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Chapter 4

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It's pretty much just Jame's thoughts..and probably some more explaining about things.

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Ah, it's such a beautiful morning. Damien and I had gotten on a Greyhound bus at about six o'clock this morning. I have to admit, I felt a little weird after seeing him and Molly together. Oh yea, I finally found out her age! She's about twenty-two. I also found out a little background info as well. She's from the smallest town in Texas(I already forgot what the name was) so that explains the way she talks. Sort of. She's a high school drop-out and moved to Washington to take care of her dying grandma, who is now deceased.

According to Molly, the experience from taking care of her grandma influenced her love of helping others. Thank God for that, I tell you. Without her, Damien and I would probably be dead right now, instead of on a bus; instead of sitting in a comfortable seat. Ok, so maybe these seats aren't
that comfortable. But they feel nice.

I sort of got Damien back, a little. But me being me I couldn't really think of anything real good. This is pretty funny, though. I'll tell you why later. If I remember. Damien is actually sleeping right now. So I'm pretty much talking to myself. Or am I thinking to myself? Hm, well I don't see anyone looking at me funny, so it must be in my head.

What to do, what to do..maybe I'll just go use the bathroom? Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

I stood up and walked down the aisle to the toilet room and pulled down my pants.Holy shit! What's that on my - oh, never mind. It's just a - mole! Ah! No! Not on my precious mini-me! Oh...hehe it was just dirt. Wait, how did dirt get in my pants? I shall fine out - Ah! A cockroach!Girlie screech

Knock knock knock

"Ma'am, are you alright in there?" a man asked, tapping on the door. I sucked in a deep breath, zipped myself up, opened the door, and smiled at the man waiting outside. I cleared my throat.

"Yes. Thank you Sir, for asking," I said as deeply as I could. Then I hurried back to my seat, passing by Damien on the way.

I might as well mention it now, since its so funny. You know how in the back of most buses there's this like, long seat thing right next to the toilet room? That's where Damien is sleeping. What he probably doesn't know is that there are about three dirty diapers under it, and the padding smells like some chick bled all over it. Gross, right? Well eh, I couldn't think of anything else. And he's laying face down on it right this second. GAG.
Hey guys, sorry it was shorter than usual. I have to run, so I promise I'll make it up to you in the next chapter or so, Kay? Ooh and thankies for the comment C-Line!

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