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It's all back again.

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When joy returns.

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The discrimination of a child.
The abuse of a teen's soul.
Unbelieving the faith of one.
Lying coming from the honest one.
Sprints of safety growing into fright.
Remembrance becoming a dream.
Sobbing of unusual tears soaring down.
Something awful growing inside your heart.
Ulcers becoming the new trend.
Love of another becoming love of yourself.
Accusations returning.
Living up to the thoughts of suicide.
Telling your story.
One detail at a time.
A heavy heart falling down into the ground.
Coughing from the blood mixing with the tears.
Droplets ripping apart your throat.
Screaming open your soul.
Proof of abuse, in-between your eyes,
Kicking your face to burst open the old pain.
All of it finally coming out.
Years of it all stuck in your skin.
Now screaming in the veins of the one you wish you didn't know.
Forgetting what guidelines are, ages and it all, just expressing it all.
The anger floats away.
The pain becomes joy.
Finally the person you saw as a toy, is back to this day.
So it's time once again, to play.
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