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All I Want For Christmas Is You

by ipanicdaily

I don't know what to rate it. there isn't sex but there are a few hot least I think so. Sorry it took so long to update!

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"positive." Frank's grip increased so tightly on Gerard's hand that he probably cut off circulation. It was the worst thing he had ever been told and he felt the overwhelming urge to cry but he fought it off. "You might want to get tested as well." The doctor told Gerard who nodded as he put his other arm around Frank to pull him close. "At least we have an answer." He said quietly as he looked at Frank. Doctors had to train themselves to lose emotion because it was often their task to relay depressing news and if they let their person feelings get in the way, they would always be in corners crying or something. "I'll let you take it in and I'll come back later to talk about medication." He turned and left, leaving the atmosphere in the room thick and heavy.

"It's ok Frankie." Gerard whispered, pulling his hand from Frank's grip then wrapped his arms tightly around him. Frank just stared blankly at the door, barely showing any signs of life at all. "Nothing will change really. You'll just have to take medications and I just have to take extra care of you." He was trying to cheer Frank up but Frank couldn't think straight. "I want to take care of you." Frank still remained still and silent.

"I think I'm going to go." Ray said quietly as he stood up. "Call me later."

"Tell Mikey and Bob please." Gerard whispered and Ray nodded then left. "Talk to me babe." He whispered some more, turning his attention to Frank, trying not to focus too long on his hallow eyes.

As though he was snapped from a trance, Frank threw his arms around Gerard and cried into his shoulder. "I don't want to die!" He choked fearfully and Gerard held Frank, gently rubbing his back to try and calm him down.

"You're not going to die." He reassured Frank in a calm, soft voice.

"That's what it does!" Frank continued to cry. "It slowly kills you while everyone you love has to watch you waste away! Your life gets controlled by it as you have to take medication, watch what you eat, exercise all the time! It just laughs at you while you become its slave!" Gerard was taken back slightly because Frank had given this serious thought.

"You already watch what you eat and exercise enough." He told Frank but Frank didn't listen.

"I'm not taking medication." Frank said bluntly.

"Yes you are." Gerard was becoming stern with Frank. "You're not giving into this." He pulled Frank back slightly so he could look into his eyes. "I'm not losing you again." Frank's eyes held more pain than Gerard thought one person could ever experience and he knew he had to cheer Frank up before it destroyed him. "How about when you get out of here, we take a trip. Just you and me, wherever you want to go." A small smile spread across Frank's face as Gerard wiped away the tears on Frank's face. "It's almost Christmas. What do you think?"

"I'd like that." He whispered and Gerard was relieved that Frank was a little happy.

"Where do you want to go then?" He smiled back to Frank to make Frank stay happy.

"Anywhere is fine with me, as long as I can be with you." Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard then laid back on the bed, pulling Gerard down with him. "Will you sing to me?" He asked and Gerard smiled as he positioned the pillow under Frank's head then pulled the blanket over them.

"As long as I have a voice, I will always sing to you whenever you want." Gerard told him softly as he kissed Frank's head and took a deep breath. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, each and every day. You'll never know babe, how fucking much I love you. And nothing, will take you away." Sure he changed it a bit, but Gerard liked his version a lot better because it was meant just for Frank, and no one else.

"I love you Gerard." Frank whispered as he began to fall asleep.

"I love you more." Gerard told him and Frank smiled as he buried himself in Gerard's arms, slowly drifting off to sleep.


"It's the middle of winter, barely sunny, and almost night time! You don't need those!" Frank told Gerard with amusement.

"They are my sunglasses and I'll wear them whenever I want." He told Frank as they loaded the bags into the trunk of Gerard's car, preparing to leave.

"Exactly why are we leaving at night?" Frank shut the trunk and turned to face Gerard, smiling.

"Because I'm a vampire, bitch." Gerard smiled back and Frank laughed. "Plus, you spent all damn day packing clothes," he put his arms around Frank and pulled him close, "that I told you you wouldn't need."

