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Holding On To Me So Tight

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Part 2 Christmas. I had lots of fun writing this chapter ^^

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The obnoxious non-stop ringing of Gerard's phone dragged him from his warm position in Frank's arms to answer it. "Hello?" He asked sleepily as he answered it.

"Merry Christmas!" Mikey and Bob yelled into his ear, causing Gerard to drop the phone and grab his head, wincing with slight pain. Once the throbbing stopped, Gerard picked his phone back up.

"Now I'm awake." He mumbled miserably.

"Sorry! Were you sleeping?" Gerard realized he was on speaker phone since Mikey sounded distant as he spoke.

"Yeah I was." Gerard said as he laid back down next to Frank.

"Is Frankie awake?" Bob sounded just as eager and Mikey and Gerard decided they were high.

"No." Gerard shut his eyes and put his head back on the pillow. "I'd like to keep it that way."

"Too late." Frank mumbled, turning over and pulling the blanket over his head. Gerard sighed and put the phone to Frank's head while he received the morning wake up Gerard did. "I'm killing you two." He complained into the phone after he jumped up with shock.

"When are you two coming back?" Mikey was talking again. Gerard put his phone back to his head.

"Never." Frank muttered while he pulled himself onto Gerard and kissed him before Gerard could answer.

"Not sure." Gerard put his hand up to Frank's face to prevent him from kissing him long enough to reply. "We have to make sure we have enough time for Frank's gift." Giving up on his mouth, Frank started kiss Gerard all down his body. Gerard abs clenched as Frank worked his way down, tilting his head back every few kisses to smile at Gerard. "Frankie, I'm on the phone." He whispered as he put his hand over the phone to prevent Mikey and Bob from hearing.

"Then hang up." Frank said with a smile as he slid his hands under the elastic of Gerard's boxers. Gerard couldn't help but moan slightly as his lower back raised of the carpet a little, his hand uncovering the phone while Frank misbehaved.

"Mom and dad want you home for dinner if you can make it." Mikey told him, not hearing Gerard to his relief. Frank continued to warm Gerard up while Gerard talked to his brother.

"Fuck!" Gerard said rather loudly as he quickly warmed up to Frank.

"Are you ok?" Bob asked concerned and Gerard smacked Frank's head.

"Frankie can't behave." Gerard told them, Frank shaking his head as he agreed he couldn't behave. "Can I call you back?" He heard laughter on the other end.

"Sure." Mikey said.

"Have fun." Bob added before the call was ended and Gerard put his phone on silent then set it next to him.

"You're very jolly this morning." Gerard told Frank who was on the verge of giving Gerard a blow job.

"Tis the season." Frank said with a smile and he slowly rubbed Gerard's thighs, causing more soft moans.

"Merry Christmas." Gerard said with a laugh while Frank finished what he started.


It took a good amount of persuasion, but Gerard finally got Frank of him as Gerard became extremely sore since Frank just would not stop. He put the pillows and blanket back on the bed while Frank picked up the glasses and stray clothes. When the room was pretty clean, Gerard dressed himself, complaining to Frank that he wouldn't be able to pee for a week at least. Frank just laughed at him and told him to get over it. "We have to go." Gerard said when he checked the time and saw it was already ten am. The trip home was roughly five hours and they had to have dinner at the Way residence then Gerard had to make sure there was plenty time for Frank's gift.

"Do we have to?" Frank whined and Gerard nodded then kissed him as he put the scarf around Frank's neck.

"We have to get home for dinner and to make sure there's enough time for your gift." Frank instantly became eager and grabbed his things, heading for the door.

"Come on already Gerard!" He said with frustration and Gerard laughed as he grabbed his things then followed Frank. Gerard returned the key to the front desk then they went outside and put the bags into Gerard's car.

"Did you have fun?" Gerard asked as Frank put his arms around him. He nodded then kissed Gerard before they got into the car to head back to Jersey.


The trip home was pretty boring and Gerard had to continuously yell at frank for trying to get his hand in Gerard's pants while he drove. "No more champaign for you." He told Frank, slapping him whenever his hand went out of bounds. Frank would just laugh and continue.

By the time they reached Gerard's house, it was five and they had to park on the side of the road because his parents, Ray's, and Mikey's cars were all in the driveway. "Behave." Gerard warned Frank before they got out. As he walked to the door, Frank put his hands around Gerard and let Gerard half drag him inside, sighing heavily because he knew Frank didn't know the meaning of the word 'behave'.

"Merry Christmas!" Frank let go of Gerard and burst inside energetically. Gerard rolled his eyes and followed him, closing the door and removing his coat.

"Take your coat off!" Gerard called after Frank who was being smothered by everyone. He fell onto the couch, Frank falling onto him a few moments later. "This doesn't classify as behavior." Frank shrugged and wrapped himself around Gerard.

"How's New York?" Ray asked to make sure nothing too graphic would occur between the two.

"Cold." Gerard said as he told Frank to stay out of his pants.

"Beautiful." Frank chimed, ignoring Gerard and pursuing his quest to get into Gerard's pants again. "It was the best weekend ever."

