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I'm the One That You Loathe

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Yay! More hating of Bert! x3 Again, this is kinda a space filler chapter; as the next one will be. Just random things to keep the story alive until epic wedding chapter; if they make it that far -w...

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"I said no!" Gerard pushed past Bert as he made his way to the stage since they were about to perform.

"You know you want me." Bert said, closely following Gerard because they were performing together.

"What don't you understand about 'I'm engaged'?" He stopped and stared coldly at Bert. "I'm in love with Frank, I'm going to marry Frank, and you need to back off already!" Climbing the stairs, Gerard clutched the microphone and stood backstage with his band. He purposely kissed Frank right in front of Bert in an attempt to get Bert to leave him alone.

"Are you ok?" Frank whispered before they headed out. Gerard nodded and kissed him one more time before they walked in front of the raging crowd. Everyone took their positions; Gerard standing near Frank and far from Bert.

As they played, Gerard got consumed in the music as began to drift away from his spot to the center of the stage, Bert doing the same on purpose. When Bert was basically on top of Gerard, Gerard gave him a warning look but Bert ignored it. Suddenly Bert put his mouth to Gerard's, not allowing Gerard to break free. He held the two like that for about a minute, the crowd cheering, gasping, and everything in between. When Gerard was finally able to break free, he looked to Frank who's eyes held more pain than Gerard had seen in them in months. When they finished the song, Frank put his guitar down then left, Gerard running after him leaving the crowd bewildered and the bands at a loss for what to do.

"Frankie!" Gerard called after him, the stage pulsing to life a few moments later as the bands came up with something to play, missing a guitarist and singer. "Frankie, baby, wait up!" He called desperately but Frank ignored him then slammed the door of the dressing room shut before Gerard could catch him. "Open up, please!" Gerard knocked on the door, hearing muffled cries from inside.

"Go away Gerard!" Frank called from inside and Gerard sighed, leaning against the door.

"I had no idea he would do that." He told Frank, lowering his voice some. "I told him to stay away because I love you but he wouldn't listen."

"Save it!" Frank called to him again, choking a bit from crying. "I should have known better." Gerard smacked his head against the door, hoping that Frank wouldn't get too worked up because he didn't need to get sick.

"Baby, come on!" He spoke calmly but with desperation. "He means nothing to me. You're my world." Gerard said as he continued to hear the muffled crying. "Please Frankie. I would never hurt you on purpose!" Frank still refused to open the door so Gerard gave up then went to wait for the others to finish. After a few songs, they came down the stairs, wondering what happened exactly between Frank and Gerard because they were watching their instruments rather than the members on stage. "Just please go talk to Frank. He won't listen to me and I don't want him to get himself sick." They nodded, still confused, then all three went towards their dressing room while Gerard went to find Bert.

He found the other singer outside, propped against the USED tour bus, drinking. Gerard went to him, his body pulsing with pure hatred. Bert smiled cockily as Gerard approached. "Knew you couldn't resist me." He told Gerard quietly. Gerard smashed the drink to the ground then slammed Bert against the bus, his hand clenched tightly around Bert's throat.

"You fucking scum!" He snapped at Bert. "I told you to leave me the fuck alone because I love Frank and that I am engaged to him! But because you're a fucking scummy asshole, I might not get to anymore!" Gerard's words were so sharp that they could have easily cut diamonds with his voice. He was chocking Bert but he really didn't care. "If I lose him," Gerard got close in Bert's face and stared into his eyes with rage, fear clouding Berts, "I will fucking kill you." He threatened.

"Gerard!" Mikey called from behind. "Gerard, stop it!" Gerard dropped Bert to the ground, impaling Bert's gut with his foot. Bert coughed up a little blood before picking himself up and running away from Gerard. Mikey grabbed Gerard's wrist and held onto it tightly so Gerard couldn't run after him. "What the fuck Gerard?!"

"I'll fucking kill him." Gerard said coldly, watching Bert fade away through narrowed eyes.