"Last I checked, snow means cold." Frank kissed Gerard as they leaned slightly against the car.

"I'll keep you warm." Gerard whispered and Frank nodded. "Anyway, it's like two days until Christmas. The place is going to be super busy. We're staying inside."

"Like hell we are." He told Gerard as he put his arms around Gerard's neck. Gerard told Frank they could spend Christmas in New York City so they could have the holiday just to themselves. He regretted telling Frank to chose a place because Frank chose to go to one of the busiest damn cities in the country during the psychotically busy holiday. Gerard was amazed he was able to find a really nice place for them to stay; right near Time Square none-the-less. He spent all the money he had saved for years on this trip and on Frank's Christmas gift; amounting to like forty grand all together. Everyone, including Gerard's parents and Frank's mom ((Gerard didn't tell Frank that people helped)) chipped in to help him give Frank the best Christmas ever, especially since Frank was still getting over the dreadful news he received a few weeks before.

"Come on, we have to get going." Gerard said and Frank dragged him inside to say good bye to Ray and Gerard's parents. Mikey and Bob had left the previous day to go to the mountains or something for their holiday get away. Gerard felt bad for Ray because he was going to be alone but he wouldn't give up spending the weekend with the man he loved to make Ray feel better, no matter how good friends the two were.

"We're leaving!" Frank chimed as he opened the door. Gerard's parents were sitting in the living room, talking to Ray, while the slideshow of pictures from when Gerard and Mikey played on the television as it did every year. "Awww! You were so cute!" Frank said as he sat down on the couch to watch. "What happened?"

"I became gay." Gerard said standing in the doorway. "Lucky for you." He smiled at Frank who stuck his tongue out at Gerard and went back to watching. Sighing, Gerard went and pulled Frank off the couch. "We're leaving, remember?"

"Have fun you two." Mrs. Way said as they headed back for the door.

"Stay safe." Ray called in a half warning tone. After much fighting with nurses due to the needles, Gerard finally was able to have the test for HIV done and it came back negative. He didn't care if he got it because he didn't want to be with anyone other than Frank, but Frank refused to do anything unprotected to make sure Gerard remained negative.

"We will." Frank gave Gerard a warning look as they exited the house and went back to the car. Gerard got in the driver's seat while Frank situated himself in the passenger's. He stared the car and began to drive while Frank played with the radio. When they got onto the interstate, Frank turned to Gerard with a smile. "What'd you get me for Christmas?"

"A hippopotamus." He told Frank with a smile and Frank rolled his eyes then slid down in his seat a bit. "You'll see." Gerard ran a hand through Frank's hair before putting it back on the wheel. "What'd you get me?"

"I'd say my ass, but you've already had that." Frank said and Gerard began to laugh. The road was dark except a few street lights and headlights from surrounding cars. Frank slid down more in the seat and pulled his hood over his head, putting his hands in the pocket of his hoodie to go to sleep. A few moments later Gerard realized Frank had fallen asleep so he turned the radio down then took his sunglasses off because it was too dark outside for him to be able to see with them on. Gerard was far from sleep which was good because New York was still a few hours away.


Frank woke up as Gerard was driving through the Lincoln Tunnel which led into the city. It was still pretty dark out but you wouldn't be able to tell because the city shone so bright that it gave the illusion of daytime. "It's so beautiful!" Frank said, staring out the window as they exited the tunnel. The streets were festively decorated and Gerard rolled his eyes, shaking his head slightly with a smile as Frank acted like a child. It wasn't the first time either had been to the city but Frank acted like it was.

After a decent amount of time in traffic, Gerard finally came upon the hotel they were staying in so he pulled to the side of the road and shut the car off. "We're here." He told Frank who stared wide-eyed at the building.

"Holy fuck!" Frank half squealed as he quickly got out of the car, Gerard following. "We're staying here?" He asked and Gerard nodded so Frank attacked Gerard and kissed him. Pedestrians walking along the sidewalk gave them strange looks but neither cared because they were just fine with making out in the middle of a street.

