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A copy of my dreams.

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Kind of about A guy I know who reminds me a lot of my dad.

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The invisible grasp your sight makes around me.
Choking my heart as my eyes bore into you.
Innocent taunts sinking inside me.
Jealous thoughts growing into wants.
Hidden memories brought to us days before.

Brushing of skin forcing crimson to rise.
Irresistible teases coming from your mind.
Thoughts of past times circulating us both.
Never to be dreams becoming something real.
Contact of your beams glowing into me.
Never written letters floating to secrecy.

Deadly mistakes shoving into us both.
Screaming and pushing burning through our broken souls.
Regrets and impossible wishes hitting me in the face.
The scars glowing from your face.
Curiosity working into my brain.
Closeness growing closer everyday.
One or two more moments of unwanted idiocy.

Unbelievable lives have started.
Permanent thoughts dragging me to you.
Insides twisting me to your side.
Why a human feels like this beats me.
I'm staggering closer to you,
day by day.
Practice after practice.
My imagination blowing up my own mind.
Secret singing of why you hurt me inside.
Wishing all of it could be.
While reality shows us that it's not meant to be.
As long as these things distant themselves,
We will never be together, even in secrecy.
Just the growing thoughts of a friend to be.
All I can say is.
Save me.
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