"You'll forget about it tonight when you see your actual gift."

"He's already seen you naked." Mikey teased and Gerard flipped him off as frank's hands slid under Gerard's shirt.

"Dinner and a show." Bob said after, trying not to laugh too much. Gerard told Frank that if he could behave through dinner, he would do whatever Frank wanted to later. Sure it was bribery, but sometimes it was the only way to deal with a child so Gerard didn't care. Frank protested a bit but finally gave in, making Gerard promise to let him do 'anything' he wanted. Figuring Frank would forget when he got his gift, Gerard agreed and like magic, Frank almost acted his age for the remainder of the evening.

"Can we go to your room?" Frank whispered when they finished dinner. Gerard shook his head and took Frank's hand as they went back to the living room while Ray helped Mr. and Mrs. Way clean up.

"Don't get too comfortable." Gerard told Frank as they sat. "We're leaving soon." Frank fell across Gerard's lap and looked at him with confusion. "You want your gift don't you?"

"Duh." Frank said with a smile, reaching his hand up to Gerard's face with a half miserable look. "How much longer do I have to behave?" He whined and Gerard looked at his watch then back to Frank.

"You're 21." He said with a smile. "You should always behave."

"We both know that will never happen." They laughed as the others joined them.

"Fifteen minutes." Frank sighed heavily and sat up to stare at the clock until his sentence was finished. "Is everything set?" He asked Ray when he sat down in the living room.

"Finished this morning." Ray smiled as he threw some keys to Gerard who caught them with one hand.

"You all have one?" He asked and everyone nodded so Gerard stuck the keys in his pocket.

"One what?" Frank asked with confusion. Gerard smiled and went to open his mouth when Frank cut him off. "I know, I know; 'you'll see'." He mumbled and while Gerard nodded. "When?!"


"Are we coming by tonight or tomorrow?" Mikey asked and Frank, confused beyond understanding, gave up on trying to figure it all out so he leaned against Gerard.

"Probably tomorrow." Gerard told Mikey who nodded then stood, pulling Bob up with him.

"Tomorrow it is then." He said as they headed for the door.

"Where are you two going?" Mrs. Way called from the kitchen.

"My parents." Bob called before they left.

"We aren't doing that are we?" Frank asked miserably.

"Shut up." Gerard told him with a smile and Frank pouted so Gerard laughed at him. "Come on." He lifted Frank from the couch then wrapped his arms around him, resting his chin on Frank's head. "Time to see your gift." Frank's face lit up as he clutched Gerard's hand, pulling him towards the door. "See you tomorrow." Gerard called over his shoulder as he was dragged into the freezing snow.

In the car, Gerard gave Frank a piece of cloth that he told him to put over his eyes. Frank obeyed, but not without commentary. "You're selling me to an orphanage aren't you?" He teased as he tied the thick black cloth tightly around his head. Gerard started the car then began to drive, Frank trying to see through the blindfold but could make out nothing more than blobs of yellow coming from street lights. It wasn't long before he got bored.

They were on the road for no more than five minutes when Frank resorted to his childish ways. "Are we there yet?"

"No." Gerard told him, knowing where it was going. Two minutes later he found out he was right.

"How about now?"

"Yes." Gerard said and Frank smiled.


"No." Gerard laughed and Frank hit him before crossing his arms and sliding down in the seat. "We'll be there in like five minutes so shut up." He was always a charmer. Five minutes seemed like years and Frank began to fall asleep when Gerard shut the car off. "We're here." He told Frank who sat up again while Gerard got out then went and helped Frank out since he was still blindfolded.

"Can I take this off yet?" He whined some more as he stood in the freezing night air. Gerard pulled Frank to him then carefully untied the cloth so Frank could see Gerard smiling at him.

"Merry Christmas babe." Gerard told Frank as he kissed him then turned Frank around to see his gift. Frank's mouth dropped slightly as he stared in shock. Gerard laughed as he took Frank's hand. "Welcome home Frankie." He whispered as Frank stared at the large white house standing before him.

"You mean-?" Frank gasped and Gerard nodded, handing Frank the keys Ray had tossed him earlier. "Oh my god!" He flung his arms around Gerard, crying with joy as he kissed him.

"Go look around." He told Frank who nodded and ran for the door, fumbling with the keys until he found the right one. Gerard laughed as he followed Frank, falling in love with him all over again. When he was inside, Gerard shut and locked the door since neither would be leaving for the night. Just like he asked, Ray had put the furniture in the house that was bought for him when Gerard shared his plan with everyone. They all chipped in mainly to make sure Frank and Gerard would have every advantage at a life together. They also helped because everyone loved how Frank acted when he was happy.

"" Frank gasped as he explored. Gerard put his arms around Frank, feeling how fast the younger boy's heart beat with excitement.

"Because I love you." Gerard said softly.

"I love you too." Frank held a tight grip around Gerard. "You were right;" he mumbled into Gerard's chest, "it did get better."

"Oh, there's more." Gerard said with a smile and Frank thought he was going to die if there was any more. Gerard had already done so much for him already. "First, look in the living room." Frank let go and cautiously went towards the living room.