"I'm freezing. Let's go inside." They grabbed their bags then went inside where they checked in and headed to their room. When Gerard opened the door, Frank dropped his things and stared at the room in shock. Gerard laughed as he passed Frank and headed to the middle of the living room area where he dropped his things and looked around. "I don't know..." Gerard smiled at Frank as he examined the suite. "It's kind of dull."

"Shut up you ungrateful prick!" Frank told him as he went farther inside to look around. It was a lot bigger than he imagined. It was almost an apartment. There was the living room area which had this amazingly soft rug, a couch, and a fireplace. The living room also had giant windows that overlooked a good portion of the surrounding area, including part of Time Square. Off the living room was a room with sliding doors which held a large bed covered in deep red rose petals. The bedroom led to a large bathroom with two marble sinks and a large bath tub surrounded by unlit candles and more rose petals. There was a really soft rug in there as well. The whole place had small wall lights that didn't get real bright to help add to the romantic feeling. "This place is fucking wonderful!"

"I'm glad you like it." Gerard put his arms around Frank and pulled their bodies together. "I'm really tired." He whispered. "How about we go sleep for a few hours then explore tomorrow?" Gerard looked at his watch to see it was two in the morning. "Well later today." He said with a smile and Frank nodded so the two headed to the bed and pulled the blanket back, the petals falling on the floor, then got underneath the huge cream blanket where Frank took his usual spot by putting his arms around Gerard then laying his head against Gerard's chest.

"This is the best Christmas ever." He said as Gerard got himself comfortable.

"It's going to get better." Gerard told Frank as they shut their eyes and drifted off to sleep.


The joyous sound of horns and sirens woke the two up. "Merry Christmas Eve." Frank told Gerard with a yawn as he smiled and stayed under the blanket for warmth.

"You too babe." Gerard said, yawning himself and looking at the clock next to the bed. "Wow, it's already eleven. We got to get going so we have enough time to enjoy the city." Frank smiled and Gerard sat up, eager to get going because he had a long day planned, using the last of his money to make it the best Christmas ever. Frank moaned and Gerard pulled out from underneath him. "Come on now." Gerard said as he pulled Frank out of bed.

"Where's my stuff?" Frank asked, his eyes half opened as he looked around.

"Middle of the floor where you left it." Gerard told him with a smile and Frank half nodded as he made his way to the living room to get the bag. After about twenty minutes, they were both changed into fresh clothes. Gerard wrapped a scarf around Frank then stuck a hat on his head because it made him look adorable. He then put a scarf on himself and they both slid some fingerless gloves on before grabbing their room key and leaving.

The streets were really busy and the air was bitter cold but Gerard just held on to Frank's hand tightly as they headed down the sidewalk. He half knew where he was going but figured if they got lost, it just meant more time together. "First, coffee." Gerard said as he led Frank to a starbucks, Frank agreeing that he needed the warm drink too. While it wasn't a normal drink for either, they shared a large drink with whip cream and pieces of candy cane on the top. It was caffeine and that's all they really cared about. Once they had their energy, Gerard dragged Frank from the coffee shop and led him down another street.

"So what are we doing today?" Frank asked enthusiastically as he gripped Gerard's hand. Gerard could tell Frank was eager to know what their day was going to be like which made Gerard happy because he wanted to make sure it was a day Frank would never forget. The whole weekend, if everything went right, would be something neither would ever forget.

"Spending the day together." Gerard told him and Frank whined slightly because Gerard wasn't going to tell him. "The whole weekend actually."

"Our whole lives." Frank smiled as he pressed himself closer to Gerard. Gerard let go of Frank's hand and put his whole arm around Frank which made it a little awkward to walk but he didn't care. After a bit of walking, they came upon FAO Schwartz, the greatest toy store Gerard had ever been to. Frank's eyes instantly illuminated because he was a child at heart; and most every minute of every day.

