to use. “H-Holly, are you and Bill going to be okay?” Holly smiled and chuckled a bit.

“I think we’re doing better than fine.” I told her, leaning forward a bit. “We’re going to get married.” I whispered in her ear. She squeaked happily and shocked. “That’s another reason I needed you back. I’d need a maid of honor, and I think Patrick would look pretty silly in a purple dress.” Evie giggled a bit.

“I don’t think Bill’s waking up for a while.” She said, gently gesturing to him, dead asleep in the chair.

“He hasn’t gotten any sleep in a while.” I said, looking ashamed. It was worry over me and Evie that kept him up at night.

“Neither have you by the looks of it.” Evie said.

“I was too worried.” I said. “Evie, I don’t understand why you thought it was your fault. I mean if anyone’s to blame, it’s Pete for taking advantage of you. And trust me, he got a full beating by the guys.”

“I don’t know.” She answered. “I guess it’s just a thing I do.”

“Well, don’t worry. I’ll let you know if something’s your fault.” I joked. I looked back to Bill and then back to Evie. “Will you be alright for a few minutes? I need to find the guys and tell them you’re okay.”

“Yeah.” I finally let go of her now warm hand and walked out the room and back down to the lobby. There, I found the guys I needed to find: Michael, Mike, Sisky, and The Butcher.

“Hey, how is Evie?” Michael asked, hugging me with one arm, while holding coffee in the other.

“She’s doing well.” I told them with a small smile. “She woke up a little while after Bill and I went in there. Bill’s asleep in one of the chairs.”

“Typical.” Mike laughed and shook his head.

“Listen, can I ask you guys a favor?” They looked at me and smiled.

“Sure.” Butcher said. “What is it?”

“I have a song; it’s by Hayley’s band, Paramore, called My Heart.”

“Oh yeah, I know that one.” Mike smiled. “You want to sing it?”

“If you guys wouldn’t mind backing me up?” I asked, with a cheesy smile.

“Of course we wouldn’t mind.” Sisky said. “When do you want to do it?”

“Well, at Evie’s welcome back party, which I have to start planning.” I said. “Oh jeez. Planning a party and a wedding? This is going to be stressful.” Oops.

“Wedding?!” They all said. I quickly went to cover all their mouths and backed them away from Patrick and the others. Once we were a safe distance I pulled my hands and arms away.

“A wedding?! Who’s?” Mike asked.

“Mine and Bill’s.” I grimaced. “I don’t think Bill was going to tell you just yet, at least not without me, so don’t tell him I ruined it!” I pleaded.

“Don’t worry, we won’t.” Michael laughed. “So where’s the ring?”

“We don’t have one yet. He said when he has enough money, then he’ll get me one.” I sighed. “I really don’t think it’s necessary though. I mean, as long as we get married, what’s the point?” The guys smiled mischievously and I raised an eyebrow.

“I’m going to ignore those looks and go back to Evie.” I said. “Later.” I gave them a round of hugs, updated everyone else on Evie’s condition, and went back to her room where she was dozing peacefully, with Bill still dead. I gently climbed back on his lap and rested my head on his shoulder, finally willing my eyes to shut and fall asleep as Bill’s arms subconsciously surrounded my body and pulled it closer to his.
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