"Christmas tree!" He squealed as he jumped slightly. "It's beautiful!" There were multi-colored lights and ornaments all over the green tree. Gerard appeared behind Frank, smiling and happy that Frank was enjoying it all.

"Now, look up." Frank tilted his head back and his eyes burst with joy as he grabbed Gerard, pressing his lips to Gerard's then sliding his tongue into Gerard's mouth. "Man, I love mistletoe." He said as he pulled Frank's lips back to his. "I have one more gift."

"I'm going to kill you." Frank said as he tried not to have a heart attack. Gerard had to of spent all his money to make Frank happy and Frank felt horrible that he didn't even get Gerard anything since his mind was on prior things.

"Go to the bedroom." Frank laughed while he wandered off in the direction that Gerard pointed to. He pushed the door open and saw a large bed sitting in the middle, deep red blankets and pillows that matched the walls, carpet, and curtains. In the middle of the bed was a little black box tied in a white bow that bore a tag reading 'Frankie' in cursive.

Gerard stood in the doorway as Frank slowly walked to the bed, climbing on top and picking up the lightweight box. His hands trembled as he untied the bow, laying the ribbon on the bed, and carefully taking the lid off. Tears poured from Frank's eyes as he looked into the box which held two gold rings on white satin cloth. "Will you marry me Frankie?" Gerard asked from the doorway.

Unable to speak, Frank nodded while Gerard walked to him then took the box from his violently shaking hands. Gerard picked one of the rings delicately from the box then slid it gently onto the finger next to Frank's pinky on his left hand. Taking the other ring, Frank slid it onto Gerard's finger, hands still shaking. Gerard took Frank's hands and stared warmly at him. "Now you're mine forever." Gerard whispered and Frank nodded again, taking his hands from Gerard's then putting his arms around Gerard's neck, still crying slightly.

"Thank you." He whispered as Gerard put his arms around Frank, each locked in a passionate embrace. "Thank you for not giving up on me." Frank rested his head on Gerard's shoulder. "For taking care of me." He tightened his grip around Gerard and shut his eyes. "Thank you for loving me."

"I'll love you forever." Gerard told him softly.

"Forever and ever." Frank whispered again as Gerard gently laid them both down. He put his head on a pillow while Frank stuck in head on Gerard's chest, arms still wrapped tightly around Gerard's body, absorbing everything in while he listened to the rhythmic beating of Gerard's heart that relaxed him.

"Does everyone know?" Frank asked as he began to drift to sleep.

"They know about the house." Gerard told him, continuously running a hand gently through Frank's hair. "Only Ray knows about the rings." Frank smiled as he shut his eyes, eager to let everyone know. Gerard made Frank get up for a moment so they could get under the blanket, Frank instantly resuming his position when the red comforter was pulled back. Gerard pulled the blanket over them, wrapping his arms tightly around Frank.

"Sing to me?" Frank asked and Gerard laughed slightly, figuring that Frank would have asked him.

"Of course." It took him a moment to think of a song, but in no time it came to him. "I don’t want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need, I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you for my own. More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true. Baby all I want for Christmas is you;

I don’t want a lot for Christmas there is just one thing I need. And I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I don’t need to hang my stocking way above the fireplace. Santa Clause won't make me happy with a toy on Christmas day. And I just want you for my own. More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true. Oh baby all I want for Christmas is you, you baby

I wont ask for much this Christmas. I wont even wish oh I wont even wish. I wont even wish for snow.
I’m just gonna keep on waiting underneath the mistletoe. I wont make a list and send it to the North Pole for St Nick. Wont even stay awake to hear the magic reindeer play

Cause I just want you here tonight, Holdin on to me so tight. What more can I do
Oh baby all I want for Christmas is you, oh baby. Oh our lives are shinin surrounding everywhere
Where the sounds of children’s laughter fills the air. And everyone is singin' oh I hear those sleigh bells ringin'. Santa wont you bring me the one I really need. Wont you bring back my baby to me

Oh I don’t want a lot for Christmas. This is all I’m askin for. I just want to see my baby standing right outside my door. I just want you for my own. More than you could ever know. Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you, you, its you, you, oh baby.
" Gerard remained quiet through the whole song even though he felt like screaming it, more joy than he ever felt before as he held tightly to Frank who was soundly sleeping.

"Sweet dreams baby." Gerard whispered as he shut his eyes and drifted off to sleep, the happiest, luckiest man in the world.

A/N--- SAPPY SAPPY SAPPY xD As I was writing the first part of the Christmas weekend, this whole part suddenly popped into my head. That and I was re-reading the story, as I normally do, and found the part when Gerard tells Frank that they'll leave his parents. So, I decided that Gerard would give up all his money to get Frank a house. Then, what better way to end Christmas then by getting engaged to the man you love?

I think its epic >l Don't argue xD

You know I love comments. Leave em if you want. Also, so you know, I'm thinking about making this a tear jerker story....I have no idea when I'll end it. I just love coming up with romantic scenes between the two/fighting scenes too xD

Now I'm rambling. Hope you liked it!

xoxo Tabi
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