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Chapter 3

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Getting to know Molly...and some stuff...^_^ Enjoy

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“So how old are you kids anyway? You can’t possibly be older ‘n’ seventeen!”

“Uh, almost 17, ma’am,” Damien said politely. I almost cracked up laughing.

“Oh, call me Molly, Sugar, I won’t bite!”

“No, of course you wouldn’t ma-Molly. So how far are you takin’ us?”

“I figure as far as L.A., then I’ll hook you up with a bus. You ain’t runnin’ from the law, now, are yeh?”

We shook our heads.

“Good. I’ve already dealt with one once, an’ I ain’t doin’ it again!” She laughed. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was so high pitched, it might’ve been angelic almost. But eh, at least her boobs were still nice. (.Y.) Not that the rest of her body wasn’t, but she looked a bit older than Damien and I. (I don’t think he cares very much, though.)

“So, Hun, you each got a name?”

“I’m Damien and this is James.”

“Ooh, nice names for nice boys.” OK, ew. Now she’s trying to flirt with us. Eh, well as long as Damien’s happy.

I sighed and rested my head against the window, and eventually took a nap. I wish Id never woken up....

When I woke up, we were in a Bus Station, and the windows were (strangely enough) foggy. I heard deep breathing, as if some one were sleeping. Molly had a mini-van, in case I forgot to mention that earlier, and she only had one row of seats in it, besides the two seats in the front. So behind me there was space enough for a miniature bed. I figured Damien was inside using the bathroom, and that Molly was sleeping.

I heard a sudden gasp, and I started to turn around, then stopped, thinking. I (for some reason) suddenly got curious about it. So I turned around the rest of the way, and peered over the seat at the floor, and my eyes went wider than a bug's.

Damien. Molly.Together. I'm permanently SCARRED now.

Maybe I shouldn't have went to sleep. I leaned my head back against the window and closed my eyes. Willing the sighs and the gasps to go away, I tried sleeping again - didn't work. I tried singing a song called Dani California(by the Red Hot Chili Peppers) - I forgot the lyrics. So, as much as I hated it, when I finally fell asleep, I had strange demented dreams that just HAPPENED to include gasps, sighs, and moans(yes moans).

I'm going to get Damien back so hard for this, I thought. He'll never even see it coming!

So ends another (great) chapter. I'm curious..what do you think of it so far? And thank you lostmymindxx45 for all the awesome comments!, R&R again? (Reviews would be highly appreciated)

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