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So Close and Still So Far

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Gerard's birthday! He gets a sudden surprise...much to Frank's horror. -big grin-

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Frank opened his eyes to see he was in, well he really didn't know where. There was really nothing around him that he could make out; just mostly darkness. When he had gone to sleep, Frank was in Gerard's arms as usual but now he was alone in a place that gave him a very uneasy feeling. Trying to figure out where he was, Frank began to walk through the darkness, unaware of where he was going because the darkness only led to more darkness. Then he saw this bright, somewhat glowing light. Drawing towards the light, he felt warmth and joy. It was her.

"Dahlia?!" Frank half yelled to the glowing figure before him. She smiled and nodded, extending an arm to him. He took it and she pulled him up to the ledge she stood on, putting her arms tightly around him. "I want to say how happy I am to see you," Frank said hugging her back, "but I'm afraid to."

"Don't worry Frank." Dahlia's voice was the female equivalent of Gerard's; heavenly, sweet, and perfect in every way. "You're fine." Frank sighed with relief knowing that he wasn't half dead like he was when he first met Dahlia. "I came to warn you."

"Warn me?" He became very confused. "Warn me of what?" Her eyes were filled with pain yet they were relaxing and Frank only tensed up slightly.

"Stay home today." She told him quietly and he only became more confused. "Don't go anywhere."

"Why?" He held tightly to Dahlia's hand. "Dahlia, what's wrong?" She was avoiding telling him some vital piece of information that was really making him worry.

"I can't tell you that." Dahlia said miserably. "I'm not even supposed to be here right now. I could lose my wings." A tear rolled down her soft cheek so Frank wiped it away. "But I had to warn you."

"Thank you." Frank told her compassionately knowing that she put her life on the line for him. "I'll stay home."

"Not so much you," she mumbled, "but Gerard. Don't let him go anywhere." Frank's uneasy feeling grew even more as he stared at her. The warm feeling seemed like it was quickly fading away.

"What will happen to him?" Frank asked and she shook her head in fear. "Please tell me." He held tightly to Dahlia's hand, looking into her eyes with fear and severe concern. "I love him, Dahlia. I want to protect him."

"That's why you need to keep him home." Dahlia repeated, more frantically than before.

"Well it's his birthday. That's not going to be easy." He said knowing that they had planned to go to Gerard's parents for dinner. There was no way Frank could tell Gerard they couldn't go because he was afraid of what might happen if they left the house. Frank had gotten over that fear, months, if not a year, ago and he couldn't just suddenly develop it again.

"Try your best." She spoke with desperation. "If he leaves, he might not return."

"What?!" Frank said and Dahlia began to fade away. "Dahlia, wait! Please! You have to tell me!"

"I'm still watching over you Frankie." She called before he vanished completely, leaving Frank all alone in the darkness. He fell to his knees, crying, as he thought about what she said. 'If he leaves, he might not return.' Frank didn't want that to happen because it meant that Gerard would die. He couldn't begin to imagine being able to survive without Gerard. Frank knew if he lost Gerard he would give up hope on life, end up in a downward spiral, and probably committing suicide.

"Please..." he called out through tears, hoping Dahlia would return. She didn't though. "Please..." Frank shut his eyes and a few moments later he felt the oh-so-familiar feeling of suffocating. When he opened his eyes again, he realized he was back in the bedroom, tightly held by Gerard. Slight relief came over Frank as he clung tightly to his fiancé; his one and only love. There was no way he was going to let anything happen to him. They had to take care of each other.

Frank laid like that for a few minutes before he suddenly felt nauseous so he got up and went to the bathroom where he did throw up a few times. After, he felt a lot better, and concluded it was because he got so upset about what Dahlia had told him. Frank brushed his teeth to get the retched taste gone then splashed some cold water on his face to wake himself up, before going to back to Gerard to wake him up. It was Gerard's birthday and he couldn't wait to celebrate.


"Happy birthday!" Frank yelled loudly and Gerard fell off the bed with shock. Gerard moaned on the carpet since he had hit his head on the table when he fell. Frank sat on the bed, laughing hysterically, gasping for breath as his face turned red. "How'd that feel?"

"Fuck you." Gerard said miserably, sitting up and rubbing his head. "What time is it?" He yawned and leaned his head against the bed, shutting his eyes.

" o nine." Frank said happily as Gerard got back on the bed and laid down.

"Good night then." He told Frank as he resumed the position he was woken from.

"No you don't!" Frank pulled the pillow from Gerard's head and threw it across the room. Gerard just stuck his arms under his head, closing his eyes again and slowly drifting to sleep. "Come on!" Frank whined as Gerard ignored him. "I wanna celebrate!"