Frank became speechless as they entered the store, which was extremely busy with people buying last minute gifts. The first floor was mainly stuffed animals and things for small children while the top floor was legos, barbies, dolls, etc, and the basement like floor was all baby stuff. "This is stop number one." Gerard told him as let go of Frank. "Pick yourself out something." Most adults wouldn't find a toy store the greatest place to get your lover a gift, but Frank was ecstatic as he dragged Gerard around the store, absorbing everything it had to offer. Gerard told him not to worry about the prices but Frank still only looked at things that weren't real expensive. After like two hours going up, down, and up again, they finally left, Frank gripping a bag that bore a teddy bear he insisted he wanted because on its chest was a little heart that said 'love'; telling Gerard that it was like Gerard giving it to him since Gerard bought it. There really wasn't much for someone his age to choose out of a toy store anyway. It was more for Frank to have fun looking at everything.

Next Gerard dragged Frank to a few random shops to try on clothes just for fun. Frank really didn't want to but after spending a few minutes watching Gerard goof off with practically everything in sight, he joined in the fun and they ended up goofing off together. Gerard ended up with a new pair of sunglasses and he got Frank a muscle shirt, even though Frank didn't really want it, because Gerard loved how he looked in it. After that they headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art because Gerard loved to look at the art work in it. Leisurely they wandered around, hand in hand, looking at all the paintings, sculptures, jewelry, pottery, and everything else. This wasted most of the day which Gerard had hoped it would.

By the time they left the museum, it was getting dark outside. "One last thing before we head back to the hotel." Gerard told Frank who half moaned because he was tired. They ate random food from street vendors all day and had been walking nonstop so he understood Frank's fatigue. "I want to go to central park." He told Frank who sighed but followed as they took a sidewalk path from the side of the museum to the park.

It was getting pretty cold out but Gerard saw exactly what he was looking for and he dragged Frank. The final thing on Gerard's itinerary, out of the hotel at least, was a ride through central park in a horse drawn cart. Frank didn't mind that because he didn't have to walk. Gerard helped Frank into the cart where they sat on the padded seat in the back, resting a blanket on their laps. Frank half laid on Gerard, covered by the blanket since he was getting cold, while they enjoyed the ride. Gerard put his arm around Frank to hold him closely, leaning his head on Frank's.

"Best Christmas ever." Frank said as the lights starting turning on to replace the setting sun. Snow started to fall from the sky and it wasn't long before they were covered in a thin layer of white flakes. "It's snowing!" Frank said eagerly. Snow was always best for Christmas. Gerard laughed and nodded before he kissed Frank, warming them both up with passion.

"It's going to get better." Gerard said intriguingly and Frank stared at him with large eyes full of love.

"How can it get better?" He was half shocked.

"You'll see." Frank sighed and buried his head back in Gerard while they passed through the city, the noise being muffled slightly from the snow.

"I hate those words now." He mumbled and Gerard laughed. They were dropped off close to the hotel and Frank said good bye to the horse before they headed back to get warm. The street lights shone brightly as Frank clung tightly to Gerard, savoring the day they spent together. "Tomorrows Christmas." He told Gerard quietly as they headed back to the hotel.

"That it is." Gerard said, pulling Frank's hat over his eyes only to receive complaints. When they reached the hotel, they walked through the door and breathed in the warm air, smiling to be out of the cold. With a quick wave to the man behind the desk who was too cheery for his own good, Gerard led Frank back to their room where he slid the key card to open the door, locking it tightly behind them.

"Now what?" Frank asked as he dropped the bags from their shopping spree on the middle of the floor with the rest of their stuff. The bed had been re-made and re-decorated in rose petals from the maid who had come while they were out.

