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I'd End My Day's With You

by ipanicdaily

This chapter is really just a space/time filler so it's short and sucky. xD

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The gentle movement of Frank woke Gerard up. He yawned and slowly opened his eyes to see Frank smiling at him passionately. "Good morning." He said softly, running his hand through Frank's hair with a smile. Frank put his lips to Gerard's, biting his lip gently and using his tongue to lather Gerard's slightly dry lips. He pulled away for a minute just to breathe before repeating the process. "You want breakfast?" Gerard asked when Frank pulled away for about the fourth time.

"This is good enough for me." He said with a smile and put his lips back to Gerard's. Gerard laughed, placing his hands around Frank's neck as the two made out for about a half hour. "What time is it?" Frank asked, resting his head on Gerard's chest.

Gerard turned his head to the clock next the bed and saw it read '11:13'. "Quarter past eleven." He said to Frank with a little shock since he didn't think it was that late. "I assume everyone will be bursting through the front door soon."

"Why'd you give them keys?" Frank moaned as he rolled off Gerard.

"Emergencies." Gerard said as he sat up. "And I'll remind them that the keys are only for emergencies unless we're expecting them and we're too damn lazy to unlock the door." He grabbed Frank's hand with his, the little gold band gleaming as the small beam of sunlight that flowed in through the window hit it. "Like today." Frank laughed as Gerard pulled him up.

"I can't wait to brag." Frank chimed as he examined his ring. "They'll all be jealous." He smiled and a small laugh escaped Gerard's mouth. "Cuz they can't have me." Gerard wrapped his arms around Frank then kissed him on the neck.

"No one can have you but me." He gently bit Frank's ear before taking his hand and leading him to the living room. He fell onto a couch, Frank falling on top of him as he looked around the room. "Ya know, all this furniture needs to be broken in." Gerard smiled up at Frank.

"There will be plenty of time for that." Frank said enticingly as he ran his hands along Gerard when there was a knock on the door. "I already hate them." He mumbled as Gerard laughed and sat up, Frank sitting next to him on the couch. Gerard called 'come in' then a few moments later Mikey appeared, holding Bob's hand as they went to the opposite couch and sat down happily.

"Hey." Gerard told them, yawning some more.

"Morning." Mikey said with a smile. "Ray's on his way." Gerard nodded as Frank wrapped his arms Gerard's body. "How was your Christmas?"

"Abso-fucking-lutely amazing." Frank said proudly. "You?"

"Same." Bob said, putting an arm around Mikey and kissing him softly. "Like your gift Frank?"

"Of course." He said with a smile, cuddling himself up to Gerard. "Who wouldn't want a house to live in with the person they're madly in love with?" Gerard laughed and held tightly onto Frank. "But that was nothing compared to the night we had in the bedroom." Bob and Mikey burst into laughter while Gerard rolled his eyes, knowing what Frank meant even if he implied something else.

"Choice of words Frankie." He said with a smile as he kissed him. "He doesn't mean what you think."

"Sounded pretty clear." Mikey said through laughter.

"Because that's all you think about." Gerard said and Mikey shut up, giving his brother that 'fuck you' kind of look. Bob stopped laughing and put his arms around Mikey to 'comfort' him. Frank just smiled happily as he got away with his comment because Gerard had given up on trying to get him to be civil. "You two staying tonight?" He asked a few moments later.

"You want us here?" bob asked as Mikey decided to sit on top of him which was nothing new. "I mean, it's your new house and all."

"We'll have a celebration." Frank told them, carefully keeping his ring hidden for the time being. Just then, Ray walked in the door and found them all in the living room so he joined them happily, just like Mikey and Bob had.

"Did you have a good night?" He asked with a smile, falling onto the chair they had brought from Gerard's old room.

"You be we did." Gerard told him with a smile but a look of 'shut up' since Ray knew about the rings. He was, after all, the one who got everything in the house all set for Gerard while the two were in NYC. "You wanna stay the night Ray?" He asked after Ray understood Gerard's look and kept quiet. "We're going to celebrate."

"What exactly are we celebrating?" Mikey asked as he got comfortable on Bob's lap.