"It's seven am. I'm tired." Gerard mumbled. "There's still like seventeen hours left in the day."

"That's barely enough!" Gerard shrugged so Frank stood up then jumped onto Gerard.

"Now I think my ribs are broken." He said painfully as Frank got off. "Go amuse yourself." Gerard pulled the blanket over his head. Frank knew Gerard wasn't a morning person but today he was being awful. "I'll get up at noon."

"I don't want to amuse myself!" Frank whined some more. "I want to amuse you!"

"Leaving me alone to sleep would greatly amuse me." Gerard mumbled from underneath the blanket.

"But it's your birthday!"

"It's not my first and I doubt it will be my last." Frank shut his eyes tightly to block the dream he had from flowing through his mind. He had to keep Gerard home, just in case. Letting him sleep would accomplish that, but Frank wanted to celebrate too; plus there was no way Frank could amuse himself for five hours. Not wanting to tell Gerard about the dream, Frank used the one thing he knew would get Gerard up even if he felt bad for doing it.

"It could be your last one with me." He told Gerard quietly and Gerard sighed, sitting up and staring at Frank who did all he could not to start laughing.

"Asshole." Gerard told him miserably, pushing the blanket back. "And don't say that." He got off the bed and headed for the kitchen to make coffee; Frank following him proudly, smiling with satisfaction. "Don't wake anyone else." Gerard warned Frank as he prepared the coffee. Bob, Mikey, and Ray stayed the night, (which they did probably once a week from either band stuff or just to hang out), since it was Gerard's birthday. Though it cost more, Gerard had bought the house with a good amount of furniture left in it because he figured they would have people over a lot and he didn't feel like hunting for stuff.

"What do you want to do today?" Frank asked while Gerard sat at the table, handing Frank a cup of coffee while drinking the cup he got for himself.


Frank rolled his eyes then set the cup on the table for it to cool a bit. "What else?" Gerard shrugged, continuing to drink his coffee. "Well I know I can't top Christmas." Frank said and Gerard gently shook his head with a smile. "How about staying home? I really don't feel like going anywhere."

"You know we're going to my parents for dinner." Gerard set the mostly empty cup on the table. Frank really didn't feel like arguing but he was afraid of what Dahlia had told him.

"Can't they come here?" He suggested. "Or we could go there tomorrow or something..." Frank mumbled, staring at the coffee in front of him. The last thing he wanted was Gerard to be mad at him, especially on Gerard's birthday, but he wasn't giving it up.

Gerard looked at Frank with concern. "Frankie, what's wrong?" He asked quietly.

"Nothing." Frank lied and Gerard knew it was a lie. "I just really don't want to go anywhere today." He was quickly trying to think of excuses. "I just want to spend the day with you to celebrate."

"Well they're my family too babe." Gerard told him, finishing the remaining coffee he had. "They want to spend the day with me too." Frank sighed heavily from his futile attempts to convince Gerard otherwise. "So will you tell me what's really wrong?"

To Frank's relief, Bob and Mikey suddenly stumbled down the stairs to get coffee like sharks to blood. The smell just made something inside their minds snap as they knew they had to have it. Gerard gave Frank that 'this isn't over' look while the two went into the kitchen, Bob falling down in a chair at the table while Mikey went to the pot.

Mikey sat down between Frank and Bob, handing him a cup. "" Mikey mumbled sleepily to Gerard, unable to make a complete, logical sentence out of his jumbled thoughts.

"Thanks." Gerard told his brother, yawning and resting his head in his hands.

"So...fucking...early...."Bob mumbled before his head fell onto the table. Gerard laughed while Mikey rubbed Bob's back to keep him awake. "Why?"

"I wasn't allowed to sleep any longer." Gerard said when he stopped laughing, his eyes starting to shut again.

"And you're still not!" Frank hit Gerard. "It's your birthday and we're going to celebrate! So get up!" Obeying, Gerard stood up then went to the living room where he fell onto the couch and shut his eyes again. Mikey laughed a little as he tried to keep Bob awake, knowing how much of a pain his brother could be in the morning. Frank stood up sighing, then went into the living room to try some more. He was being extremely difficult so Frank figured it was payback for giving Gerard serious issues a few days ago about coughing.

"Gerard..." Frank said in a quiet, seductive kind of tone as he knelt by the couch. He ran his hand down Gerard's back only to have Gerard turn his head towards the back of the couch, eyes still shut. Sighing again, Frank knew the only way he was going to keep Gerard awake was with desperate measures. He reached one arm over Gerard then slid his hand underneath him, Frank's doing the same with his other arm until both were wrapped around Gerard. Slowly he pulled his arms down, his hands sliding along Gerard's stomach towards his waist.