"I know you will! That's why I'm not letting go of you until you calm down." Mikey put his hands on Gerard's shoulders and stared at his older brother with calm eyes to try and get Gerard to relax. After a few minutes Gerard was breathing easier and some of the rage left him. "Better?" Gerard nodded then turned his focus to the ground, trying not to cry.

"I'm so fucking stupid Mikey." Gerard said painfully to his brother. "I should have known better but I'm so fucking stupid and now he won't talk to me. I probably lost him again."

"You didn't lose him. Frank's just really upset." Mikey said which comforted Gerard a bit. "Ray's talking to him because Frank will always listen to Ray." Gerard smiled slightly because it was true. Ray was like the perfect big brother to all of them, even if Gerard was a few months older than him. "We, including Frank, deep down somewhere, know that you didn't mean it."

"What would I do without you guys?" He said with gratitude that his friends were helping him; yet again.

"You wouldn't survive." Mikey smiled and Gerard laughed very slightly. "Now, let's go back inside." He put an arm around Gerard's shoulders, both slowly walking inside and joking about their childhood to lighten the mood.


"I'm sorry." Frank said quietly to Gerard. "I over reacted."

"Don't be sorry." Gerard said, putting his hand on top of Frank's. "I would have done the same thing if I saw someone kissing you." He smiled to Frank who stared at the ground.

"No you wouldn't have." A few tears escaped Frank's eyes and Gerard wiped them away. "You would have known it was an accident." He mumbled. "I'm horrible."

"I like that you got upset." Gerard said while rubbing Frank's arm in an attempt to cheer him up. "It just reminds me of how much you love me."

"I do love you." Frank said, still avoiding eye contact with Gerard, ashamed of freaking out. "More than air."

"I love you more than life." He pulled Frank to him and wrapped his arms around Frank. "Will you still marry me babe?" Gerard whispered.

"Of course." frank said, finally looking to Gerard, his shame being replaced with the love Gerard's eyes held. "If you still want me."

"I always have; I always will." Gerard kissed Frank softly. "God, you taste so much better than he does." He told Frank who smiled. "I told him if he ever tries that again, I'll kill him."

"You would, too." Frank rested his head on Gerard's chest. "Should we let the others back in?"

"Nah; they're fine outside." He laughed slightly as he tightened his grip around Frank. "I bet they'll tell us they're leaving soon." Frank started getting comfortable when they both burst into laughter, Gerard's bet being right.

"We're leaving you two." Ray called to them with a knock on the door. "Coming?" Gerard made Frank get off, even if neither really felt like moving, then took Frank's hand and led him to the door. He opened it, smiles of relief coming from their best friends; their brothers. They walked out of the room hand-in-hand, smiling happily to everyone. "Glad you two made up."

"Don't we always?" Gerard said, leaning against the wall and putting his arms over Frank's shoulders. "One way or another." He pushed his pelvis into Frank who started laughing while Ray sighed and looked to the ceiling with a smile.

"You two are bad." Mikey said with a little laughter.

"No worse than you." Frank teased and Mikey smacked him playfully. "It's hard to do much on the bus though." Gerard began to laugh again as he nodded his agreement.

"I thought we were going." Bob said sleepily.

"We are." Ray told him. "If these two can make it that far."

"We will because I want to get the fuck out of here." Gerard let go of Frank and began to head to the bus when Frank suddenly jumped onto his back. "Frankie! What the fuck?!" He said as he tried not to fall over.

"Carry me!" He whined like a three year old.

"You can walk just fine!" He told Frank but Frank refused to let go. He wrapped his arms around Gerard's neck then wrapped his legs around Gerard's body. "You fucking three year old." Gerard mumbled, giving in and attempting to stay balanced as the others laughed hysterically.

"But you love me!" Frank told him as he enjoyed his ride.

"You're lucky I do." He told him miserably. "I'm beating your ass for this later."