"How about now?" Frank whispered and Gerard whispered back 'whenever you want to'. Eagerly, Frank sat up, his face illuminated with so much joy that the sun would be ashamed to shine. "Celebration of the house, love;" Gerard put his arms around Frank again. "Health;" even though his fate was decided, he still felt better than he had in years. "And this." Frank held his ringed finger out to Mikey and Bob. Their mouths dropped slightly and Mikey actually fell off Bob's lap in shock while Ray just smiled because he pretty much already knew.

"Holy fuck!" Bob said, staring at the glistening ring. "Is that-?" Frank nodded enthusiastically as he re-examined the best gift he had ever recieved. Mikey got up and sat back on Bob's lap, getting over the initial shock. "Congratulations!" Bob exclaimed merrily and somehow Frank's face lit up even more.

"Best damn Christmas ever." Frank said as he leaned against Gerard.

"You two are psychotic." Mikey said with a smile and Gerard nodded. "But you're not just doing it because Frank has-" he looked towards the two with some disbelief, "are you?"

"I have AIDS." Frank told him with a shrug. "That's not ever gonna change." Gerard was amazed that Frank had come to terms with the situation so quickly.

"HIV." Gerard whispered to him.

"Whatever." Frank to himself comfortable, putting himself back into Gerard's lap. "That's a minor setback in my life that I refuse to let control me."

"Good for you." Bob said happily, smacking Mikey for even bringing it up in the first place.

"Decide when yet?" Ray asked. "Or did you just say 'yes' then fuck?" He laughed to himself, everyone joining in moments later since none of them could really stay mature for long.

"Actually it was 'yes' then we kinda fell asleep." Gerard said, kissing the back of Frank's head.

"Romantic." Ray said through his laughter. Gerard flipped him off, Frank smacking Gerard's outstretched hand since he was the king of misbehaving and enjoyed every minute of it. When they all calmed down, they managed to talk seriously about the band to decide what would happen with it all. The conclusion they came to was they would continue since nothing would really change between them all and they all really enjoyed doing it. "Ok then, here's my news." Ray said when the decision was made.

"About the band?" Bob asked and Ray nodded.

"We were offered to join a band on tour." Ray said with a smile and everyone's faces lit up with excitement.

"No way!" Frank beamed, jumping up into a sitting position rather than half laying on Gerard.

"The only problem is," Ray's smile faded, "the band is 'The Used'." Everyone's excitement died.

"So what?" Gerard said even if he wasn't too happy about it.

"So, Bert I think the asshole's name was, will be there." Mikey said and Gerard shrugged. "Wouldn't that be weird?"

"Why?" Gerard pulled Frank back to him, wrapping his arms tightly around the guitarist. "All we did was talk." He kissed Frank's neck so Frank turned around, allowing their lips to touch instead. "I'm engaged now anyway." Frank nodded, wrapping his arms around Gerard's neck, using his teeth and tongue as they kissed. "He'll just have to deal with it."

"Cuz I'm not giving you up." Frank told Gerard, playing with Gerard's lips.

"I think they're going to make up their missed engagement fuck." Bob said quietly and they all started laughing all over again. Frank shrugged as he slid his hands down Gerard and onto his thighs, Frank's hands sliding into Gerard's waist band.

"Frankie;" Gerard said with an enticing smile, pulling Frank's hands back up to his chest. "Not now." Frank pouted and put his head down as he sat on Gerard's lap. "Stop pouting you pansy." Frank shook his head and continued to pout, trying not to laugh. "We have company."

"They can watch." Frank said and Gerard rolled his eyes, his head falling back and hitting the couch. Ray smacked his head slightly with his hand, laughing and shaking his head. Mikey fell off Bob, again, laughing while Bob rested his head in his hand which was resting on the arm of the couch. They all knew Frank always acted like a child. A perverted, hyper, bratty child.

"I'm good." Mikey said, coughing a bit as he sat next to Bob. Nodding agreement, Bob put his arm around Mikey to hold him close so he wouldn't fall again. Frank ignored them and went back to misbehaving.

"I wanna play!" Frank whined, rubbing Gerard's thighs. Gerard sighed then pushed him off his lap.