"Now we enjoy the night." Gerard stripped himself of his winter protections then took them off Frank until they were down to their simple clothes. "I don't know about you, but I could use a nice warm bath." Gerard kissed Frank, dragging his tongue slowly over Frank's mouth. Frank nodded and smiled widely so Gerard took his hand and led him to the bathroom where Frank flopped onto the soft carpet just to rub his face in it while Gerard started the bath water, dumping a bunch of bubble stuff in and found a lighter for the candles. "Don't have too much fun on that carpet." Gerard told Frank with laughter.

"It's so soft!" Frank rolled onto his back and exhaled as he enjoyed his floor cover. "You should try it." Gerard laughed as he bent over and pulled Frank up, kissing him again.

"I prefer your lips." Frank laughed and put his arms around Gerard then undressed him, Gerard doing the same to Frank until they were both completely naked, holding tightly onto each other. "Come on dirty boy." Gerard, holding Frank's hand, pulled him to the bath tub which was full of bubbly foam, then climbed in, pulling Frank in with him. Frank laughed as he had to clear space for his head from all the bubbles because Gerard over did it a bit with the container so the water wasn't even visible. Gerard pulled Frank to him as he leaned back against the circular tub, Frank's body resting on top of his.

"This feels really good." Frank said as he shut his eyes and enjoyed the warm water which relaxed his muscles since they tightened from their day of roaming the city. It was completely dark in the bathroom except for the flicker of the candles surrounding the tub that rested in a large block of marble. Gerard put his arms around Frank's body and held him tightly as they sat in the warm water, both relaxing and falling half asleep.

"The joy of room service is that they will come whenever you tell them." Gerard said with amusement as he kissed Frank's neck, the back of Frank's neck resting on Gerard's chest while they both stared at the wall, trying not to get eaten by the mass of bubbles. "So we have to be out of here in like twenty minutes." Frank moaned slightly then slipped out of Gerard's grip to face him.

"What about all these damn bubbles since you dumped half the bottle in." Frank smiled as he looked at Gerard with the greatest sparkle Gerard had ever seen in anyone's eye before. It was as though a star fell from the heavens and rested in Frank's gaze.

"We have to get rid of them." Gerard said as he scooped some into his hand and pressed it all into Frank's face. Frank choked a bit while Gerard laughed. Frank wiped his face, spitting out some of the bubbles which floated through the air, causing Gerard to laugh more. To return the gesture, Frank put a handful of bubbly foam into Gerard's mouth while it was wide open with laughter, smiling as he started laughing himself.

Gerard hacked it all out of his mouth before he grabbed Frank's ankles and pulled them forward, causing Frank to fall completely below the surface of the water. He popped back up a moment later, his eyes clenched tightly shut, covered in bubbles. "You look like a soapy snowman." Gerard said with laughter because Frank was completely covered. Frank started laughing himself before he put his hand in front of his mouth and blew a bunch of the bubbles into Gerard's face.

"You too." He said while Gerard ran his hand along his face to pull the bubbles off. Frank climbed on to Gerard and pressed his mouth against Gerard's, bubbles slipping into both their mouths in the process. The taste of the soap wasn't grand, but the taste of each other quickly made up for that. Gerard ran his hands along Frank's head to pull the bubbly foam from his hair and threw it back on to the water while they made out. Somehow both remained calm as their bodies rubbed against each other. Gerard figured it was because they were beyond the constant thought of sex and rather in the stage of pure intimacy where just being in each other's arms was perfect.

"Now the water's getting cold." He told Frank when they pulled away to breath. "Or we're getting too hot." Frank laughed and nodded to that one as he slid backwards off Gerard. "Let's get out now. I'm nice and clean now anyway." He said while he wiped some more bubbles from himself. Gerard got of the tub, his body covered with bubbles, and grabbed a towel which he used to wipe himself down before wrapping it tightly around Frank who stood in the water and lifting him from the bath tub to set him down on the carpet he loved so much as though he was a small child. While Frank clung the towel around his body so he wouldn't get cold, Gerard let the water out and blew out all of the candles.