"That's why I do it." Gerard sighed then laughed a little, Frank laughing quietly himself. Gerard loved misbehaving with Frank, even if others frowned upon it. Frank made everything fun and bearable; not to mention he always knew how to make Gerard feel better. Gerard would often wonder how the hell he was lucky enough to have Frank; to have Frank love him.

When they reached the bus, Gerard made Frank go up the stairs by himself, afraid of falling and killing them both if he attempted to carry him. Frank whined of course but let go and climbed onto the bus; Gerard, Mikey, Bob, and Ray following. They all took seats; Frank on top of Gerard and Mikey on top of Bob, discussing the show and how amazing it was even though there were a few complications. "Is my guitar ok?" Frank asked worriedly, suddenly remembering he had dropped it. Gerard laughed at him for being so concerned about it but Frank said it was the one he was given for his birthday so Gerard backed off; a little.

"It's fine." Mikey said with a smile.

"We made sure." Bob told him so Frank was happy again. "It cost us enough." He teased and Frank threw his shoe at Bob, smacking Mikey instead since Mikey sat on Bob's lap. Mikey bitched then threw it back at Frank, hitting him in the head with his own shoe. Frank whined and fell against Gerard, pouting from being attacked. Gerard laughed at him then put his arms around Frank, kissing his head where it collided with the shoe. A bruise was developing and Gerard laughed harder.

"You suck." Frank mumbled, rubbing his aching head.

"You started it." Gerard told him. "So shut up because you deserved it." Mikey started laughing at Frank. "And you," Gerard turned his attention to his brother, "Hurt my bitch again and I'll kill you." He warned Mikey who shut up but continued to smile to himself. They spent some more time talking before Gerard could barely stay awake any longer. "I want to go to bed babe." Gerard told Frank. "So you have to get off me."

"I don't wanna." Frank whined so Gerard pushed him off.

"Too bad." He said as he stood up. "Night." Frank put his arms around Gerard to try and prevent him from leaving. "Either you're coming to be with me, or you're letting go." He said to Frank, trying to pry the arms from his body. "But I'm going to bed."

"Fine." Frank mumbled, getting up and sticking his arms around Gerard again. "Night." He said miserably and they went to the bunks, Gerard climbing into one, Frank climbing in after. They weren't really made for two people but two people could fit if they laid really close together; something that Frank and Gerard did anyway.

"You could have stayed out there ya know." Gerard said, yawning and smiling at Frank.

"I didn't want to let you go." Frank pulled the curtain then put his arm tightly over Gerard. He kissed Gerard and yawned himself. "I'm tired anyway." Gerard laughed slightly, drifting off to sleep. "Night baby."

"Night babe." Gerard mumbled. "I love you." He said right before he fell asleep.

"I love you more." Frank said, slowly falling asleep himself, pushing his head against Gerard's chest to listen to his heartbeat because it always comforted Frank. It beat with love; love that was given graciously to Frank.


"Gerard! Stop it! All I did was cough!"

"Like four hundred times!"

"I'm fine!" He whined.

"Look, you can either take it in your mouth or I can shove it up your ass." Gerard told him sternly. "So which will it be?" Frank sighed then opened his mouth so Gerard could stick the thermometer in. "Keep it there." He warned before going into the kitchen. For the past two or three days Frank had been coughing every few minutes and Gerard was worried that Frank was getting sick.

Frank sat miserably on the couch, arms crossed, half slumped down on the couch as he stared at the wall across from him. Gerard returned with a cup and sat on top of Frank who gave him a look of hatred. He took the thermometer from Frank and looked at it then set it on the couch next to them. "Drink this." Gerard handed Frank the cup. Frank smelt it and stared at it nastily.

"What is it?" He asked apprehensively.

"Elena would make it for me whenever I was sick." Gerard told him.

"I'm not sick." Frank tried to give the cup back but Gerard refused to take it.

