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Hayleah's P.O.V


I came down the stairs to answer the door in Jasons T-shirt.
"Hey... is that Franks shirt?" Hollie asked raising an eyebrow hopefully, I looked around nervously avoiding eye contact.
"No" I replied with my eyes to the floor.
Just then Jason came down the stairs in just his boxers.
"Oh... well anyway" She said and suddenly pulled Jared Leto out from behind the door.
"Hi" He said
"Hey" I replied slightly stunned
"OMG that's Jared Fucking Leto" I heard from behind me as Jason came running further down the stairs to shake his hand.
"I'm a big fan Mr Leto" He said
"Please, call me Jared" Jared replied laughing slightly, I heard a phone ringing somewhere upstairs and Jason went running up to answer it as Hollie bardged in, dragging Jared with her.
"What's going on?" She whispered "I thought you was going to give it a chance with Frank"
"I was but then I saw Jason an-" I looked down at her hand "Is that?"
"Oh yeah, that's what we came here to tell you... We're engaged, isn't that great?" She squealed.
"Yeah that's great" I replied hugging her and then Jared "You better look after her or you'll have me and Frank to answer to"
"Frank..." Hollie mumbled as I looked towards her and noticed her worried expression.
"Please tell me you've told him" I asked knowing what the answer was going to be before she said it
"He doesn't even know we're dating" She answered.

Jason walked down the stairs, now with his jeans on and came straight into the living room where we were all sat.
"That was my sister Megan" He said putting his phone away "She needs me to pick her up from college"
"Okay" I replied getting up to see him out of the house, I ran quickly upstairs and changed out of his top and came running back down with it.
"Can't leave without this" I said as he kissed me on the cheek. I opened the front door and felt the crispy cold air of a september morning on my body and flinched. Jason just laughed as I pushed him out the door so that I could slam it back shut.
"Cya later babes" He said
"uuuhhhhuuuu" I mumbled before the door closed and I ran to the nearest radiator.
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