"Frankie..." Gerard mumbled into the couch as Frank's hands slid down the front of him.

"Yes?" Frank smiled, knowing that he was indeed getting Gerard to reconsider sleeping.

"Stop it..." He reached his arms down to pull Frank's back up.

"Not until your lazy ass stays awake." Gerard moaned but stayed exactly how he was so Frank resumed his actions, his hands reaching the elastic of Gerard's boxers. Just then Ray came down the stairs and headed to the kitchen, stopping and looking at Frank with confusion.

"Do I want to know?" He asked sleepily and Frank shook his head with a smile. "Didn't think so." Ray yawned then went to the kitchen to join the other two.

"Now I only have to worry about waking you up." Frank whispered to Gerard, tugging slightly at his boxers. He wouldn't pull them down in front of everyone, today, but he wasn't going to tell Gerard that.

"Go away Frankie." Gerard told him miserably. "Go play with the others and celebrate my birthday for me."

"Why won't you get up?" Frank was becoming frustrated.

"Because I'm tired." Gerard pulled Frank's hands out of his boxers.

"Well I'm not!" He sat on top of Gerard heavily. "This is what you get for making me lay down constantly over the past week!"

"Because you were sick and needed it." Gerard shifted himself underneath Frank, his rips already sore from when Frank jumped on him earlier. "Now I do."

"I'll always be sick!" Frank was getting mad at Gerard. "I have no idea how long I'll live because I'm fucking sick with this wretched disease that will never go away!" He tried not to raise his voice because he didn't want the others to get involved. Frank didn't like how he and Gerard couldn't seem to handle their own problems with each other without Ray or Bob or Mikey getting involved. Gerard sighed, Frank knowing he finally won. Frank got off Gerard who sat up then pulled Frank to him.

"You're going to live a long life." He said kissing Frank. "A long life in this house with me by your side." Frank smiled happily as he kissed Gerard back, wrapping his arms around Gerard with satisfaction. He knew that talking about not know when he would die, which did scare him every day, always got his way. Frank didn't do it often because he knew it upset Gerard but he was desperate to get Gerard's lazy ass up, and stay up. "So how do you see our day?" He put his arms around Frank. "Since I doubt I'll be getting sleep anytime soon." Gerard smiled while Frank nodded, running his hands back to Gerard's boxers. "That," Gerard pulled Frank's hands back up, "We'll save for later." Frank pouted as his hands were pulled back up. "Listen you misbehaving brat; my birthday, my rules."

"Fine." He said as he crossed his arms. "But tomorrow," Frank gave Gerard and enticing smile, "we do what I want."

"As we do every day." Gerard laughed and Frank nodded happily. He always got his way so he figured Gerard could at least have his birthday. Frank wasn't giving up his quest to keep them both home though. Gerard looked to the kitchen then back at Frank. "I think we should stop ignoring our guests."

"They're hardly guests." Frank said miserably. "They're always here." Gerard laughed a little more then hit Frank.

"Be nice." He said before prying Frank off him so he could go to the kitchen. Gerard barely made it into the chair at the table before Frank was in his lap again. Bob, Mikey, and Ray were carrying on a conversation, ignoring what was going on in the living room. "So," Gerard interrupted, putting his arms around Frank to hold him close, "What am I being subjected to today?"

"Merciless, horrible, painful, torture." Frank said with a smile and Gerard sighed.

"I just told you; tonight." Frank whined so Gerard hit him again, only making Frank whine more. "I have other people to have torture me for the day." He told Frank who continued to pout. "You always save best for last." Gerard told Frank with a smile and Frank couldn't help but laugh.

"All I know is mom and dad want you at their house for dinner." Mikey said trying to keep things from going too far since everyone knew that one inappropriate thing always lead to another with Frank and Gerard.

"We're staying here all day." Frank's tone became stern. "They can come here for dinner." Everyone but Gerard looked at him with confusion. Gerard knew something was wrong because normally Frank liked going places. He just held onto Frank while the others had no idea what was going on.

"Why do you want to stay home all day?" Bob asked. "You're usually the first to push us all out the door."

"Don't overreact." Gerard whispered to Frank before he flipped out on everyone.

"I just do." He said coldly, trying not to get too upset. He didn't think it was anyone's business. Frank figured he had the right to have the day to spend with Gerard in their own house since they were engaged after all. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"Go sit in the bedroom." Gerard told Frank before things got worse. "I'll be there in a minute to talk to you." He spoke firmly to Frank who sighed and got off Gerard's lap then headed to the bedroom.

"What was that about?" Ray asked when they heard the door shut with a little force.

"I have no idea." Gerard told them with a little sigh. "He's been telling me all morning that we're not leaving the house." He looked to the bedroom then back at everyone. "I think he had a bad dream or something."