"You have a slight fever." He told Frank sternly. "And I don't want it to get worse." Frank kept his mouth shut and held the cup way from him. "I'll dump it down your throat, bitch." Gerard threatened and Frank remained just how he was. Sighing heavily, Gerard took the cup from him then used his free hand to try and pry Frank's mouth open. Frank just bit him and Gerard yelled slightly, shaking his hand slightly before smacking Frank.

"I'm not drinking that!" Frank told Gerard, turning he head to the side.

"Yes you are!" As soon as Frank opened his mouth to protest again, Gerard dumped the liquid in then rubbed Frank's throat which caused him to swallow. Of course he got half into Frank, half all over the place since Frank did all he could to fight. Frank choked slightly then stuck his tongue out, groaning with disgust.

"That's awful!" He complained as Gerard smiled with satisfaction.

"But it works." Gerard set the cup down on the coffee table, shaking his hands to get the medicinal liquid off them. "You made a fucking mess." He said turning his attention back to Frank, laughing a little as he examined the mess. A good portion of both Gerard and Frank was wet, as well as the surrounding couch area. He figured at least some of it got into Frank before it went everywhere else. "Now stop bitching."

"No." Frank whined; wiping his tongue frantically on his palm. "God I really hate you right now!"

"No you don't." Gerard said with a smile, replacing Franks hand with his lips, which happily shut Frank up for a moment. "Go lay down." Gerard got off Frank and brought the cup to the kitchen. Frank made no effort to move at all. "Why are you being such a pain in the ass?"

"Because I'm can." Frank smiled cockily at Gerard. "And because I'm fine." Gerard sat on Frank again. "So stop worrying."

"I'm always going to worry." Gerard ran a hand through Frank's hair. "The slightest of illness' can be fatal for you." He said calmly. "I'm not ready to lose you." Frank put his arms around Gerard's waist. "I don't ever want to lose you."

"I'm not going anywhere." Frank told Gerard with a warm smile. "For one, my t-cell count is good. Two, that shit you just dumped down my throat would make anything run away." He laughed a little and Gerard smiled. "Seriously though, that was horrible."

"Will you please go lay down?" Frank sighed and rolled his eyes then nodded to Gerard who became even happier. "Thank you." Gerard kissed Frank then got off him, both heading to the bedroom. Frank fell across the bed and Gerard pulled the blanket tightly over him, kissing him one last time then pushed the hair from Frank's face and left.

Frank didn't feel sick at all but he loved Gerard even more for worrying so much about his health. He had come to terms with his disease; knowing the only way he'd survive it is with Gerard right there with him. That's why he freaked out when Bert kissed Gerard. Gerard was basically keeping Frank alive and if he lost him, Frank knew he would die.

Whatever Gerard shoved down Frank's throat wasn't as bad as Frank made it out to be. He just always acted like a spoiled brat by whining and bitching about everything. It was fun for him and though Gerard got annoyed sometimes, Frank knew he enjoyed it too, even if no one else did. He also knew that Gerard liked feeling that Frank needed him to survive; because Frank really did.

As Frank laid there, he suddenly became really tired, yawning and fighting to keep his eyes open. He started thinking about Gerard singing until the heavenly sweet voice of his fiancé consumed him. Shutting his eyes, Frank started to imagine the wedding that he and Gerard would someday have; hopefully someday soon. They were on a beach; the sun setting into the background. It was warm and Gerard looked even more beautiful than he ever had. They were staring lovingly into each other's eyes with immense passion. Then he heard it. The words flew gracefully from Gerard's mouth; just like everything he said did. 'I do'. Frank smiled as he fell asleep, anxious for the day he would hear those two magical words outside his dreams.

A/N--- I realized that I kinda have to keep Frank's HIV part of the story so that's what the last part is about. Plus, I love having the two get on each others nerves with those simple actions. Fun to write xD

So yeah; I think next chapter might be about Gee's birthday ((which is 5 days after mine)) then epic wedding chapter; if the two make it that far -big cheesy grin-

rate/review/throw eggs/burn a church down; I don't care. I love all my faithful readers and I love comments.

xoxo Tabi
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