"Chose rooms." Gerard said as he stood. "There's like three upstairs." He pulled Frank up while rolling his eyes. "Have fun." Frank smiled widely as Gerard pulled him to the bedroom.

"You too." Ray called after them before turning on the television. Gerard shut the door behind them then pushed Frank onto the bed.

"I hate your inability to behave." Gerard told Frank as he climbed onto the bed and pulled Frank's shirt off. "But you really need to learn that when people are over, you have to."

"Never." Frank smiled at Gerard as he pulled Gerard's shirt off and threw it across the room. "Misbehaving is far too much fun." He pushed Gerard onto his back then sat on top of him, going back to rubbing his thighs.

"Pants are getting a bit tight now." Gerard said, laughing as Frank nodded and slid Gerard's pants off. "Much better." He sighed while Frank continued to massage him. "So what exactly are we doing?"

"Well, I could give you a blow job;"Frank smiled while he stared at Gerard, "or, I could lose my pants and we can go back to our previous position."

"I like the second one." Gerard pushed Frank back onto the bed then yanked his pants off. Climbing back onto Frank, Gerard ran his tongue along Frank's perfectly muscular body as well as using his fingers, listening to him moan until he was sweaty and begging Gerard to fuck him. "I'm sorry; what is that you want?" Gerard enjoyed teasing Frank as payback for acting like a bratty child all the time.

"Gee!" Frank whined. "I'm going to burst!" Gerard laughed at him. "Please!" He begged some more and Gerard finally gave in, sliding a condom on then slid into Frank, rocking his hips gently. Frank exhaled deeply as he clung the blanket they were laying on. "Finally!"

"Always in such a hurry." Gerard said, running his hands down Frank's body again. "I can't wait until I do this as 'Gerard Iero-Way' with you, soon to be 'Frank Iero-Way'." He told Frank warmly.

"Iero-Way." Frank smiled. "It sounds so wonderful."

"It will be wonderful." He told Frank and they both came, Gerard falling next to Frank a few moments later, breathing heavily while Frank put his head on Gerard's chest.

"It already is." Frank told him as he slowed his breathing to slow his heart. "Make sure you put these in the wash and go shower." He told Gerard who nodded. They had to be extra caustious.

"Only if you shower with me." Frank laughed as they got up and headed to the bathroom.


"If you ever get a different house, make sure the walls are a bit thicker." Bob said as Frank and Gerard went back to the living after they washed up.

"You'll just pay us back tonight." Frank told them, still drying his hair with a towel. Mikey nodded as he put a hand on Bob's inner thigh. "Poor Ray." He laughed as he fell onto the couch.

"I brought my guitar for this very reason." Ray said as he flipped through the channels some more. "I think I'll manage."

"I'm starving." Gerard complained as he fell onto the couch. "Ray, go cook something!"

"Why me?"

"Because the rest of us suck at it." Mikey told him. "Well I don't but I'm not getting up." Bob laughed and nodded, holding onto Mikey still to tell Ray that Mikey wasn't going anywhere. Ray sighed and got up, throwing the remote at Gerard, whacking him in the arm as Ray went to the kitchen.

"So, when's the big day?" Mikey asked as he leaned his head on Bob's shoulder.

"Still don't know." Frank said, taking control of the remote.

"You two spent enough time in there." Bob joked.

"Fucking takes time." Gerard said with a smile. "Doesn't it Frankie?" Frank just ignored him and continued to play with the television. "I want it to be warm." He pulled Frank close since he was slightly cold.

"Outside." Frank said and Gerard whined. "Sunset you vamparic bitch."

"You know I don't like the sun." Gerard told Frank miserably and Frank laughed at him. "But that sound's nice." He imagined them both at a sunset wedding outside. "On the beach." He added and Frank's eyes lit up.

"Even better." Frank said, imagining the scene as well. "As long as I can marry you, anywhere is fine with me." Gerard nodded in agreement, kissing Frank.

"After the tour though." Gerard said, figuring it would just make things easier.

"Come get your food you lazy animals." Ray called from the kitchen and they all got up then piled happily into the kitchen.

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