"Like how bad?" Mikey asked concerned. They all worried about Frank; treating him like their younger brother.

"I'm not sure." Gerard said quietly. "But he woke up really early, sweaty and his heart going pretty fast. I didn't want him to know I woke up so I kept as still as I could. His grip tightened around me then he went to the bathroom where I heard him throw up a few times."

"Is he sick?" Bob asked, joining Mikey's expression of concern.

"I don't think so." Gerard told them. "I've been after him the past week about that." He smiled slightly as he thought about how he fought all week with Frank about resting and taking medication. "Whatever it was though really freaked him out."

"What should we do; or you do?" Ray asked quietly. "Things don't go well when he's freaking out." They all nodded because Frank was a fragile person. That's why Gerard worried about him so much.

"I really don't want to stay in the house all day so I'll see what I can do to get him to relax about that." Gerard stood. "I'm going to try and figure out what's wrong too."

"We'll head out then." Bob told Gerard. "Leave you two alone."

"Let us know what you find out." Mikey said and Gerard nodded as he headed to the bedroom while everyone else went back up stairs to get their stuff. He knew they were all just as worried about Frank as he was and he really needed to know what was wrong so he could try and make it better.

Pushing the door open, Gerard went into the bedroom then shut the door behind him again. Frank was sprawled across the bed, staring at the ceiling. "Now," Gerard said as he went to the bed and sat down, "tell me what the fuck is wrong." He pulled Frank close to him, sitting Frank in his lap again.

"I don't understand why we can't just spend the day together in our own house." Frank lied to him again. Gerard didn't like that Frank didn't feel comfortable telling him the truth but he really didn't feel like pushing the matter. "I mean we are supposed to get married some day." He said quietly.

"My family wants to celebrate with me too babe." Gerard told him calmly. "We have tomorrow, the next day, and every day after that where we can sit in the house and be alone." Frank started to cry slightly and Gerard was starting to get really worried. He had no idea why Frank was pushing the matter of staying inside the house so much. "Why don't you want to leave?"

"I just;" Frank rubbed his eyes as he cried slightly, trying not to upset Gerard too much, "don't." He slid out of Gerard's grip and went to their bathroom, leaving Gerard alone on the bed with frustration and concern.

"Frankie! Come back." Gerard told him but Frank didn't listen and shut then locked the bathroom door, leaning against the door and sliding to the floor where he cried some more. It hurt him that Gerard couldn't be happy by spending the day alone with him without having some extraordinarily valid reason. "Please tell me what's bothering you Frankie." Gerard sat on the other side of the door. "I want to help you."

"Then promise me you'll stay home." Frank said coldly.

"Why won't you tell me why you want me to stay home so bad?" There was frustration in Gerard's voice. "I know you're not telling me what's really wrong." Frank sighed. That was the downside to being madly in love with someone. A bond formed and it was as though you became one person; you could always tell when the other was lying or when something was upset.

"Why can't you just trust me?"

"I can." Gerard said with assurance. "But I'm really worried about you baby." Frank wiped his eyes again, choking a bit. "I don't want whatever is bothering you to tear you apart." Gerard was very tempted to break the door down because he was really worried and didn't want Frank to do stupid things in the bathroom either. He tried not to bring that up though because Frank was upset enough. "Look, if you want to stay home, we will." Frank smiled as he calmed himself down. "But please tell me what's wrong."

By the time Gerard got Frank out of the bathroom, it was just about noon. He held Gerard tightly, still not telling Gerard what was really wrong. They laid on the bed for awhile, silent and holding each other tightly, Frank upset that he had ruined Gerard's birthday. "Can I at least go to my car and grab something?" Gerard asked after they spent about an hour on the bed. Frank figured that would be fine because it was right outside the house. He nodded and Gerard got up, threw a shirt and pants on, then headed for the door.

"I'll be fine." He whispered to Frank who held him tightly, making it difficult to walk. "I love you." He kissed Frank's head and smiled. "I'll be back in like five seconds." Frank smiled as he sat on the couch.

Gerard shut the door behind him to keep the cold air from getting into their warm house. Frank sat on the couch, taking deep breaths to prevent himself from over reacting. He began to count quietly to himself as he waited for Gerard to return. He knew it would be longer than the five seconds Gerard told him but he decided to see if he could get to five before Gerard returned, only so he could tease Gerard about it after.

one...two...three...four...bang! Frank's heart stopped as a loud gunshot echoed outside.

A/N----DUN DUN DUN DUN!!!! -big cheesy grin-

WHAT HAPPENED OUTSIDE?! O: I guess you'll just have to wait to find out.
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