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Let's go!

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"Are you a mind reader?"

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--Time Lapse-- Okay it was september last chapter but now it's november, but it's still like minutes after Jason left so we're jus picking up from there (it's my fault for leaving it so long to update) sorry!

Hayleah's P.O.V

I walked back into the livingroom and was greeted by the sound of laughter, I looked towards the T.V and saw Frank on the screen, a younger Frank, and it was Christmas time... wait I remember this? It wasn't Christmas it was November! So why are the decorations up?

"Hayleah remember this? 2 years ago, Frank had made us all put the decorations up a month early" Hollie asked.
"Oh yeh" I replied sitting on the chair as an image of Frank creeping around us all and slowly tying us up with the tinsel appeared on the screen.
Every christmas we used to go up to Maille's grandads old house and spend the time together, it was tradition. Hollie even came back from Japan just for it. I diverted my eyes away from the screen. Except, that was the last time we were all together because a few weeks after Christmas I left for England and never came back for the next one.
I looked back towards the T.V, but i'm here now and this is going to be the best christmas of them all.
"That reminds me" I said "We've not been shopping for christmas decorations yet have we?"
"No" Hollie perked up instantly as Jared looked a bit worried, I could see that he'd rather not go christmas shopping with two girls.
"Well lets go" I replied jumping up and grabbing my coat.
I opened the front door with Hollie in persute, dragging Jared behind her.
As i stepped out there was Frank stood on the doorstep about to knock.
"Are you a mind reader?" He asked looking confused.
"Nope" I answered locking the door when everyone was out "Im just great" I grabbed his hand and started running towards the car.
"Where are we going?" He said
"Christmas decoration shopping" I replied
"YAY! ... wait..." He stopped "Who is that with my sister?"
I looked towards the garden as Hollie and Jared followed us down the path.
"Urmmm... that's Jared Leto" I replied with an innocent smile, quickly pushing Frank into the car.
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