Frank shook slightly in the damp towel so Gerard went to their bags and grabbed boxers from them, throwing Frank his. When Gerard got his on, he yanked the large pale blanket from the bed, sending petals everywhere again, and replaced Frank's towel with the blanket. Frank wandered to the living room and sat on the rug there while Gerard lit the fireplace and went back to the bed where he grabbed two pillows then joined Frank on the carpet. He had just enough time to put the pillows down when there was a knock at the door so Gerard answered it then thanked the bellboy or whatever he was called before shutting and locking the door again.

Gerard went back to Frank who was wrapped tightly in the blanket, the glow of the flames flickering illuminating the room in the most romantic way possible. He left the cart by the door, taking on the bottle of champaign and two glasses he ordered with him as he sat next to Frank. Frank put the blanket around Gerard as they leaned against the couch, Gerard opening the bottle and sending the cork flying into the wall with a loud 'smack' noise. He poured a little into each glass then handed one to Frank who took a small sip of it then rested his head on Gerard, staring into the embers of the fireplace.

"I couldn't have dreamt of a better night." He said quietly while he listened to the cracking noises the flames produced.

"Still going to get better." Gerard said, drinking some of the champaign from his glass.

"I doubt that." Frank smiled and Gerard nodded. "How?"


"I'll see." Frank said sarcastically before Gerard could finish and Gerard started laughing. He finished his glass then threw the glass to the side because he was too lazy to get up and set it on a table. That and he loved the position he was in. "We're missing mistletoe."

"I don't need it to tell me to kiss you." Gerard did the same with his glass as Frank did then pulled Frank on to his lap, putting their mouths together and sliding his tongue between Frank's soft lips. Frank put his arms around Gerard's neck as he ran his tongue along Gerard's mouth.

"What about a Christmas tree?" Frank asked with a smile as he recited every traditional Christmas item.

"Big enough one outside." Gerard pulled Frank's lips back to him.

"What's Christmas without a tree?" Frank was teasing Gerard just for amusement.

"Less mess." He said and Frank laughed as he looked around the suite.

"I think we accomplished that anyway." Gerard laughed and nodded his agreement, putting his arms around Frank's waist just to hold him tightly. "Still, a tree would have been nice." He smiled and Gerard rolled his eyes as he smiled.

"Fuck the tree." He said, falling down onto the carpet, pulling Frank down with him. "I have something better." Gerard put his head on one of the pillows while Frank rested his on the other, both staring into each other's eyes deeply. "You'll get it tomorrow."

"What is it?" Frank persisted in trying to get it out of Gerard like children always tried with their parents. Gerard was smart and didn't tell anyone because he was a child once and knew with a little persuasion, Frank would be able to get it out of one of their friends like siblings always managed to do. "And I swear if you tell me 'you'll see' I will kill you." Gerard laughed some more while he pulled the blanket snuggly over their bodies then pulled Frank close to him.

"You'll find out." He laughed harder as Frank smacked him the smiled. "Merry Christmas baby." He whispered when he calmed down.

"Merry Christmas babe." Frank replied just as softly as the two drifted off to sleep on the softest damn rug Frank had ever felt, in the warmth of the fire and each other.

----------------------------------------to be continued----------------------------------------------------

A/N I'M SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG TO UPDATE! Do you know how many times I re-wrote this? Too many! I kept alternating; 'positive' or 'negative' on the test result. So to solve my dilema, I asked my friends 'positve' or 'negative' without telling them what for and most told me 'positive' back. being the horrible situation that information would put Frank/Gerard in, I had to come up with something to make the mood less sad. Thus, CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK! Cuz I live in NY ((not the city though)) and NY blows ((not the city)).

The next chapter will be Christmas day where it will get super romantic/possibly sappy. Enjoy and leave me comments please. Also, if anything isn't realistic or whatever, I don't care. This story is fiction anyway ((unfortunately cuz we all know Gee and Frank belong together xP)) so I'll do with it what I please xD

sorry again!

xoxo Tabi
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